Other Company in Bellevue, Washington - I am desperate for help

On November 27, 2010 my husband passed away. His SS was our only income.

In Dec. I tried to work something out with the bank and they were no help. I received a grant from the VFW because my husband is a Veteran in Feb. for a total of 3 payments.

My car was in repo status and they are giving me a hard time about sending them almost $1,000.00 toward my car payment. They want the money and the car. I secured employment a week ago and will be able to fullfill my obligations, but they are not willing to work with me.

If you can ever get financing anywhere else, run like the wind away from these people. The scream and hollar at me each and every time I have ever had to call them

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Other Company in Seattle, Washington - Grammys

I absolutely h a t e the ' Grammy winning ' song ' need you now ' by lady antebellum . That song is horrible and some how beat out some of the best songs of the decade in my oppinion .

How ? Who knows . The song sounds like something I could have written in the first grade while I was bored sitting in my room . THREE Granmys ?

They D O. N O T Deserve it at Allllll , they suck .

And every one knows it except whoever is the white trash country fan running the voting . So Thank you very much for ruining the Grammys for everyone with taste in music .

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Other Company in Water Valley, Mississippi - Single mom

If feel that they look at your situation and take advantage of you. Espicially if your credit is bad and you are in need of a home.

The 900 and something square feet home that was built for me was over priced. I am having trouble with my floors. I have to replace the floor at my back door because of the rain seeping under the door causing the wood to rot also the whole door. They could do a lot better job.

I am bless to have a home, but I should checked them out more. When you are a single mom with no one to advise you;you sometimes put too much trust in someone.

Why is it so hard to get insurance companies to cover the full ammount of your home? You have to use Best Insurers of Tampa.FL.

Water Valley, Mississippi
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Other Company in Rochester, New York - No Customer Service

Got an empty box the other day. Called customer service.

What jerks. They said I took the Item out and was not telling the truth. What nerve. Its my fault???

The warehouse does not make mistakes I was told. I wanted to talk to the President of the company and told he was in NYS living in Lake Placid and did not run the company day to day. An absent owner that does not give a ***. Well it shows.

I now have to call Visa and not pay this item I did not get.

I bet someone in the warehouse took the item and sold it and made money. No one is in charge it or cares.

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Other Company in Battery Park, Virginia - There service simply sUck

Got a fridge and ripe off plan the new ice maker was not working.

Tried to making several appt. First was a no show called 800 # lady was rude

Made appt again window of 1-5 show at 5 and I need to come back because

I need order part. i can come bacI talk to a supervior BEN , all he would say is I would say I am sorry.

I cannot do anything but I am sorry.

k Monday, i side are you sure (no Problem )

guess what Problem. I am so sick of their sa about non- service

Battery Park, Virginia
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Other Company in Itta Bena, Mississippi - Stop takin money out of my account

I want you to stop taking payments from my checking.Was expecting to be billed thru the mail. Your screwing up my account. Stop my account with you because I'm paid more than enough. Thank you

Nannette Helmic

mem # 4840907

word word I don't need 100 words to say what I needed to say. Here's another way to *** people off. I would suggest you change this also. Mr.Walt Disney is probably turning over in his grave at this moment, knowing how more mad that I am having to write all this ***.

You have a nice day

Itta Bena, Mississippi
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Calling late at night, calling the job

health and the loss of my husbands job has contributed to us falling behind on credit card payments.This company calls constantly late at night 8:30 pm to 9:00PM, also calls the job.I am the only one working at this time and there calling the job is causing problems on my job.Why would they continue to call.If i loose my job there will be nothing for them to collect.We have been working with a debt settlement company and they will have nothing to do with them.They call at least 3-4 times a night .


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The first thing you do when dealing with collection agencies is answer the phone and deal with the problem. If you make arrangements with them they will not call you at different times of day trying to reach you.

They will probably only call you to make sure you are still sending the payment a day or two before you made the commitment. Second, advise them you are not allowed to accept calls at your place of employment and they must respect this *providing you keep in contact with them. If they are calling you late at night and at work I will wager you are not answering the calls to begin with. Deal with the problems as an adult and they will play fair.

Promise. :)
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Other Company in Harrison, Arkansas - Took my money, now won't fix my downloads

I paid for your service and when I try to put in the registration key it does not take it like the instructions say. Should I get the Fcc to check this out for me?

I really don't like to be scammed. You make conditions impossible to meet for one thing. I may have to write my congressman if I do not hear from you and get this matter resolved. I bought the program from you in good faith and I expect to get this matter resolved or you can refund my money.

Is this clear? You have 100

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Other Company in Glendale, California - PISSED COSTUMER

i am pissed cuz they sold me a locket that was sterling silver at the prize of white gold.I had explained to the cashier that fakehings,such as jewlery makes my spouse brake out in a really bad rash. I that just dont like to be lieyed to especialy when i go alot by the sane costumer is always right.I was planning to keep buying from them for special acassions such as B days,valentines and other acassions but not any more now that i found that out because that just isnt wright to lie to the customers

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Other Company in Lake City, Florida - Nolove-perfered customer/***

this customer is looking to take sdvantage of woman with weaknesses.He is prying on inecent people and should be deleted from the site.He's giving the site a bad name and is embaressing you,unless this is a site for people to become sexually involed...he wanted to see me..when he did he wanted to have sexual incourse...this is not a good thing.I want people who are not pedifiles..people are going to be afraid to chat because they will think that everone is a ***.eventully if that keeps up you won't have customers.

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