Sent an unlicensed plumber, $10,000 damage!

Company sent an unlicensed plumber. He misconnected a fitting causing a major leak at our vacation home.

Over $10,000 damage and a ruined vacation! I am now fighting for my deductible. I have never had an insurance claim and am really upset. They are totally uncooperative, will not provide any information about him, will not provide copies of whatever he sent to prove that he was licensed and was not even willing to provide contact information for their AHS attorney!

This is a miserable company. They make one error after another. I have nevr had a god experience with them. I would highly suggest nevr using their services.

Customer service is not in their vocabulary, and is substituted for pay u, pay us, let us take your money and do nothing for it. We need aclass action lawsuit!



Salter Path, North Carolina, United States #248920

was it roto rooter....theres actually a class action case that was settled over unlicensed plumbers in Illinois

Salter Path, North Carolina, United States #248919

was it roto rooter....theres actually a class action case that was settled over unlicensed plumbers in Illinois

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Other Company in Conway, Arkansas - They give me a voucher but wont let me use it on what i want to use it on!!!

They give me a voucher because i returned something but wont let me use it on what i need it on. I think that they should let you use it on whatever you need to use it on.

There is something i have and they wont let me use it on because it isnt the samething.

That is just wrong i spend all that money and they give me a voucher and tell me i can only use it on what they say i can use it on. Why not just send me a check and i can go somewhere else and get a better deal without getting ripped off.

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Other Company in Toronto, Ontario - Indivdual

I want to change legal aid provided lawyer with honest one because he is not giving me a time to meet him During time period he has repeatedly failed to show me any interest to defence me in court even the normal standards as laid in the job description and neither has he showed any interest to defence me as per merit of the case "false allegation in support of preventive crime" also he has been insisting me to accept his offer for requesting to crown for withdraw charges from my name while I want to face court proceeding because by the help of honest lawyer I easily can defence and prove in the court that it is the case of preventive crime of victim for custody of children through the false allegation on me treating death. I have documentary prove to support my plea in the court but my lawyer not giving any important to me even he know I have been losing a huge amount of financial losses because of absence from my duty and bussnice place Dubai just because of false allegations on me.

He completely ignored me and at the conclusion of my complaint I would like to request you provide any English or Jewish lawyer.

Please let me know whom I should contact for further information. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Other Company in Fayetteville, Arkansas - Wont work

i cant sign in to my account whats going on with it did i say something wrong i really like this dating site especially when a cute guy emails me and it lets me look at in my area where i live at and different areas towns close by and then the site send me a email to let me know someone sent me a e-mail i really like that and i hope you let me back in if not i will go some where else but i don't want to i like it thank ab bless u.

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Other Company in Kalamazoo, Michigan - Bit by ant then asked to leave after advising staff

I was in the living area of room #134 on 12/19/10 and was bit on top of my left foot by a red ant. The *** subsequently became red and I still have some evidence of it even today. I captured the ant in a ziploc bag and took it to the front desk. The person working the front desk, who advised she was "Theresa" (no name tag) simply asked, "Did you have food or anything sweet in your room?" I advised that it shouldn't matter what was in our room, and that they had an ant problem - just wanted them to know. I do want to state that we did not have any food laying around the room, and anything we did have was enclosed in a ziploc bag on the counter. I never asked for compensation in any form, and "Theresa" seemed very disinterested and didn't say a word and just rolled her eyes.

While having breakfast, and after thinking about it, I decided to speak with a manager. I asked if a manager was on duty. "Theresa" advised there was no manager on duty. Before checking out, the wife and kids went to the pool for the last time and noticed a bunch of dead ants in the hot tub, as well as some all over some candy that another family left on the floor in the pool area. My wife called the front desk and shortly thereafter a worker came and scooped up the candy from the floor, went outside the hotel and threw them away.

