I did not order fresh home magazine. It was a free sample.

I received one free sample magazine and never replied or received another. I don't want it.

Do not send me any more bills. I already get several of your magazines I pay for. Thank You. Verna Yaklich.account no.-03 1954 7238.

Received this from Karen Gardner. This is not your best way to go about notifying you. What more can I say. 100 words is a little rediculous.

I think I gave you enough information already.

My e-mail is -jack@virginiamn.com What more do you want. Don't send me anymore invoices or bad credit reports.




Have you tried to email Fresh Home Magazine through their website? freshhomeideas.com?

I don't remember ordering this magazine. Our household income has recently GREATLY decreased so I am canceling all magazine subscriptions I have INCLUDING THIS ONE!

Yuppers, I recieved my magazine today as well complete with invoice listing an account number. the bottom had a notation "order online".

I had never even heard of this magazine until it arrived. Can the use of the USPS to deliver these bogus invoices considered fraud?

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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - STOP THE CALLS


as many as 10 times a day so i have decided that it,,,,i promise if i receive any more calls,,,,your company along with the telephone number i used to find out who and as i have said,,,,stop the calls and should you continue i will have no recourse but to file a law suit for harassment

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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - Best Site for shopping

I liked the purchase and the product was better than he was thinking. Very nice. It came in time. I recommend to buy! I'm very pleased with the service I received and happy with my purchase. My items were well packed and delivered very promptly. I'll definitely buy from this seller again and strongly recommend it to my family and friends. Thanks again!

Fast service and shipping helped this stressful bride!!

I thought it was slightly different color on the invitation, but the quality was excellent. Made my party what it was absolutely smashing.

Nice products, good website!!!!

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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - Collections

This is not specifically a complaint but a general answer to constant telephone calls as to why i have not been able to pay certain bills. Well, you have hear of the saying "You can't have your cake and ear it too"

It is like that. At whatever date business lobbyists etc convinced PA legislature that a business should be able to fire an employee for any reason whatsoever. You can fire someone if their eyes are blue. Well, you can't have your cake and eat it too. If someone is fired because their eyes are blue then they will not be able to pay bills to other businesses. Is it their fault or business and govt?? In this country citizens get nothing for their taxes. To lose a job, for many, means near death. If i had the money to pay all of my bills i would an i have done in the past.

Theresa Colbert

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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - Poor quality control

not always consisted , one time good next bad ,id# 4626 28196 0018, site 0574 frezer burn lobsters, last year only one proper cooked lobster, sad to say you let the waitress know and she looks at you with dumb look !!! this is a growing area using college students which are good workers,i blame mgr`s for the lack of interest in doing their jobas was laid out for them to do , i`m 86 yrs old vetern of wwll , i took pride in my performance , not so today with the present mind set. joe porcarelli las cruz new mexico.

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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - Overcharged on mastercard

I just received my bill and was charged twice for system mechanic. $61.30 and 20.40.

total $81.70. I have 3 icons.one system mechani,one system shield and one ss_dm. It sure looks like amistake to me. Rene,514-804-0430.

Thank you.Sohere we go for 100 words. Bought on Jan10th and jan.15. Had a refund of 61.25 on Jan18 but in spite of refund I seem to have overpaid $20.

Could you look into this please? Apart from that all seems ok except my dashboard often shows red when open in the morning for no apparent reason.

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Unsecured Loans X took my money and ran

I stupidly applied for an unsecured loan, got a call from unsecured loansx telling me i have been approved, all i need to do is transfer via a moneygram the first repayment to them to show i can afford the repayments, they sounded really legit as they took all my employemnt details etc, the only thing that concerned me (and it should have concerned me more!) was that they said they post me the paper work after i have received the money! i did ask a lot of questions about them and they gave me great answers, they held on the phone whilst i did the money gram (220 pound!) and told me to hold whilst they transfer my money/loan in to my account, they then came back and said ok its been transferred in to your accoutn bye and put the phone down..obviously no money has been transferred they took my money (which now thinking about it sending money to a name in india is never clever) and i did not get the money they so profusly promised me!never ever send money via money gram to anyone before you receive paper work etc.




i thank you for the comment i to have recieved a mobile call asking me to use a money gram to transfer 92.00 it sounded good but when she said put the name mr.surjie sandu i got a bit puzzled and search the internet no money from me. they are waiting today at 1.30 for it to happen they be waiting for ever.


These *** artistic *** wads asked me to send money via moneygram too - its was 85 pounds then the transfer of my loan was said to be in 15 minutes - then I was asked to pay tax of 95 pounds as it was money coming into the country - I was asked to make it payable to a mr kamaljid kaurh in delhi


This is a scam - do not touch them or quick decisionloans with a barge pole! I have a lot more information if anyone needs!


i too stupidly fell for this scam only difference is i was a natwest bank account under the name of enos kolapudi to which i paid in a 70 quid then a further 85 only then to be told i needed to pay another 65 i have reported this company to the police and fraud squad do not trust them they are very good at sucking you in and making you believe what they say


unsecuredloansx took 155 of me in total like you i fell for it they gave me good answers only difference is they gave me a natwest bank account to pay money into under the name of enos kolapudi i have reported them to the fraud squad they need stopping now b4 they ruin other peolpes lives


Do not send any money to this dodgy operator. Inearly fell for the same scam but alarm bells rang when asked to send moneygram to a Mr Sompal Yadav in India, yeh right! Not this time ScamScum

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Other Company in Irvington, Alabama - I got that letter in the mail today, from the secret society of super traits. I read it, had a good

if I am that amazing person they are talking about. It is only because of God himself.

Not the society of secrets. Thanks folks but I'll stick with my Lord Jesus Christ. As a matter of fact; if you would try seeking God; you would find out that you ARE SPECIAL. But not because of your trickery.

But because God created you out of nothing, and look what you have learned and look at what you have become. You should be thanking him instead of trying to trick people into believing some type of scam.

Don't you think the world is in enough turmoil already? Try using your extra money and time to do actual good.

Irvington, Alabama
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Other Company in Austin, Texas - The company ad is a big fraud

I went to the company outlet on Research and Ohlan Road for my car's break work done. First, the so-called expert gave a big list of jobs to be done the cost of which would have exeeded $800 or so.

When we asked only the break work be done; they did it and charged us $127 or so. The job was such that all my wheels were pretty much jammed and were making noise each time I would apply breaks. I went back to get them fixed, they did some work but again the same problem. And when I pointed out the problem to the stoe manager, he came up with a huge job estimate stating that he would need to replace all four calibers and re-do the breaks again and all of which would cost a bundle.

I then felt that it is a rip off and should go somewhere else to get this problems fixed. This appears to be their standard practice to earn their business!!

I would not recommend it to anyone anymore!

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Other Company in Winter Park, Florida - Lied,overcharged, poor function, no replacement by company. Comment about seller not buyer!!!!

Bought product early for Christmas presents (poor choice) Used mine and it burned food, spilled over, hard to clean. Recieved no extra iimplements with it.

Paid $209 and they are billing me for $59.82 more. Customer Service Rep. states won't let me return mine because it is past the 90 days even though it does not work. I am embarrasses as the other probably don't either.

Told them initially they were Christmas presents and would not be opened and used until then. They just said "sorry" and turned me into a collection agency.......Another complaint. Smart alecky people on this site take up for the company saying buyers should know better. No!

these company practices should stopped. They are taking advantage of honest people who see other people as honest,too, as it should be. It is bad enough being ripped off without the know-it-alls saying, it is good enough for you for trusting.

You should know better. What would the world be without being able to trust anyone and anything!!!!!!!

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