Other Company in Wilmington, Delaware - Lack of Customer Service

To whom it may concern:

On on 01/06/2011 I was in the process of returning my table set. Though I was not wanting to end my tenure with your company the GM of a specific store unfortunately thought it was necessary for him to resort to predatory collection type of behavior over the phone it is understandable that he is responsible for his required numbers per month but to make a long story short I fell upon some hard financial times and I am not writing this letter out of malice but if you were to look into this stores practices im sure that the GM's maleficience will become evident upon a face to face visit from your corporate office on surprise.

The gentelman's name is "William" he is the GM of the store at (800 W 4TH ST STE 303 WILMINGTON, DE) to me the store is in need of an immediate purging of the store's manager. Filing a complaint with the FDPCA in regards to his behavior and how he treat's people hopefully this will be rectified and thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Other Company in Escondido, California - Was told they would not accept a partial pymt

I recently lost my job and have fallen behind with my pymts. I was 2 1/2 months behind and the rude woman I spoke to said she couldn't accept a partial pymt and if I didn't pay the full amount owed including the late fees it would go into possible repo status.

They tell you to call them to make pymt arrangements but when you do they won't accept them.

The woman I spoke to was very rude and unwilling to work out a reasonable arrangement with me. One would think that they would accept anything your able to pay toward the past due.

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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - z71 moter noise

my name is steve and i have a 08 z71 truck that has 40000 miles on it. and very well took care of.

took truck to burns chev rock hill sc to have fixed .they replaced cam and lifters. drove 3000 miles noise came back.

now burns chev said that it was an asceptical noise.now i called chev corp for help ha.well they were no help. now i am stuck with 20000 dollar truck that i cant sell.i asked service gm if he would by it he just looked at me and smiled.well all this is i feel is cover your tecs butt for poor job

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Other Company in New York, New York - American bartenders in astoria

this is not a good school they are looking for money they teach you 8 hours and than you are a bartender yeah right stay away from those people .they have n advertise saying do you want to make 300 cash everyday no experience nesesary than you go and they ask you your money with the promise that they are gonna give you several jobs because they have connections and stuff but at the end its a lie they took the jobs offerts from craighlist so if you are looking to become a bartender think about it first or just reach for a great school.

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Total Scam

This site is a total scam, and I was *** enough to fall for it. Sign up for free, get a very credible looking message from a person in your area, even with correct details that look genuine.

And then...

Plop down your money and RECIEVE NOTHING. I was quite cordial with all supposed responses, and played exactly by the rules, and I did not recieve a single reply after paying.

Not even a "gee, I thought you were nice, but changes my mind." I don't know who's the bigger ***-*** Matches, or me for falling for it. Do NOT waste your money on this scam site folks.




I used work for hornymatches the owner is located in Jaco puntarenas costa rica the number is 506 26431620 the owner name is bryan and second owner is sylvia paskel she is dutch blond woman and bryan is blond from usa . They pay to people to pretend they are a real members they are not reals just fake. He pay for every meses 09 cents dollars per every message.


Is this about HorneyMatches.com again? Because I can't believe how many people really pay to sign up for that site.

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Ssi and dis turned dn after 1 yr

son needs help cant find anyone who will help hes bipolar,suffers deep depression,schitzorphernia cant hold job went to ss office she told us he should have no problem getting it and should be on it he had pd enough taxs in after 1 yr of fighting they turned him dn now hes constantly being put in jail for child support this is Not fair to him for having a disability use to be happy and enjoyed life now every day he struggles went from making 25000. yr to 32.yr has to py 190. wk fo kids HOW?



I've heard that getting turned down for SSI is almost automatic, and that to get anything, you have to hire an attorney and fight them. This is our government at work folks.

The federal government has been stealing all of the excess reserves from the Social Security Administration for many years now, and has been using it to fund their insane deficit spending. The congress could come up with $700 billion to bail out the banksters in 2008, but doesn't have enough money to assist disabled persons.

