Other Company in Watsonville, California - Re loan 0107377558. your phone system sucks

I asked for a payoff amount months ago and now I get a letter saying you will contact me! the loan is complete this month!

I guess you would rather get the remaining pitance.

william foy william_foy@att.net

You bought the loan from the SBA and I have never missed a payment because I set up automatic payments. pleep,pleep,pleep,pleep,pleep,pleep,pleep,pleep,pleep,pleep,pleep,pleep,pleep pleep,pleep,pleep,pleep,pleep,pleep.pleep,pleep.pleep,pleep,pleep,pleep,pleep,pleep,pleep,pleep,pleep,pleep,pleep,pleep,pleep,pleep,pleep,pleep,pleep,pleep,pleep,pleeppleeppleeppleeppleeppleeppleeppleeppleeppleeppleep

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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - Car had 3 different sizes of tires, they woudn't replace them.

I've had the car for just a few weeks and realized that they tires were different sizes. They won't do anything because I didn't say anything immediately.

I think it's going to be a long 2 years. They weren't even very nice when I called. It's just bad business to treat customers that way and I could've sent them plenty of business if they had treated me right. Buyer beware when buying from them.

I will tell everyone I see not to go to them.

I sure wish that I hadn't. Hopefully I make it so I can get out of this mess.

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Other Company in Honolulu, Hawaii - Password

Why is it that it is very hard to log in. I had been using the same password and now it's telling me that I had put down the wrong password?

frustrated..., I wish you could be more efficient like other websites that I had been using. It's just a click and I get to where I want to be. When we use the website to pay, we wanted it to be quick and easy to follow. Not wait fora while to do what you wanted to do.

I hope you improve for a faster results.

Thanks. I check, back later today.

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Other Company in Magnolia, Arkansas - Dissapointed with services

yesterday i had employees bring my merchandise to my new place & i ended up having to put t.v. in my house myself.

they left the t.v. at the old place, told me they had a bedroom suit in the truck, but couldn't add the t.v. in the truck, so i had to tell them to go back with me to pick the t.v. up put in my car.

i have m.s. & it was extremely difficult for me to do it but i did.

i had alot of respect for rent a center until yesterday. i hope & pray no one else has to deal with what i dealt with yesterday.

sheri rather & melody adkins

Magnolia, Arkansas
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Other Company in Indianapolis, Indiana - Added extra charges after getting cc

After having given my credit card for the comfy dog harness,then all the other charges started to be encluded.

I called the very next day to cancel all transactions was told to call back next day I did and got the same response the second day.

I have contacted my credit card company and they have said if the cancellation was not handled they would take over.

This I feel is a scam once they get your card number.

How hard is it to cancel an order when they say it has not been processed yet? On Feb 16 I talked to angela and on Feb 17 I talked to Charles.

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Other Company in Stockton, California - Liars Liars Liars

They deducted $109 out of my account, sending my account into overdraft big time! Returned machine back in December,completed the Lease requirements and my account was paid in full.

Called this morning and they said that I owed them the money. I asked why and how come I didn't receive a letter in writing explaining why I owed them money. They gave me the run around and then transferred me to voice mail.

It is terrible that companies like this take people's hard earned money and just pocket the cash. I am going to my bank to make sure they don't get another dime!!!

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Other Company in Humble, Texas - Had to wait 10 minutes to get our desert to go.

Ate at the Woodlands 088 store last nite. Brought the oil, had to ask for our bread.The food was good, service lousy.

Charged us for an extra drink,we had to get taken off. Ordered desert to go, had to wait 10 min. on it. Another server brought our ticket, our server (Kristan) was standing at the counter talking to help.

Had to take drink off. Told her we didn't want desert, said go ahead take it. Got home ate cake it was dry.

Handed our ticket, said here you go. No have a good evening or anything.

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Other Company in Killeen, Texas - Dirty Store

This complaint is for the Belton, Texas store on Main Street. The upkeep of the store inside is horrible.

There is trash on the floors. Shelves are very unorganized, trash outside the store. Baskets are always in the parking lot. It is a disgrace.

Upper management should visit the store. Since the store has been under new management the past 3 or 4 months, the store has been in this condition. Before she came, the other store manager kept the store in good condition.

There should be no excuse for this type of upkeep. The store looks like real trash!

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Other Company in Richardson, Texas - Unable to get in touch with changing my order of coffees

I tried twice on the phone to contact a real person to change my coffee order. Each time when I was asked to talk with a person I was cut off.

Guess I will just write in and cancel my account with you since I can't get in touch with you on the phone or internet either. No place found to update my account for different coffees. Needs to be internet friendlier for customers to order and change deliveries.

Account # FL2005498032.

You have my information on file and I would appreciate hearing from you.

I've been a customer for some time and this has not been a good experience for me. Thanks, Johnnie Bunton

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Other Company in Tyler, Texas - Pissed off coustomer

i just want to be abel to recive my calls pissed off coustmori realy dont think i should have to pay anyone for sevice in here for help iam not reciving incoming calls now if you want you can refund my money and ill send your magicjack back to you thats not the way i want to go but if the prombel dont get fixe my lawer will take care of it ..... is there any way that someone could check out the prombel with chargeing me paying for the magic jack should be enoughh thank you why do you need 1oo freanken words just to get throughto magicjack this is really freanken crazy do you want dna also plus my blood type ill give it iam realy pissed off right now

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