Other Company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Poor cust. relations at thier office nasty person in office

My original contract was never filled .

I was given an undated - uninspected tank which caused many problems when the office offered a adjustment they reniged when I went to the keys office I was told the manager would call I have not heard from them at all therefore I will not be paying my bill due 1-31-11 nor a late fee because

I tried to resolve me problems at the local office. The very rude employee said the manager would call me if he felt like it.

See my customer records for information.

Fred Davis 101551 overseas hwy Lot 39 key largo fl 33037 phone 305 451 5040

My account # 5055049338

Regards, Fred Davis

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Case n0.55482

my complaint has not been settled. I want my money back or give me back my carbarator, you just dropped the ball and have not settled anything with me

I ordered a carbarator around Oct.it was damaged so I asked for another one I waited and waited and finally called, you said you could not get me one,so I had to find another place to order one and I did, when I asked for my money back I was told I had to bring in the one I bought, even tho this was not told to me at the time, so it had been traded in for the new one, I was told to get it back before I could get my money, they told me it had been sent back and I could not get it, so why are allowed to keep my money and my traded in carbarator?

Dorothy Jackson

3267 Bonway Dr

Decatur, Ga 30032


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Your letter is very poorly written, but if I understand you, you traded in the defective carb on a new one with a different company, and you expect your money back for the defective one even though you used it as a trade. Here's a tip: you can't give away something and then ask for your money back on it! How *** are you anyway?!

Scottdale, Georgia
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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - Better Off at Lodge

Going from efficiency lodge to apartment should be a good thing, a kind of graduation of sorts - NOT IN MY CASE. This place let's anyone and everyone in. What was the point of the credit/background check I wonder. A bunch of savage, barbarian brutes are more civilized. Not one neighbor volunteers a "hello" but I'm to roll out the welcome mat when I can't even get a decent night's sleep.

In the lodge the police, sometimes with ambulance in tow, were out EVERY weekend – but they did their dirt at a decent hour and people got on with their lives, blood soaked stairs and all.

Here whatever the f*** is wrong with "˜my brother' is suddenly my *** to deal with. It should state in the lease "I agree without fail to be my brother's keeper". This s*** is ridiculous! If you have two nickels to rub together stay away from hicks-ville Cobb apartments - the lodges are OK. Midtown, Fulton Industrial - the bluff gotta beat this.

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Other Company in Cleveland, Ohio - Ex employee. hated every minute of work

The company is horrible to work for. I hated my employment there and they will find every way to cheat you out of your money and your vacation time.

They will have unwritten documentation on "rules" they abide by. Any competition you participate in or program you are not guaranteed your money. If you are not there on the day it is distributed you will NOT get it even if you earned it. they say everything is a "bonus" whether it is or not to cover their *** and when you try to confront them or even ask why something is a certain why they threaten you your job.

Management hates confrontation and if you try to talk to someone at a higher level they will downgrade you and threaten your job. Managers make fun of employees and treat them so unfair.

I have NEVER worked for a worse company that treated their employees like *** and tried to find anyway they could to screw them over. I worked in customer care and they wonder why our cusotmer service sucked sometime, even other departments like insurance verification, rx or billing, because we are treated like *** and it shows on the phones.

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Other Company in Seattle, Washington - Incorrect Information

I did a search for myself and my ex-husband (he's asked me to find the date of our divorce for his financial aid paperwork), and I think it's interesting that while I have 12 bankruptcies & liens according to your records, he has none, even though the accounts were joined and we filed together. Also, oddly, I have 100 births & 7 deaths, a bit high for an individual, and he has none. It just seems that if you're going to sell my information to people, it should at least be accurate enough for them to make a fair decision (and the same for my ex-husband).

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Muslim prejudice

.. the library on wisconsin st in milwaukee is allowing another person to use my library card..

6 times someone used my library card to get on the internet.. they refuse to investigate.. the cop that works here says he wont do anything either. i [produce a TV show tells the story..

channel 96 cable 414-342-4000 to order a copy..daily now my card and time is gone..help me get someone notified in communications crimes my ssi number is 431459934.. my story got 25 cops fired. im x cop CI still. in arkansas there was 25 cops removed from duty 29 lawsuits 7000 milluion in restitution crimes done by clinton admin to arkansas people..

my case was to be reopenedand they lied..the cops here are mad and allowing all crimes just as thet allowed Jeffery Dommer to kill for years unbelievable the work force here forces street mentally ill people to be informants or get stiffer penalties.. this is common as snow..

breaks SSI and labor laws. i shoot for an investigation on my TV show they have a extremely high rate of copkilling civilians and cop dwi and run overs high here also .come see


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... I can't even understand what you wrote.

You need to learn to structure your sentences so that they convey what you are trying to say. Otherwise, don't even bother trying to communicate.

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Other Company in Dayton, Ohio - Pass side tank fill

I am getting tired of having to fight the people who won't let you get gas. I have to pull in front of them to fill since most cars and SUVs are filled on the driver side.I drive a small car, and I about use up the savings, waiting for the first person who gets it!

I have not had a problem with the people who work there, but they need to see that people get their turn. I know it's not a high paying job. I will start taking my business elsewhere. This station is located 1/3 mile south of Needmore Rd.on North Dixie Hwy.

In North Dayton, Ohio. I can get in If I get there at or before open time in the morn,not much else after that.

ol blue
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Other Company in Saint Louis, Missouri - Disable and confused missdtv4mypc2 baddd

i purchased dtv4mypc2 and i cant get the help i need to redownload it theres nophone number ive left 10 emails about the problem i really enjoyed having dtv4mypc2 and i love to get it back because i paid for a lot of things and i need the support. sign disable plez help. i purchased it 2010 and it was fine then one day the icon was gone and so was the live tv 4 me but i called them and they put it back on my pc/this was my wayof life i cant afford to buy or pay for cableor repay for this again.they said this was a one time fee but i guess it not as far as i see, ihope that im not being scammed cause i really enjoyed dtv4mypc2 hurry and come back to me plezzzzzzz.im really begging(sad)

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Other Company in Riverview, Florida - Don't Believe Everything You Read!

After reading the complains about the subject company we still visited their store and after discussing our needs with their sales person we went forward and ordered the sliding panel blinds from them. The sales experience was low key and fruitful.

We discussed various blinds and their pro's and ***'s. We also obtained competitive quotes from others including the big box stores and found their pricing quite good in comparison to the other bids. Delivery and installation as made on Wednesday after ordering on Friday. The installation was fast and professional.

The store is #403 and the installer #602. I would buy from them again!

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Extreme prejudice over do rags!

They say there is a mo judgement policy? Well if I choose to wear a do rag to keep the hair out of my eyes..

Then that is my business. Who cares what's on my head. Now I went into the kernersville nc location and there were four black women with scarfs wrapped around their heads.

Now do rag..scarf same thing. Neither are causing harm.

I have to look at women in shirts that are ten times to small and guys in super tight sweats..

Both equally disgusting! You should worry more about having a knowledgable trained staff and less about hair coverings!!


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:grin do rags are for thugs, that's why. Get a life ***
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