If you think things are bad now, just wait until Obamacare kicks in fully in 2014. :sigh

You can get an attorney that will do the ssi pro bono--

I have bipolar and understand the mood issues but an attorney can help you out. He needs the help...

You can only appeal the ssi once..so don't play with them..

hear me
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My home is sinking and cracking all windows

I am hearing these noises in my home. I keep my shades closed most of the time.

Last week I opened my shades, in the kitchen and bedroom. These rooms have the largest panes. I found vertical cracks in the panes and the small windows in my private bathroom.

I have screens on all the windows, all in perfect conditions. No evidence of rocks or gun shots being used, was found.

I need someone to investigate. This problem needs immediate attention before I have new cracks. My name is Gary Nicholson, 24966 W Wayland Dr, Buckeye, AZ.

Phone #623-321-2847 and email nichols9142002@yahoo.com. I look forward to meeting you.


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If your house is sinking and the windows are cracking, I would think about getting your property checked for sink holes, especially if you live in an area where there used to be a lot of mining. There was a guy near where I live who lost his house in a massive sink hole, and he got screwed over because normal insurance doesn't cover it.

I'm not saying that it's super likely, but it's the only thing I can think of.

Except maybe severe temperature changes; at my mom's house in my old room, I had a glass tumbler with a college insignia on it, and one day I picked it up and the bottom just fell off. It had been sitting on a shelf for months with nothing touching it.

Then about a year later, on another glass that was a bit thinner, the top inch of it just cracked off, so I had a shorter glass and a ring of glass. The best explanation I have for this is the temperatures being too extreme for the glass, possible mixed with the glass being poorly annealed in the first place.

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Sent an unlicensed plumber, $10,000 damage!

Company sent an unlicensed plumber. He misconnected a fitting causing a major leak at our vacation home.

Over $10,000 damage and a ruined vacation! I am now fighting for my deductible. I have never had an insurance claim and am really upset. They are totally uncooperative, will not provide any information about him, will not provide copies of whatever he sent to prove that he was licensed and was not even willing to provide contact information for their AHS attorney!

This is a miserable company. They make one error after another. I have nevr had a god experience with them. I would highly suggest nevr using their services.

Customer service is not in their vocabulary, and is substituted for pay u, pay us, let us take your money and do nothing for it. We need aclass action lawsuit!



Salter Path, North Carolina, United States #248920

was it roto rooter....theres actually a class action case that was settled over unlicensed plumbers in Illinois

Salter Path, North Carolina, United States #248919

was it roto rooter....theres actually a class action case that was settled over unlicensed plumbers in Illinois

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Other Company in Conway, Arkansas - They give me a voucher but wont let me use it on what i want to use it on!!!

They give me a voucher because i returned something but wont let me use it on what i need it on. I think that they should let you use it on whatever you need to use it on.

There is something i have and they wont let me use it on because it isnt the samething.

That is just wrong i spend all that money and they give me a voucher and tell me i can only use it on what they say i can use it on. Why not just send me a check and i can go somewhere else and get a better deal without getting ripped off.

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Other Company in Toronto, Ontario - Indivdual

I want to change legal aid provided lawyer with honest one because he is not giving me a time to meet him During time period he has repeatedly failed to show me any interest to defence me in court even the normal standards as laid in the job description and neither has he showed any interest to defence me as per merit of the case "false allegation in support of preventive crime" also he has been insisting me to accept his offer for requesting to crown for withdraw charges from my name while I want to face court proceeding because by the help of honest lawyer I easily can defence and prove in the court that it is the case of preventive crime of victim for custody of children through the false allegation on me treating death. I have documentary prove to support my plea in the court but my lawyer not giving any important to me even he know I have been losing a huge amount of financial losses because of absence from my duty and bussnice place Dubai just because of false allegations on me.

He completely ignored me and at the conclusion of my complaint I would like to request you provide any English or Jewish lawyer.

Please let me know whom I should contact for further information. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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