While checking out, it was obvious that "Theresa" was extremely irritated with me while I was requesting a receipt from our stay. At that point I advised her that due to her complete lack of hospitality or concern, that the health department would be contacted. She advised that they were "just there". I advised that they would be there again. She then proceeded to tell me that for "future reference" I and my family would not be allowed back there again after I advised that they had an ANT problem and not a FOOD problem, and she essentially kicked my family out of the hotel when we were attempting to discuss the problem they had there. So we left of course. I have never been "kicked" out of hotel for advising them of a pest problem in my life until now.

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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - Refused to take rolled quaters for $20.00

i have gone to the peru indiana station on west main st for yrs. i always save my change and buy gas. i have doe this severall times at this station.

recently they have new attendants. i had one refuse change because then she would have to go to bank ? is that my problem ? last i hear silver is still spendable money.

also a new attendant kept mentioning he was working for tips and if i paid him before he pumped gas i would be less likly to tip him. guess what ?

i didn't give him a tip after he pumped gas !

i have used this station for many yrs and the people were all very nice.

but i guess things change huh ? like going to another gas sation

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Svend Funch-Theft of Goods And Services

In Naperville, Illinois, an older man named Svend Funch, not sure if it spelled correctly, took my money. In excess of 900$, I did significant work to his home and after the work was completed he said he wasnt paying me because he knew the court system and that there was nothing I could do.

I am posting this to give awareness to the public that people like this exist and are just the worst types of people out there. They take advantage of the hardworking people like myself. I have never come across a person like this before. If he wouldve told me he couldnt afford the job and that he needed a payment plan I would have done that for him no problem.

But he just said he wasnt paying.

What a sad man. -Shawn Johnston




Report him to IRS. You can do it online now.


Shawn, I feel terrible for you and the fact that you were stiffed by this guy. I run a watchdog group in Chicago and we hear stories like this all the time.

Always research who you will be working with BEFORE you work with them.

Most of the time they rip people off before you and people voice their stories on the internet. Best of luck to you in the future and again I am sorry you were scammed by this man.


That is so sad to hear. This once happened to me awhile back while I was working as an interior decorator in Des plaines.

I told the client that they needed to pay the fee of 250$ and they agreed. When it came time to collect they simply said no. ha! It is amazing how rude and cheap some people can be.

But that is just the world we live in. Some people are honest individuals and others simply do not care. Most people are nice. Just always try and research before you work with someone so you can see if they have a history, as does this ma, of ripping peole off.

Best of luck to you in the future Shawn. Regards, Sandra

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Other Company in Tucson, Arizona - Continues to send books I did not order

The past few months I have been receiving several books I did not order. I always return my card stating I do or don't want the books and return it in plenty of time to reach you.

I have also received some books that weren't even in your monthly newsletter.

I have been a member since the 1960's and have never had this problem until recently. I can try the online membership, though I have a disability and cannot sit at the computer very long so if it doesn't work for me I will cancel completely.

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Ripped of for $75.00, will not give refund even after they told me they will

took $75.00 without my consent and will not give it back. I keep calling, getting other people that promise they will take care of it and do absolutely nothing.

The will hang up on you if you get mad, or they will agree that you should be mad. They tell you that they would feel the same way if they were in your position. I'm calling them from Dec 10th trying to get my money back. It is now Jan 4th and nothing.

I was supposed to get it back within 15 working days. Please don't get stuck like I did.


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Duson, Louisiana, United States #231667

The company is WAVEE

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Other Company in Phoenix, Arizona - Lack of any real product info

I was very interested in trying several of there products. I like everyone els heard the add on the radio.

I had called several time about the products that they were talking about on the radio. Every time that I called the number there was always a man or a women that didn't know anything about the products. That was a huge eye opener to me that told me that it was not a really liget place. I say that simply cause I had worked a few telimarketing jobs in my life.

I had quickly quit these jobs when I found out they were scams.

I really believe that they are nothing more then credit card scamming. BUY YOUR SUPPLEMENTS SOME WHERE OTHER THEN WITH THEM.

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