Other Company in Ottawa, Ontario - I am pissed

why am i being charged $19.00 a month for a service I do not want?

Idid not contract for this service and i would like a refundfor $99.41us

for something that i do not use orneed

Ido not have acompany or a product I am just an individual who some got caught in your web

The first charge appeared on my Visa in aug 2010 and continued every month. IDONT KNOW WHAT I AM PAYING FOR


I have no more details


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Veterinary payments

I have read many complaints about heartless veterinarians requiring full payment for medical care and while I completely understand the sadness and frustration with this policy, I need to give you a personal reason why this is the case.

I run a small veterinary hospital and we provide the very best care that we can. We barely make our bills. I have tried to work with people during this tough economy and less than 50% of the people who begged and cried for payment plans ended up paying their bills.

This puts a huge hardship on the entire hospital,raising prices for our paying clients, and putting all jobs in the hospital in jeopardy.

That is why I will no longer allow payments. The average person just cannot be trusted anymore. If you can't borrow the money from your family and friends, why should your veterinarian loan it to you?




Please don't apologize for expecting people to pay for services! You certainly can't get to the check out line at the grocery store and not expect to pay for the items you have purchased, so why should anyone expect to leave your office without paying?!

Pets require constant care just like a child. However, they do not fall into the dependent category and cannot be included in our healthcare insurance.

With this being said, pets are really a luxury. If you can't afford to take care of your pet and pay the vet bills, then you probably shouldn't have one.

Anna, Illinois, United States #237410

Sorry to say, but nobody cares about you or your responsibilities. the average person is just out to get something free for themselves.

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Other Company in Russellville, Arkansas - Ppol that are not content

ppol that are not content at this auction site..if you would know this site is the best you will be bidding on..i know a site which is that when u bid its a dollar per.. click.. so this site is better than those sites ,so why complain.if you dont understand about this auction dont bid..im a well satisfied customer i ask for extension they gave it to me..i ask for any thing for my pleasure i get ,so..why would you all post this ***..did u all know that u were just paying 10% of what u r bidding so relax and enjjoy life ..if you dont like what i posted u be the judge..DONT READ THIS IF U DID MAYBE YOU R THE ONE OF THIS CONSUMER SO THINK BEFORE U POST ...

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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - They did not know what they were doing

i arrived, they couldn't figure out how to get my car into the garage because my car was stuck in 3rd gear. they finally got it in then disappeared inside for 30minutes.

they came back, glanced at the car for 2 minutes then said it would take them 3days to fix. i said it was ridiculous taped up the problem,as i knew what was wrong and drove to my friends house who replaced the broken part in 10mins.

all i needed was a shift ball they said they didn't have in stock even though i hear it happens to a lot of cars. oh, this waste of time cost me 20 bucks as a 'consult fee"

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Scheduled delivery was cancelled, but no one bothered to tell me. Spent a total of one hour on hold.

customer service is just awful. the words hold on "one second" is still ringing in my ears.

Finally asked Jazzy my sales rep to call me back as I could not stay on hold any more. I was told to be patient.

If a total of one hour on hold is not patient, then I don't know what the definition of patience is. 24 hours later and I am still without a call back, or a resolution as to why my delivery was cancelled and more importantly why Bobs did not think it was necessary to let me know.

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Other Company in Chatswood, New South Wales - Worse service and pizza last 3 times visited or delivered.

1st time! 45min on phone just to order pizza for them to stuff order, specifically asked for tomato base gave us bbq then had to go back to get rest of orderour friend picked up the order and they had forgotten to give her the garlic bread, poor customer service skills.

2nd another stuffed up order, same bbq base instead of tomato not happy.

3rd tonight very poor customer service and management. We ordered 4 pizzas and 4 garlic bread, 3 pizzas and the garlic bread sat on the bench for at least 10mins while they waited for the 4th pizza to cook. The pizza were badly made, cold and had practically no topping, we took pictures to prove it. What a joke dont think we will be back for a 4th go at Dominos.

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Other Company in Glendale, California - Californis state annual filing fee lack of notification

Filing a Ca. LLC in early Dec. 2009 I was not informed that I had to pay a filing fee of $800.00 the last month of 2009, there is no proration and I will have to pay another $800.00 in Jan. of 2010.

So now the LLC cost me $1935.00 instead of $1165.00 a simple notification to delay the filing for a couple of days would have saved the $800.00 fee for 2009 the attorney handling this filing shud have notified me of that fact.

The attorney filing my LLC shud have known this and advised me of that fact.

Johan Dixon

Sun Valley, Ca.

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Other Company in Slidell, Louisiana - Do not know what there doing

Jan, 2011 I took my computer to them to puy the ac jack in thay had it 4 days. Thay were working on it I told them to call me before thay did that.

Thay did not.Thay said it would cost 90.00 bucks. When I gave it to them thay said it would 35.00 bucks I use to work on computers but my hands cramp up now. Thay called me back that day and said thay could not remember how to put it back togather.I pick it up took it to another place called really cheap ceeks thay repaired it for 20.00 bucks.

That was good but thay said that were broken parts. The fanelli boys broke the latches on my screen and pulled the modem off the motherboard all so the screw that mounts the jack went all the way into the jack

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Other Company in Bellevue, Nebraska - Ordered window,Paid.2 months later I get a phone call,they cant make

I Paid for it,they measured it,months later,they give me a phone call telling me they cant make it.They have no clue whats going on


SLOW SERVICE,MEASURE GUYS HAVE ATTITUDES.Office has no idea whats going on

I bought there windows before,very slow making them,installing them and folllow up service but they want that 1/2 down when ordering and balance when installed.There windows are plastic,everything is an extra cost,For therm pane windows,they are not of good.quality.stay away.stay away.stay away

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Other Company in Mesa, Arizona - Tried to pay bill ,computer keeps resyarting

since the beginning of my account in May 2008, I haven't been able to pay my account by telephone unless I wait until a rep calls me for that $10.00 charge instead of the $5.00 normal fee. The computer goes as far as the debit card number and then restarts at the beginning. I have complained to the reps that call me, but why should they report the problem which could effect their job. I am in the process of refinancing my car because in today's times, phone and computer transaction are the new ways to do business, you really need to get it together and get with the times.

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