Lack of any real product info

I was very interested in trying several of there products. I like everyone els heard the add on the radio.

I had called several time about the products that they were talking about on the radio. Every time that I called the number there was always a man or a women that didn't know anything about the products. That was a huge eye opener to me that told me that it was not a really liget place. I say that simply cause I had worked a few telimarketing jobs in my life.

I had quickly quit these jobs when I found out they were scams.

I really believe that they are nothing more then credit card scamers. BUY YOUR SUPPLEMENTS SOME WHERE ELS.


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It might help others if you mentioned the company or products you're complaining about.

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Other Company in Honolulu, Hawaii - I didn't trust, but

I didn't trust, but...everything was exactly as promised, with very good presentation, welcome coffee/tea/cookies , short and clear...and all promised gifts.

I didn't buy the package, but it is really GREAT for people who like to travel but save money. Don't think twice...they offer you a way with their cost enjoy your chosen trip

PS. I am not working for this

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smile and see the world!



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Other Company in Elkton, Maryland - Sentry Transfer Bak stabbers

If anyone has information about any of these people or have been scammed, please contact us or your local policed department right away. They have been found double and triple brokering freight and are not licensed to. They have been reported to the DOT for brokering without a license as well and several vendors have double broker clauses in load confirmations to avoid such scams. They have also been reported to the Bank of Scotland for using them as a vehicle to promote their illegal activity and to perform international wire fraud. They have also defrauded by check issued on a closed bank account.

Below is some compiled information about their locations.

Here are some addresses they claim to be located at but our crime stoppers needs your help. Please find them so they can be brought to justice!

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Other Company in Tampa, Florida - *** man got me ,i have final judgment,but cant collect

darrell kelley ,of tampa palms area,conned me with phoney prom note,phoney cd maturing ,no money in acct ,had his assocs,jonathon and john,participate in the scam,he is so bold that he calls ,sometimes to say he is working on deal,and will pay when it happens,zero repaid,if you are now or ever been conned by him ,pleas, call me 813 850 1436,final judgment recorded in hillsborough ,florida.kelley is currently doing the bank guarantee and letter of credit scam,from his home in tampa palms florida,please help his victims ,by calling me at 813 850 1436,charlie so we can prosecute

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Other Company in New York, New York - They did not send my order dxg 720hd

they told me i get my camcorder before x-mas i am still waiting, i am not paying for something i did not get i will be caling BBBto report their *** f----k fingerhut N e v e r a g a i n i tried calling customer service what a j o k e 1-800-208-2500 they have been giving me the run-around what a *** company,,, n e v e r a g a i n bunch of mo- fos i will never again deal with a mail order company... bunch of mofuckers ha

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Other Company in Santa Barbara, California - Lied to me and abused my dog

On 12/17/10 I had an appt.for my dog to be groomed. I was told to bring her in at 9:30 AM, which I did.

When I dropped her off Roxanne said my dog was 2nd in line to be groomed. Roxanne was going to bathe her and the groomer was due to be in at 11:00. I asked Roxanne when I should anticipate coming back to pick her up. She said about 1:00 but she'd call me.

When I didn't hear from her at 1:00 I called the store and spoke with the groomer, Nora. She told me that my dog was not 2nd in line but that there were 3 dogs ahead of her. I asked how that was possible and she said Roxanne made a mistake in scheduling. I told her we were leaving town at 5:00 and I needed my dog done before that.

She said she would. By 4:00 I had not heard from her so I drove back to the store. My dog was still in the cage that she'd been in for 6 1/2 hours since 9:30 that morning with no water and had not been taken out to go to the bathroom. When I confronted Roxanne about this and asked to speak to Nora I was told Nora was at lunch.

I couldn't believe my ears.

I waited for Nora to return and asked her why she hadn't called to let me know the dog wouldn't be ready by 5:00. She denied every speaking to me and was surly and rude and never offered an explanation or apology.

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Other Company in Toms River, New Jersey - Delivered different item without authorization

Ordered and was told Christmas Thomas Kinkade Santa Workshop was available - Original item was a collectible. Instead of informing us that this collectible was no longer available they simply sent a centerpiece of flowers.

Since this was ordered on December 30th it was not the height of the Christmas season & I would have expected a call informing the item was not available. I would have cancelled the order. I did not need a floral centerpiece at this time.

Company offered a $25 credit - total bill was &111.24. I sent one of these to my sister in texas a few weeks prior and only paid $82 with delivery.

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My location closed up shop overnight....

My Fargo ND Location closed up shop after the holidays even though Ihad a January 3rd appointment at 9:30 am. After going up to the location after not being able to reach them by phone the doors where locked, no one would come to the door even though they normally open at 8 am, and two employees were on there way out the door saying they were just told the location is closed and they were only there to get their things.

No phone call, no anything , just a huge waste my fricken time.

No corporate numbers are any good either. It's like they went out of business overnight....


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Kholargos, Attica, Greece #231469

Well because they did, jask face.

They do not owe you NOTHING!!!!!

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Other Company in New York, New York - 1322 art gallery do not shop /or buy anything from them

i bought a big mirror and frame from them, they charged me for deliver and labor and 10 months later the mirror cracked from left to right. the shop will not help me in any way, they said 10 months is too long a time for them to do anything.

mirrors do not have a mirror life of 10 months, mirrors last for years, they are not at all helpful, and the owner joe is no where to be found, he will not call me back,

also, woman , especially do not shop there, since i think that is the reason they are not willing to replace the mirror, they are taking advantage of this fact, if i was a man, they would not have the attitude they have, and would do something.

i have spent close to $300.00 for a mirror that now has to be replaced or thrown out. it is of now use to me in this condition.

when i call all kc the salesman? keeps saying its my problem/fault, they will do nothing and i have to pay to have it replaced, delivered and pay for labor. so you see, all they care about is the money and nothing about customer relations. do not shop there, or buy anything from them, they dont stand behind their sales

mirror lady
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Customer service

I recently was in the Nashua New Hampshire store, I was buying a gift card. I couldnt help but notice that the office girls were being treated like *** from customers. People need to realize that they are the office and didnt sell you the merchandise or delivery it either. People need to remember not to shoot the messenger. This customer was screaming at the women and theatening her. She was almost in tears, I felt bad for her. She did express that they changed computer systems and corporate was trying to work all the kinks out. She felt really bad that the customer didnt get thier merchandise. She offer free delivery and in my opinion the customer was being unreasonable. People are theatening these girls and if it was anyone else theatening another the Police would be involved. Its just a frustrating to these women as it is to the customer. I always say to my children remember what you say to a person it could be your last. Plus would you call or talk to your MOTHER that way???????????????

Well these WOMEN are mothers and daughters too. Please remember that.


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Portland, Maine, United States #230767

People dont give a S*** anymore, its what society puts up with. Kinda of sad what the world has come to.

I do what I can and if I was me I would be frustrated too. However I would do my best not to treat some one like that. Society puts up with it.

I guess im old school and if I talked to anyone with disrespect my parents would be appauled by the way I acted. Just goes to show people no longer have class.

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