Other Company in Richardson, Texas - Unable to get in touch with changing my order of coffees

I tried twice on the phone to contact a real person to change my coffee order. Each time when I was asked to talk with a person I was cut off.

Guess I will just write in and cancel my account with you since I can't get in touch with you on the phone or internet either. No place found to update my account for different coffees. Needs to be internet friendlier for customers to order and change deliveries.

Account # FL2005498032.

You have my information on file and I would appreciate hearing from you.

I've been a customer for some time and this has not been a good experience for me. Thanks, Johnnie Bunton

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Other Company in Tyler, Texas - Pissed off coustomer

i just want to be abel to recive my calls pissed off coustmori realy dont think i should have to pay anyone for sevice in here for help iam not reciving incoming calls now if you want you can refund my money and ill send your magicjack back to you thats not the way i want to go but if the prombel dont get fixe my lawer will take care of it ..... is there any way that someone could check out the prombel with chargeing me paying for the magic jack should be enoughh thank you why do you need 1oo freanken words just to get throughto magicjack this is really freanken crazy do you want dna also plus my blood type ill give it iam realy pissed off right now

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Other Company in College Station, Texas - Damaged property, bad insurance, poor customer service

Local move to storage and return during water damage repair at home. The toatl move was 10 miles each way.

Company did more damage in a move of 10 miles then three previous moves of same property from Germany to Japan to Texas (over 16,000 miles). Damage bad enough, add that to their insurance company that limits damage coverage to that identified only on day of delivery vice the 90 days they advertise and quote at sign off at delivery. Their own employees ridicule their packing teams history of damage and incompetence. Owners/managers condescending and experienced at putting off or ignoring customers concerns.

Advertise Aggie business model but that claim drags down those Aggie businesses that really are customer oriented, Employee supervision and accountability minimal to none.

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Terrible service, bad nursing care

My pre-op was a voice mail. So not personal!

I did not receive any thing to calm my nerves before I was asked to walk to the operating room. I told the nurse I was scared. She Said "well there is nothing I can do about that". Very comforting words.

When I got on the table face down, my gown was opened revealing my entire backside before I was asleep. I was humiliated. The nurse wrenched my neck to the left even after I told her i had a bad neck. I couldn't move it for days.

The first thing I saw when she wrenched my neck was a big needle. That's what i remember before I went to sleep. On all of my paperwork I wrote that I could not have sugar. I was offered white crackers, gatorade, and apple juice.

Good thing I brought my own. I have had four surgeries and this experience was not professional or caring. My husband had outpatient surgery at Piedmont hospital.

It was a ver good experience for me. Next time I will go there.


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Do NOT use Piedmont - they killed my husband last year and are going to lengths to hide it. They lie and they do not care.

PLEASE be warned and do not use any Piedmont facility! :cry
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Other Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Rerouted back to original location

"because of the snow."

after calling several locations and speaking to supervisors, one of which told me to expect a call within the hour and someone will assist you with location of package. well, no call.

spoke to another supervisor the next day and she said the info given was wrong, it will take 48 hours to recieve call regarding where package is. that same supervisor from jersey took the case and said the package will arrive the next day. well guess what.....no package!! called again to speak with another supervisor, and she said, "I'm sorry" the package went back to original location and it will be there in 5 days.

package was received 17 days later......thanks fedex, good job!! NEVER AGAIN!!!

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Other Company in Baltimore, Maryland - Gave me a fake address to return product.

i purchased and then decided to return the materials that were sent to me. when i called customer service they were very nice about giving a place to return everything to....because the address does not exist!!!!

everything was sent back to me. notonly have i paid for this junk, and paid agiin to send it back, but still must waste more time to find a place to send it to that actually exists!!! SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!!!!! i did however save the numbers in my phone of the people who called trying to sell me more DALBEY EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS.

maybe i still have a chance to get the refund promised....not very hopefull. please don't waste any of your money on these SCAM ARTISTS....they just want your hard earned money in their pocket,not yours...

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Other Company in Toronto, Ontario - My brother died in 2008. Mail is still coming.

My brother died in April of 2008. I have sent back numerous letters since that time, announcing his death. These letters have come from you of course. I still keep getting this mail. Please STOP. It is very hurtful to receive mail addressed to my beloved brother when he has gone to be with God so long ago. Kindly see to this matter as soon as possible. Thank you. I am getting a little upset waith the handling of this situation. I am upset and wish to have this done with. His name and address:

Mr. Michael Lococo

3060 Cullimore Ave.

Niagara Falls, ON.

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Other Company in Bellevue, Washington - I am desperate for help

On November 27, 2010 my husband passed away. His SS was our only income.

In Dec. I tried to work something out with the bank and they were no help. I received a grant from the VFW because my husband is a Veteran in Feb. for a total of 3 payments.

My car was in repo status and they are giving me a hard time about sending them almost $1,000.00 toward my car payment. They want the money and the car. I secured employment a week ago and will be able to fullfill my obligations, but they are not willing to work with me.

If you can ever get financing anywhere else, run like the wind away from these people. The scream and hollar at me each and every time I have ever had to call them

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Other Company in Seattle, Washington - Grammys

I absolutely h a t e the ' Grammy winning ' song ' need you now ' by lady antebellum . That song is horrible and some how beat out some of the best songs of the decade in my oppinion .

How ? Who knows . The song sounds like something I could have written in the first grade while I was bored sitting in my room . THREE Granmys ?

They D O. N O T Deserve it at Allllll , they suck .

And every one knows it except whoever is the white trash country fan running the voting . So Thank you very much for ruining the Grammys for everyone with taste in music .

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Other Company in Water Valley, Mississippi - Single mom

If feel that they look at your situation and take advantage of you. Espicially if your credit is bad and you are in need of a home.

The 900 and something square feet home that was built for me was over priced. I am having trouble with my floors. I have to replace the floor at my back door because of the rain seeping under the door causing the wood to rot also the whole door. They could do a lot better job.

I am bless to have a home, but I should checked them out more. When you are a single mom with no one to advise you;you sometimes put too much trust in someone.

Why is it so hard to get insurance companies to cover the full ammount of your home? You have to use Best Insurers of Tampa.FL.

Water Valley, Mississippi
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