Other Company in Harrisonville, Missouri - All jets have fallen out

All jets have broken and fallen out. Have called Customer Service several times regarding the matter.

Have taken pictures and sent to them at their request. Unfortunately, they have not bothered to call back to tell us they will fix the problem, go fly a kite or anything. With out jets the tub is basicly worthless. Additionally, I just had to pay $400 for service to replace the heater sensor for the SECOND TIME.

All head rests have completely deteriorated and have had to be completely removed.

This is the biggest piece of *** on the market. I would stay away from this manufacturer!!!

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Other Company in Glendale, California - Customer Order# ORD0038529761

I would like to be contacted by someone that is able to answer the questions I have, due to the inconvenience of the delay of my product. That has now somehow been canceled not by myself. I have contacted customer service to get check on the progress of the product I ordered and I was rudely spoken to and given no help on any further information on where to go from here. I would appreciate it if I can be given a call. Thank you!

I have card saying I would have it 12/26

Rodney Hernandez


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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - Unable to recieve you cars any more because of a financylhardship I am having at this time.

Dear Sirs; I recieved in the mail today 12/21/10 a package with your cars

in it. I pissed because last month I returned cars that I couldot pay for because of the financyl hardship I am having and inside of the package that I mailed back to you stated that yet today I recieved anothe package

from your company. what do I have to do to stop you from sending them ? I am sending back the package via the Post Office. No more please ok

Rudolph P Pardonek

4115 Johnsonj Ave.

hammond In 46327

thanks to you all

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Other Company in Columbus, Ohio - Whey your people can not do there job

i see them at sub shop in coshocton ohio 43812.i have call to check on my package .i give them my address .than i get card in mail .saying pick up .iam disable with no way to get ther 1hour drive from home .and how to find it.i get same card again .do all tho people need to find some other deliver.we i think it should be put on face page to all .sporting hunting every one .may be we will get better sev.some company will see it or some who works for them .will answer our needs .and use them for delivey.word of mouth gos a long way .i have called new philadelphia 2 times .i dont not have a phone .i use my kids .if i do not get my shipment i will call buckmaster and tall them to find a good deliver.or i will stop ordering from them.and will not take any thing from your truck.do not for get word of mouth go a long way .maybe you do not need the work.

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Other Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - I have 2 twisters do me sinces 10-14-10 & can't get anybody to talk to me

looking for the rest of my order and i can't seem to get any help.

I really like my numave oven,but i'am upset that i can't reach anybody

to help me rezolve this problem.

i never received my two twisters. would you please give me an answer as to why .when i ordered this program i talked to a very nice man by the name of tom miller in fact he was the reason i bought the nuwave,but i can't seem to get a hold of him.do the right thing,send my twisters sin; al dahma

al dahma
  • Tom Miller
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Casheir went off on consermer complaint 12/27/10 from 12/26/10 , consermer questions ,customer servi

cashier got offended at question,you no longer,put groceries, applied no we dont do that anymore consermer leaned over and look at name diedre name badge cashier yeah! my name is diedre, you!

want to talk to my manager, its true, consumer, oh! you got an atttitude cashier no!! you got an attitude, from that replied she walked from her register and got in my face. and said my manager right around the corner, if you want too.

I did have my few choice words with her after poor cust service,reported today to asssit. manger refused manager service.


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What the f*u*c*k is your problem? Are you a total ***?

Are you doing acid? Did you just have a stroke? All of the above?

Never come back to my store again or I'll kick your skanky a*s*s from the rutabagas to the Cool Whip. And bag your own groceries, you lazy a*s*s*hole.

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Other Company in San Jose, California - Achy breaky back

My husband and I purchased a Queen size bed about 5 years ago, it was good until about a year ago, the bed started acting up,on my side it was loosing pressure, I would set my side for 40 and wake up to 15, very sore back. Or the pressure would go to 65 when I set it for 40, very sore back again.

I've been living with this *** for too long, after going online, reading the complaints and talking to mattress stores, I felt that it was a dead end problem, I didn't even bother with customer service, we just changed beds the number bed is now in the guest room. My suggestion to anyone.....stay away from the sleep number beds, your back will love you for it.

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Other Company in Charlotte, North Carolina - They find ways to get around the warranty

We purchased a latex foam mattress from the Original Mattress company in Monroe, NC. Had for a year or so.

Started to develop body impressions. Called the company and they sent out a person to check the problem. He found that the bed frame was not positioned correctly. He and my husband fixed it while he was here and said that should fix our problem.

Needless to say it didn't. Called back said that the bed frame was the cause of the body impressions voided our warranty. We have 2+inches of body impressions. How can this be, it is a dang foam mattress!

I will not recommend the OMC to anyone. I am out 2K.

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The magazine is not what I used to buy

I keep getting notices that I need to pay up to get Simple and Delicious. Hello!!! I do not want to keep receiving it so please stop the harassment. Take my name from your files and do not bother me again. The magazine has changed so much that it is not the one I used to look forward to receiving. There is far too many

written commercials and not enough good recipes. I am dropping all of your magazines and I have repeatedly written and tried to stop them but some one is not doing their job.

Elly Slavinsky

12500 Barker Cypress Rd

Apt 12107

Cypress, TX 77429


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This is a website for posting complaints for other consumers to see. This site does not contact the company that you're unhappy with.

You need to actually contact the magazine to cancel your subscription; not this site.

But thanks for posting your address for the entire internet to see!

I might send you a card or something. :zzz
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Selling Chinese *** as "American Made"!!!!

I Tried to buy a quality American Made set of screwdrivers for my husband for Christmas. The package of Masterforce 5 piece screwdrivers said they were made in the USA.

In little print on the back and at the bottom appeared "Made in China".

American Made means all parts were made here and assembled here. You should be more conscious of trying to help out your fellow Americans by giving them your full business instead of the Chinese or any other country. If product the isn't made here, then say it! Shame on you!! I will be returning them!


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But was there a quality issue?

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