Other Company in Irvington, Alabama - I got that letter in the mail today, from the secret society of super traits. I read it, had a good

if I am that amazing person they are talking about. It is only because of God himself.

Not the society of secrets. Thanks folks but I'll stick with my Lord Jesus Christ. As a matter of fact; if you would try seeking God; you would find out that you ARE SPECIAL. But not because of your trickery.

But because God created you out of nothing, and look what you have learned and look at what you have become. You should be thanking him instead of trying to trick people into believing some type of scam.

Don't you think the world is in enough turmoil already? Try using your extra money and time to do actual good.

Irvington, Alabama
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Other Company in Austin, Texas - The company ad is a big fraud

I went to the company outlet on Research and Ohlan Road for my car's break work done. First, the so-called expert gave a big list of jobs to be done the cost of which would have exeeded $800 or so.

When we asked only the break work be done; they did it and charged us $127 or so. The job was such that all my wheels were pretty much jammed and were making noise each time I would apply breaks. I went back to get them fixed, they did some work but again the same problem. And when I pointed out the problem to the stoe manager, he came up with a huge job estimate stating that he would need to replace all four calibers and re-do the breaks again and all of which would cost a bundle.

I then felt that it is a rip off and should go somewhere else to get this problems fixed. This appears to be their standard practice to earn their business!!

I would not recommend it to anyone anymore!

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Other Company in Winter Park, Florida - Lied,overcharged, poor function, no replacement by company. Comment about seller not buyer!!!!

Bought product early for Christmas presents (poor choice) Used mine and it burned food, spilled over, hard to clean. Recieved no extra iimplements with it.

Paid $209 and they are billing me for $59.82 more. Customer Service Rep. states won't let me return mine because it is past the 90 days even though it does not work. I am embarrasses as the other probably don't either.

Told them initially they were Christmas presents and would not be opened and used until then. They just said "sorry" and turned me into a collection agency.......Another complaint. Smart alecky people on this site take up for the company saying buyers should know better. No!

these company practices should stopped. They are taking advantage of honest people who see other people as honest,too, as it should be. It is bad enough being ripped off without the know-it-alls saying, it is good enough for you for trusting.

You should know better. What would the world be without being able to trust anyone and anything!!!!!!!

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Other Company in Englewood, Colorado - Consumed by chit chat to wait on me

I was going to purchase a pre-paid cell phone at walmart in Johnstown PA.

After looking and deciding which model I was going to purchase.

I stood looking for a worker, which of course was not at their stations. Looking around, I discovered 3 workers engaged in chat with a couple who was shopping there but not in that department.

Thus, it was plain to see and hear the chat was personal matter.When I motioned for one of the workers, I waited, no one came to provide service. I motioned for another worker, yet no one still would wait on me. They continued their conversation and carried on as if the store was empty.

Finally a worker approached me and asked if there was something I needed. I said yes, about 20 minutes ago I decided, motioned for you and no one arrived to help me, I asked Is there anyone here who does actually work here?

Finally a woman came over and asked what I needed- I pointed what I wanted, commented how I was so glad that the workers were not paid based on commission---

These workers put alot of service workers there, if it wasnt for the necessity to purchase that phone that night- I surely would have waited and shopped elsewhere!

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Lied on me in lobby usen my name.

my name is biva22@yahoo.com.all my friends quit playen with me in texas holdem.today they told me why.nerdaanother player went into lobby somehow used my name biva22 wrote a bunch of lies about me they all believe it because of my name biva22 was used .how did she do thatuse my name.no one will play with me because of her lies she started in lobby on me.what can be done about what she did? please help me clear my name .i have played for years in club pogo .im not the only one that has problens with her please help me thank you.biva22




you guys would want to know how someone could use your name.all i was asken if any of you brite people out there could tell me how someone could get my private info.hope this does not happen to any of you.if it does you would be upset .i didnt write it and whoever did got my private info somehow.you bunch that has comment on it dont understand what im asken going over your heads .let someone write *** and sign your name ,hummmm not cool.i just thought we all were safewith our private info.hope it does'nt happen to you.biva22


Are you retarted?


you are so rite.biva22


i cant tell nedre how sorry i am.i was wrong.and if i could change what i wrote i would.she did not do this to me.im sorry,and thats not good enough.so if you want ,write whatever you want about me i deserve it .again im so sorry nedre.sharon AKA biva22

Keningau, Sabah, Malaysia #244991

Run home and tell mommy all about. Get a life, you f*c*ing ***.

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Burnt pizza

Ordered a large supreme,went home 15 miles away. And the pizza was burnt on 3 of the slices.Was not driving back,so I threw them out.Called and they tould me they would replace it,butI was not making a trip to do that.It was to far away.Be proffesional!!The time was when they first opened, on satuday the 29 of january.Which he also claimed when I called him that it could have been the stove heating up.I eat a pizza at least once a week,when were are able to get to town.And I love your pizza!To bad for this one!


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What company is this? You never mentioned that.

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Other Company in Corona, California - Membership that never got credit back

on august 25th i sighned my wife and two kids up for a membership canceld the next day never refunded my credit card to person that sighned be up not to run credit card up to this day they have not gave me a credit la fitness will be very sorry there customer serviceis is *** up they will pay if they do not credit my account back in sept i worte them back still no refund in october still no refund filed a dispute with my credit card comopany they took it off now its back on la fitness wants proof i maile the letter to show how *** stupip they are how can i have proof when i mailed the letter out la fitines likes taking people money ive been a member there for over 10 years people join me in going to clubs and telling future members not to join

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Other Company in Phoenix, Arizona - Poor work done and nitpicking.

My home @ Sun City Anthem @ Merrill Ranch:

Structure cracks in sheetrock at all pillar posts, poor inside painting.

Floor tile through out was not sealed, nor was we told it needed to be done, so now all grout needs to be redone.

Sink holes in yard.

We are on a conner lot, so block wall on two sides of property are porly painted.

We are nitpicked all the time over trivial matters by Joy Swanda Compliance Administrator.

We moved into this house Sept 08.

Pulte has been here on two different times to take care of our complaints,but the cracks keep comming back.

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Other Company in Newark, New Jersey - Told i can't change my pamt.date (get only 1)

in these troubled times there must me some compensations due to financial troubles.i lost my part time job and have been promised a job in April.i need to divert my next 2 pm ts.to the end of my contract,till i get back on my feet.i have a job starting in april

please help me beacuse i do not want to loose my suv beacuse of late payments.and i'm sure you don't want it back beacuse i'm paying far to much in finance payments over 10%.

this will help bolth parties,i get to keep my suv and you keep makine money

thank you

william ferrazzano

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Other Company in Middletown, Connecticut - Trying to get in touch with Service Dept.

We ordered and received 2 loveseats, and found that one of the pillows was delivered ripped. We told the guy who delivered it, and he said someone would be in touch.

No one ever called us so we tried calling the service number........no one ever answered. We recalled our salesperson who said he would email service and they would get in touch with us.......no one ever called.

Now we can't even get an answer at the store. Help us please!Have tried numerous times to reach someone about the torn pillow and have not gotten anyone, someone needs to answer the phone in the Service Dept.

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