Other Company in Westminster, Colorado - George Atencio is a controlling man

He lives in Colo. and he is a very bad man....stay away.If you want to be treated like *** and controlled then you can have him.He likes to beliitle people and he thinks he is superior to every one.He is a very bad man and everyone should be aware of the situation.

I had to put up with his non ssense for years and it was a mistake.

Everyone should stay far far far far far far far far away from him. I'm just sorry I wasted my time with a man like him and didn't learn my lesson


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I'm coming for you Sally!

saly field
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Other Company in Monroe, Michigan - Wants the car to be picked up!

We have made an agreement with you to take care of the pass due payments on January 21st and I just received a call from where we purchased the car from saying you have called them to pick it up! I do understand we are late but we have talked to you online and on the phone.

I think that is very unfair of you to tell them we have even talked to you either. Even though it is our fault but yet if we are trying to work with you why are you saying we have not even tried to make conact with you and want the car picked up before our agreement time????

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Other Company in Doylestown, Pennsylvania - Disrespect and invitation to violence by manager and a staff member

I have to say I've never felt so disrespected on a call for a minimal debt. Numerous times today I was called today by different employees at the Paxton St.

establishment in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I in turn took a break at work and called and asked to speak with management. A manager got on the phone and I recognized his voice. So I asked him what his name was.

He was reluctant. Very reluctant.

He kept saying " you can come see me." I don't think I even feel comfortable using this establishment. I would hope that all your employees and/or management don't act like that....

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Other Company in Shreveport, Louisiana - How to Purchase a TV

Before you purchase any consumer electronics especially TV sets since they need repairing quite frequently get the make model and serial numbers off the new set you where about to purchase never mind the salesperson since they don't have a clue if repair parts are available then call a reputable repair shop and give model and serial and ask them if they can get replacement parts for that brand they will happily tell you if they can or you can look on the Internet for parts distributors such as MCM electronics just to name one out of many. This will save you a lot of trouble in the future also do get the extended warranty on tv sets and remember a word from a TV repairman and customer TV sets can and will break down they are most frequently used. This is your friendly TV repairman saying have a nice day

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Other Company in Leesburg, Virginia - Tap that birdcage, June!

Woolco, now defunct, had parakeets on sale.

So Mom took the 3 of us, the birdcage, and the flyer, and we went to buy George III. Naturally, like his predecessors GeorgeI and George II, he had to be blue.

Aunt June just happened to be along. It was karma.

When the teen flunkie said to my mother that only the green birds were on sale, Mom was ready to tuck tail and go home, dejected. But not June. She read the ad out loud. No wording about blue or green birds. The Flunkie held fast to his guns. June called out the mgr. By now the ad was rolled in a menacing, train your dog the wrong way baton, and she was tapping the bottom of the cage with it. "We came here for a blue bird on sale, and we're not leaving without one."

George III was soon on his way home.

Ah, those were the days.

Thanks, Aunt June. Sit on my shoulder when I have to tap the cage, wouldja?

tap that birdcage June!
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Scammed us took our money

day one we went on oodle market free want adds looking at pets we typed in yorshire terriers . we found severall individyalls that had free puppies.we called 2 or three.

could not understand them well so we asked there nationality they would never say. the second individal was a male same accent said his wife was killed by a drunk driver 2 weeks ago.said the puppies was his wifes. then he said he could not take care of the puppys due to travelling all the time tranferd to minnesota said he could have dogs shiped through uship freight animals we gave him our number he called then said agency would cotact about shiping they did. said it would cost 300.00 no hidden charges that was all puppies would be here next morning by 9.30 if we sent payment by western union we did like dummies had to wire to individal in tiko cameroon thar was main office ,as they said.


the next morning at 8.30 agency called said individual had wrong dog carriers that we would have to pay for carries and pay up fron.t would get money back when they arrived . we did not send any more money we told them this was a scam. indival called said if we would ay some money for the crates hewould pay 200.00 more we said noway we no what your doing.he sent a letter on email with cuss words in it said puppies are stillat airpoet same time shippig company on compuer at 430 am saying send more money and they would ship we said noway send our money back.

