Extreme prejudice over do rags!

They say there is a mo judgement policy? Well if I choose to wear a do rag to keep the hair out of my eyes..

Then that is my business. Who cares what's on my head. Now I went into the kernersville nc location and there were four black women with scarfs wrapped around their heads.

Now do rag..scarf same thing. Neither are causing harm.

I have to look at women in shirts that are ten times to small and guys in super tight sweats..

Both equally disgusting! You should worry more about having a knowledgable trained staff and less about hair coverings!!


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:grin do rags are for thugs, that's why. Get a life ***
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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - Sold me pirated DVD (poor copy of video tape)

I'm done there, nobody seems to care that they sell pirated media. If you used PayPal file your complaint there.

If you used your charge card you can call them and report that you received counterfeit merchandise, hopefully you will get your money back. The seller might tell you that the entertainment is "public domain" even though it isn't. What about the horrible quality of the recording or that it may play on one DVD player and not another or any computer. Then the seller acts like I'm trying to get something (garbage) for nothing?

Yea, I opened an account just to rip off your most precious copyright infringement. The one that you wrote, produced, directed and now distributed. I already owned the VHS tape and wanted a DVD of the material which was not available at the "other" site (don't want there good name soiled).

I did get my money back from the seller and almost had a heart attack doing it. There isn't a item worth that kind frustration or insults.

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Is it Time to Walk away from a Bad Mortgage?

It is the worst of all years for homeowners;13 million face foreclosure and millions more are underwater, owing more than their homes are worth.Investigative guy John Mattes has met a man who says he has an answer for homeowners. Jon Maddux says screw the bank , just stop paying and live rent free then walk away.

His company offers advice on strategic defaults .Maddux says homeowners should stop feeling guilty about not paying and look at the process as a business decision.

He says save the money you would pay in mortgage payments then just walk.. Meanwhile his firm has made him hated by bankers..

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Other Company in Reno, Nevada - # 555 wild caught scallops

We enjoyed your wild caught scallops 1. they were caught in the atlantic ocean, not asia.

2. they actually had good flavor not like farm raised. Can I ask why you discontinued this good product? Also we quit buying you pizza's because of poor quality.

We have been a customer for many years and we do understand prices have to adjust to the times,however, lowering quality and discontinuance of good products is not a good way to maintain a customer base. The demand for good quality seafood remains high on our list of products you provide.

I do wish you would re-consider your decision to dis-continue this item from your sales book.Respectively submitted, W.R. Bogoger

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Other Company in Mobile, Alabama - Warranty representative Kelly and a warranty issue on ceiling in study

The ceiling in the study has the sheet rock seams showing, they must have been something that has change from the time I purchase the home for these seams to show up.

Warranty Representative Kelly who services Mobile, Al has stated that he will not fix the item and that it must have been there all along( he agrees that the seams are showing).

This means the Quality of D R Horton homes is not what it should be, I have trouble believing that.

Kelly does not represent your company company very well, he has a bad attitude when he gets on location to look at the issue.

He said he would fix a damage caused by a sub contractor installing flood lights and this also has not been accomplish, this item is damage Sheetrock at a single light switch. Also painting area when sheet rock is complete.

Can not get e-mail response from Gayle Adams warranty department also, Cannot get Kelley's phone number or his supervisors number through e-mails sent to Gayle

House location is 9765 Sheree Drive, Mobile, Al in the Saddlebrook subdivision. Lot 28

Ben Gaffney

228-235-5952 cell

251-776-5778 home

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Louise Talbot Brady aka Louise Evans

Disgusting Welsh scrubber from a Cardiff trailer parl with acne and a fat *** who decided to work in an office and not a chicken factory to bag herself a management consultant; luckily she did not get a successful one, only a scrawnly looking leprechaun who runs a one man band and fails even at doing that. Lives in a disgusting shack in Hertfordshire with hubby and 3 dirty children desperately wanting to be middle class and not succeeding.

Lies to make herself look better.

Stinks from her mouth. Would do us all a favour if she went back to Wales and married some scounger on benefits.


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I remember this manky minger. Wouldn't have touched her with a bargepole.

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Yishun Ring Road, Bus 812 and 812E

The bus fare has gone way up for feeder buses. Lately, the buses in Yishun Ring Road is getting from bad to WORST..WORST...WORST.

Practically very day we see 2 buses tailing one after another. This is a loop service bus and we can see both buses tailing one another all the way through. What the *** is going with the drivers.....like this morning there was no one alighting but the bus drive simply stop and waiting....

Don't any bus inspector check on this at all......it is really annoying.

At 8.00am there is one bus, followed by another at 8.05 to 8.08am...thats it...the next want comes 15 minutes later...please kindly look into this matter. A VERY DISAPPOINT PASSENGER...we have this problem very morning.


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It was such a great opportunity to visit this site,you can gain new interesting topics.I want to stick on this one so that I can update more details about this one.

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Other Company in Makati, Manila - Good service

Hello here!I am Francine from Colorado and I want to post here about my great experience of shopping at allforyourwedding.

They gave me a good service,My husband and I are satisfied by them.

They do gave good products and good service,we have saved time and money in that site for our wedding.Many people gave us good compliments about how good our wedding was,specially the cake and the flow of the event!

I had a memorable wedding day and i thank allforyourwedding to be one of those who helped us make it very memorable!Bless to you everyone!

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Other Company in Fredericksburg, Virginia - Refused to honor warranty

Bought Blue Ray Player in May, 2010. Called about intermittent sound quality problems in July, 2010.

Troubleshooting seemed to fix problem. Called again in October. January, Finally said "No more" to trouble shooting and made them take player in for servicing.

Now they won't do anything without $69.00 labor fee.

They conveniently do not have record of my first call in July which was within the 90 labor warranty period.

From what I was told, not sure this would have mattered anyway.

Lesson learned: Keep records of every conversation when dealing with warranty issues. They say they keep a record of all conversations but they are human (or deceitful).

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Other Company in Portland, Maine - Worst place ever

never ever would I even step foot in their door. ordered 3rooms of furniture, they never ordered it, when they finally did order it they said everything we ordered was in stock--well it wasn't!!

try to get a live person to talk to is near impossible. Will never order anything from that store again. They are rude and not professional in any way. Their showroom is very nice looking but the furniture is nothing but junk!

Customer care??

what is that, something they know nothing about. I read the reviews and there was not any positive reviews, most are very negative.

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