I want my account closed immediately.

I am Charles Hawkins or fun4chaz2010. I want the auto recurring payments stopped immediately and my account closed.

If you have any doubts or questions, please call me at 409-504-2488. I do not want to see another charge from you again.

Why can I not find a button somewhere on my home page that will let me terminate the auto recurring payments as I have on the other dating sites I have been on? Is this some kind of scam of your company? Surely you would like repeat business once I am ready to return?

Please terminate the auto recurring payment from my bank account immediately! Why is this being so difficult??!!


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Thank you for letting us know about you problem. Your recurring fees have been terminated. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

R. U. Kiddinme
Some Unknown Company, Inc

Dude! What in the world are you doing posting something like this? Here's a bit of information for you: THIS IS NOT THE DATING WEBSITE! In order to cancel your account with them, you have to contact THEM! This site is just an anonymous b*tch site! Just a guess, but I'm going to assume that once women see what a bright young man you are you don't get many second dates, do you? :eek
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Other Company in Clearwater, Florida - Was very rude and harassing.

Everytime I go into the Northwood branch in Safety Harbor Fl. to cash a check I get harassed by the same teller.

She tries to get me to get a debit card. I tell her I'm not interested. She then makes me display my drivers license for Id. even though she knows me.

The tellers standing beside her also mention to her that they know me. This doesn't matter to Miss Santo. This is HARASSMENT. You have a problem that must be fixed if you intend keeping your customers.

I find this hard to believe that Miss Santo does this only to me. I briefly talked to her supervisor and it seemed to me she was more interested in getting me a debit card I didn't want. I have been using this branch since 1983.

It's been going down hill, but it appears you hit bottom. Claire Dragotto

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Rediculous policy, disabled person not allowed to use scooter outside store

I am a caretaker for a lady that requires the use of a wheelchair. It is so nice when a store has the motorized scooters (it gives them a rare sense of independence).

I was allowed to use the scooter to go get my client out of the vehicle. After my client purchased 3 storm doors (value over $600), we were told she wouldn't be able to use the scooter outside the store to get back in the vehicle. They said the usual policy is to take another wheelchair, involving transfers. I am sure that is okay for some, however with my client & I'm sure many others, each transfer requires excessive strength & more stress.

My client was furious & would have liked to have returned the doors, however, more shopping would have been too much.

She is only able to get out in the best of weather & health conditions - maybe only 2x mo. Please review your policy - though I'm sure my client will not be back, it may help others.


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Something is wrong here. I am disabled.

I use scotters all the time. Even though some of them have signs saying they cannot be taken outside I have on occasion taken them to my car, of-loaded my items, and then taken the scotter back into the store.

I have NEVER been approached or told I could not use them outside. There is something missing to this story.

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Other Company in New York, New York - Sold phoney jackets

The guy is in Manhattan at 30 th and Madison at 5:00 PM Gave me the same spiel Only wanted to go to an ATM machine Gave him $25 and he was disappointed.He tried every which way to get me to give him cash. He asked if I lived nearby and he would follow me home.I told him no.

He was very persistent.He was planning to leave 6 garments and a woman's and wanted $600 to buy laptop for his son in Italy.

Driving a car with Connecticut plates. They fit my dog so it wasn't a total loss.He has a card with Armani on it and it says its in Milan.

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Other Company in Salem, Oregon - Damaged Wall On Delivery In Home

We had a dual/recliner love seat delivered, 2nd piece(recliner sofa)was on back order & wouldnt be delivered until Nov/2010. The 1st delivery we had slight wall damage when loveseat was taken upstairs, driver noted info, & we made f/up call to cust service.

The 1st scheduled appt. we waited all day & no show, I called the man who was to come,He sd he forgot,we were home,, rescheduled 2 more times still not resolved!!!The 2nd sofa was delivered in Nov2010 about 6wks after the loveseat, still no show for repair, The repair person the 1st time I talked to him, asked if we repaired the wall & get the pait to match, he would reimburse us. I told him I'd prefer him to do the work, I gave manager 2 weeks ago, when he called on f/up call the name of color & where the paint was purchased,,I called cust service 2day & was told that repair man sd he came twice to home yesterday, Both my husband & I were home until after 6pm He wanted to be home while repair was done!!

But that never took place. This is poor customer service..But no problem sending the bill each month for payment!!

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Other Company in Mason, Ohio - Your ad on tv, showing a child destroying property;toy

I think your ad on tv shows a 3-4 old child destroying his toys,by stomping and flushing down the toilet, smiling with delight and acting like a spoiled brat.

i have written a complaint before of how this is seting an sample of the child destroying property.

shame on you for trying to sell cars with such an ad.

what is usa coming to , to use a child in such an act.

do with it as you please but i hope you don't sell a car and maybe go out of business. hope you will look /ad

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I cancelles this and was charged this month.

I don't even remember taking this out and if I did it was cancelled if not I WANT IT CANCELLED. I have no clue when I am supposed to of taken this out.Sa far as i know this is the first charge that I have gotten this charge.I really do not have any thing out to say but I'm supposed to write more.I need 100 words.

How is your day mine was good until I had to do this. We have alot of snow around here.

More on the way they say. Now i need 3 words.


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You weren't drunk when you wrote this were you? :p
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*** Poor Service

I placed a simple order around 8:15pm and was told it would be delivered within the hour. An hour and a half later, no pizza and no phone call.

I called pizza hut and the saleswoman said my order was never placed and that she had no record of me calling. I paid my bill total over the telephone and I only live 3 minutes away from the location. After asking to speak to the manager, the saleswoman hung up on me. I called back and the manager tells me that they found the order and that it was in the truck being delivered right now.

After waiting another 20 minutes for my order, I called back again. The manager said they just put the order in and that it would take another 30 minutes. At this time it is already 10:20pm. I no longer wanted any pizza from this location and was already placing an order somewhere else.

I was extremely dissappointed and unhappy with this situation.

I think that pizza hut needs to get under better management and supervision. I do not understand how they run their business, it needs to be better managed.


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If you only live 3 min away DRIVE there and pick it up!!! If you place an on-line order you will get conformation and the status of the order.

Always call about 30min after you order to confirm it. They get busy and have "lost" my order in the past as well.

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Where's my loan?

He told me that I was going to get my loan in 45 minutes n I never got it after I did what I was told. I can't believe what is going on with this loan I put my trust on the line n my personal information to this company so I am waiting fir a responce thank you very much Virgil leal it happen to day January the 28 2011 and I'm left n a trapped corner because like I said I put my trust in this company thanks again look in to see what u can do.


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All the money you will ever need is waiting for you at freemoneypotofgoldforlief.com.

You were scammed. I doubt you have much credit, but keep an eye on any accounts you have.

Folks, don't fall for this 45-minute money stuff, especially if it's over the phone or an unsolicited visitor (door-to-door salesperson).

Virgil leal
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Other Company in Raleigh, North Carolina - "LIED"

I'm tired of you say "look for free" and then saying we found the number but we are going to charge you to find out anything about it.

I hate people, compainies like that. Lead you on...it's nothing but a scam.

You all are *** men...nothing but!!! Just be up front...take the "free' out of your ads. I hate it...hate it..all your trying to do is find a simple name..you say you'll do it..."look up free"... but if you want to see results just pay us "x" amount...

If you are going to be in business...at least run an honest one...and yes I'm still pissed !

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