they said lawyer will contact us for leaving puppies in airport we said there is no puppies and they would not tell us phone number so if anyone is looking at free puppies on oodle tell them you will come and pick them up yorself if in u.s then see what kind of excuse they give you i tried that myself they said they have to ship my name is tina my husband is mark you can e-mail me at tinytina141@yahoo.com. thanks


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I just dealt with these same people thankfully i sent no money at all i thought this was all a little fishy!! as soon a i seen i had to send the money to cameroon i knew this was a scam!!

he said the same thing to me...that he lost his wife 2 weeks ago and relocated to minnesota and couldnt take care of the dogs!!

he told me it would be 300 to ship both of them of 170 for 1 of them!! DO NOT fall for this scam!!

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When I went to file my taxes in 2010

last year when I went to Jackson Hewitt to file my taxes and one of my children had been claimed by somebody else. The lady their told me that there was nothing that she could do.

I thought that was a crime! So am I supposed to just let someone claim my child every year? What can I do? Can someone please get back to me and let me know because I will be filing my taxes soon and I dont want any problems because if it happens again I will take it to the next level.

She tried to tell me that it happened to her and she had to wait 6 months. So how come she could fix hers but their was nothing that she could do for me.

I just need some advice. Thank you, Nichole


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Bourbonnais, Illinois, United States #236895

You do have a crime (fraud) and they also lied to you. Those places only do bare min work.

Best bet is to find a person accountant.

I did that and ended getting ALOT more back, sure it doesn't cost $74-$139 or whatever they charge, but you get better, more personal service. and again MORE money

Brownsville, Tennessee
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NH Pawn Shop Broadway Rip Offs

The new hamshire pawn shop on Bradway has ripped people off for years now and they forever get away with it.. I do not understand.

Let me give you an example. I pawned a saw and got 40.00 bucks I returned after getting paid 3 days later and Dan (the owner) had sold my saw. Law says must keep for 30 days!! He did not..

After a huge headache I got the saw back!Do not go there they will rip you off! This is not the forst time I have heard this exact same senioro.

this has happened to other people I know and I do not wnat this to happen to anyone else! they are all thiefs in here stay away!


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Keyword AFTER 3 days. Under the FTC you have only 3 days to change your mind, you clearly stated more then 3 days, so you are wrong.

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Other Company in Ottawa, Ontario - I am pissed

why am i being charged $19.00 a month for a service I do not want?

Idid not contract for this service and i would like a refundfor $99.41us

for something that i do not use orneed

Ido not have acompany or a product I am just an individual who some got caught in your web

The first charge appeared on my Visa in aug 2010 and continued every month. IDONT KNOW WHAT I AM PAYING FOR


I have no more details


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Veterinary payments

I have read many complaints about heartless veterinarians requiring full payment for medical care and while I completely understand the sadness and frustration with this policy, I need to give you a personal reason why this is the case.

I run a small veterinary hospital and we provide the very best care that we can. We barely make our bills. I have tried to work with people during this tough economy and less than 50% of the people who begged and cried for payment plans ended up paying their bills.

This puts a huge hardship on the entire hospital,raising prices for our paying clients, and putting all jobs in the hospital in jeopardy.

That is why I will no longer allow payments. The average person just cannot be trusted anymore. If you can't borrow the money from your family and friends, why should your veterinarian loan it to you?




Please don't apologize for expecting people to pay for services! You certainly can't get to the check out line at the grocery store and not expect to pay for the items you have purchased, so why should anyone expect to leave your office without paying?!

Pets require constant care just like a child. However, they do not fall into the dependent category and cannot be included in our healthcare insurance.

With this being said, pets are really a luxury. If you can't afford to take care of your pet and pay the vet bills, then you probably shouldn't have one.

Anna, Illinois, United States #237410

Sorry to say, but nobody cares about you or your responsibilities. the average person is just out to get something free for themselves.

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