Other Company in Ashland, Kentucky - Rude speaking manager to loyal consumer.

I have been a loyal customer for over 2 years. In all that time I was NEVER late with a payment.

Recently I separated from my husband & took possession of the items I purchased. I recently got behind (17) days on my payment. I contacted the Ashland store Manager, Dan, & tried to get him to work with me in taking a partial payment today & then catch up on this Friday. He told me there was no way he could do that, he kept interrupting me when I tried to civilly have a conversation with him.

I told him I could opt to purchase the items at R2O & he told me to go ahead and do it. I was given the number to the regional manager by the other store in Ashland & I've left a message on his phone to please contact me. Dan was so disrespectful to me that when I called him back & ask for the regional managers number he refused to give it to me. I would like to be a stand up customer & catch my account up by this Friday & get back on track.

As previously stated I was never late with a payment until now. I really hope you can help me ratify this situation & I truly believe your company needs to better train their store managers to learn to take your accounts on a case by case basis.

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Ripped off

I think all of us who got ripped off should sue...I dont just have 200.00 just to throw around and i really thought this was legit..So now I am out a puppy and 200.00...How can we let them get away with this..I cant believe i believed these people or thiefs as i call them..i want to sue..my children have been waiting for our yorkie pup for a week.......ever since i told them about her..now i have to look into their eyes and tell them we cant get her now..This situation should not be left unattended




if you want to know who is bidding for your shipments before accepting any bids you should click on the bidders mc # or dot# this will provide you with the name and address of the company if they are legitimate all pertinent info will be published less th company phone # which you can then assertain by doing a search of the business name and place of business just remember if you do not take these steps you will not have any recourse through uship so if you value your property or as we say here why would you buy a filet mingon and have a hotdog vendor serve it for you


We are extremely sorry to hear that you fell victim to one of these scams. We strongly encourage you to contact the online classified site where the ad was found as well as the Internet Crime Complaint Center to report this fraud.

This reported instance is NOT in any way related to uShip.com, but rather describes an instance where a person or people have fraudulently used uShip’s name, logo, etc. without consent.

uShip is an online marketplace where those who need shipping services can list their needs and receive bids from independent transporters registered on the site.

uShip is NOT involved in the actual shipment of any items, and uShip is NOT involved in the purchase or sale of any items.

pissed off in pa
Hartville, Ohio
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Other Company in Marietta, Georgia - Mistreat employees that use to work there

i use to work for this company they have *** head manger for example mike and liilian was dept manger there they treat blacks as we were nothing and have had d there is the office manger that do not treat people right her name is kelly and she would not treat everyone the same they was always mistreating people and we seem to be nothing to them they love to threat your job they have people to get a petition against them but we needed the job and they were scared and they took advantage of that with threats

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Hair overseas agency

I am thrilled with the quality of hair that I purchased fron Hair Overseas Agency ,cennai, INDIA. It is soft, the perfect color, and generally gorgeous and lush!!

My hairdresser said that she has never seen such beautiful shinning hair, and she is gonna be checking out hair overseas agency's site ASAP!! they have been incredibly helpful, informative and patient, and I have appreciated all of your knowledge and advice.

I look forward to wearing my hair for a long time to come, and to work with hair overseas agency again in the future! i really love their product.


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This is obviously a rep from overseas agency ^^^

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I want out! Is death the only answer!

I want out and I cant get a response! I got into this by falling for the free kit.

It took some doing because you fearful of the age group I was in.I was the one that should have been fearful by falling for the free trial. I couldn't believe the amount of charge that followed and that it would be forever.

Meanwhile I have Emailed approximately every other day and I have received no response as yet. When you buy at a reputable establishment you can return the items and are refunded the cost of the item.


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they sending magizines, i didn't order. They have acct information.

I bet they take money out acct. I cant contact them.

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You are rip offs!

Why does it cost $100.00 to do a 5 min pressure test! It only takes 5 min. I think its a rip off. I gess i have to write 100 words to get this to go. so here we go

It was the night before christmas and all through the house everybody felt *** even the mouse.

Mom at the the whorehouse and dad smoking grass I'd just settled down for a nice piece of ***.

When out on the lawn I heard such a clatter i sprung from piece to see what's the matter then out on the


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You could have used a few words to tell us what business you're bellyaching about. Dumb a*s*s.

Algonac, Michigan
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Other Company in Paso Robles, California - Misrepresented price and ripped off customers

I wanted to order the second needle product I saw advertized on television. Went to place the order and at the end of the process the cost came to $65.00!!!

wtf is that about. Cost should have been $10.00 and no ship/handling as the ad stated. Tried to cancell via telephone within 5 minutes and was told it can't be done!!! Then I spoke to supervisor who could not help, asked for cust.

svc. # and got a toll cost #. Bad business, bad credibility.

I'll pass this on to anyone that will listen. Telebrands Company is not good.

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Other Company in Houghton Lake, Michigan - will not remove from email

I have removed my email from their subscrition list at least 30 times, and the emails keep coming. When you hit the remove button it sends you to a do not cancel third party ads,hit the cancel all button but,they still keep sending the emails.

I am not happy with this site, beware!

We oringinaly subscribe for 3 months of the magazine but had to cancel because subscrition rate was to expensive for our budget. We did receive the free radio,but it does not work in our area, we are down in a valley.Not Happy,why!

Houghton Lake, Michigan
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Other Company in Ramsey, Illinois - Lies lies lies your co. ***

Why didn't i see all the complaints. I will take action.

This has made me very mad. How did i not see that this was not real. your not magician . Your much more than that......---- ---- ----- A lot of angry.

And not to mention ----------!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How has the system allowed you to keep going . When your nothing but a scam artist. How disgusting, to make us feel so good, and then BAM.....here we are still FAT.Oh I sorry, I need to write more.

***, Ripped off , Pissed off.

Oh did I mentioned the jerks you are. Wow, Just 100 little words

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Other Company in Cleveland, Ohio - Made promises and did not refund my money

The second time i used her what a dummy i am sends you a letter almost once a week wanting 45.00 dollars dont even have time to read the first letter.Tells you she can see your problems we all have problems,tells this ,tells you that has never been right about anything in my life.If you contact her yes she knows you have some kind of problem or you wouldnt contact her all i want is my money refunded or i will sue this place i dont want to but i wiil.Every time i use her my luck gets worse i have a bi-polar girlfriend to take care of and im broke.

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