Other Company in Madison, Wisconsin - Custermer

I Emily Soto have tried to get on my acct. and have been unsuccessful so i called and after that i am still not able to get on i tried to redo a new acct.

but it still does not allow me to do it i would like to be able to get on my page and review my acct. if someone could please email me with a solution with this.

my email address is emilysoto@sbcglobal.net thank you. also my telephone number is (920)254-6308 if you would like to get a hold of me by phone.

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Other Company in Nutley, New Jersey - Horrible customer service

People from this company from owner to the representative whose name is katie has really bad attitude.she came to my house and showed me only 5 samples for carpet and wanted me to make a decision right then and there.When I refused to do so she started getting upset at me for how much time she had to take out from her kids and all.very unprofessional and rude attitude.I would not let them step in my house ever again and I would never ever recommend them to anyone for any work.worst experience ever so far.

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Other Company in Pasadena, Maryland - Dimondale post office.......48821

everytime i go to this location for postal needs it always seems to be a couple of employees talking loudly in the back & ignoring customers as they walk in to the counter area,making it seem like they are doing us a huge favor by being there..........it's the other way around actually.....they are also rude and disinterested in providing quality service to people who come in to expect nothing more than that. it seems that instead of chatting with people so much like its some sort of a church picnic social and making people wait & stand around to have to listen to all their chit chat & innuendo"s it seems they would likely speed up the process and make it run smoother,more efficient for the consumer who pays their wages.

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Other Company in Columbus, Ohio - Charge

I am very upset with you charging 60.00 to my debit card and we did not know. Can you please refund it back.My debit card was charged on the 28th of January.

My husband did not know that he was going to be charged for this scam that ya'll are trying to pull.I would like to have this refunded to our checking account.

Please email me at lori35016@gmail.com to let me know the status of this matter befor I take this matter to my bank and get them to handle it for us. Cause I will fight this.

Thank you

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Other Company in Bengaluru, Karnataka - Strongly recommend it

I liked the purchase and the product was better than he was thinking. Very nice. It came in time. I recommend to buy! I'm very pleased with the service I received and happy with my purchase. My items were well packed and delivered very promptly. I'll definitely buy from this seller again and strongly recommend it to my family and friends. Thanks again!

Fast service and shipping helped this stressful bride!!

I thought it was slightly different color on the invitation, but the quality was excellent. Made my party what it was absolutely smashing.

Nice products, good website!!!!

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Other Company in Burbank, California - Paid subscription on 12-10-10. On 2-7-11 told sub is expiring.

Renewed subscription on 12-10-10. On 2-7-11 received a notice to renew as

subscription is running out.

How can a one year subscription run out in two months?

You have made an error, please correct.

Would hate to think that you would end my subscription before the paid up date.

Noted in other complaints listed that this occurred to at least one other customer.

Is this an error which you commonly make or is it a one time aberration?

Customers are pretty much dependent upon you to do the necessary bookkeeping to keep the magazine coming. Please advise.

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Other Company in Montreal, Quebec - Reverse charge call

I was in vacation in Maui... I did 2 reverse charge call to Quebec, Canada... I was charge 82$ for 10 minutes.... ridiculous!!!!

Yes my wife did accept de charge at this moment, but we never had the info of 8$ by minutes (approx). If they told me the charge, I would'nt call reverse charge.

a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a (for 100 words)




I was in a vacation/business trip and I was calling home to speak with my kids....

:x :x :x :roll :roll :zzz :zzz :zzz Why are you taking phone calls while on vacation? What do you think the price would be for that charge? If it was an emergency then it's well worth it, but if not you learned a lesson about getting calls on vacation....
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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - Did not open station on time, talking on cell phone

a few weeks ago they would not take rolled change because they would have to go to the bank.

i went in this morning to get gas and waited 25 minutes after they were to be opened and the girl was in the office talking on cell phone would not come out and open the station. she stood there looking at me and never came out to say she had a problem or nothing !

another custome got mad and left. i was late for work and never got gas !

this station is located in peru, indiana and is same attendant.

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Other Company in Akron, Ohio - Have not received $ or any response from company

I sent in a gently used LgEnV3 in to celltradein.com using their prepaid label after I was quoted $40 for it. Sent it in January 18th it was signed for January 20th.

I have not received the $40, they have never responded to my e-mails or phone calls. I have called several numbers that I have found for them and am always put in to voice mail.

I have written several e-mails and have received no response ever from calls or e-mails. I will be filing with the BBB if not resolved by the end of this week also will seek an attorney.

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Telephone harrasment and they dont take no for an answer

Are u kidding me! These guys are stop at nothing to get u to re-up your subscription.

Calling every day of the week sometimes 2 and 3 times a day.

They do not take know for an answer. Do what you have to do to defend your personal privacy. Leave no measure unturn.If you have to resort to the whistle. That will make them think twice.

I know its cruel; but seriously how long does one have to endure the bs.

I also have been having problems with my pc. I unistalled there support software and just like that the problems go away.


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maybe if you actually said who the company is in your review, it would be helpful!

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