Other Company in Seattle, Washington - Tried to sell me parts I did not need

went into the local schuabys to check my ball joints they I had 3 guy on my truck checking the whole front end,all they found was 1 lower ball joint.I left told them I had to back to work and would think about it called them back 2 hours later told them I could bring it in,3 hours later and 350.bucks it was done,when I got there a kid told me I needed all new tie rod ends,I told him 3 hours earlier I had it checked he seemed shocked and apologized,they made me sign a paper rejecting the 650.00 dollar work,since then I've put another 40,000 miles on my 99 f-250 4x4 diesel and had to replace the chinese ball joint they put in with "moog" parts my self, tie rod ends are still just fine,...my point is they do the same thing to a single mom with no money to pay rent,to top that off they replace your a-ok factory parts with chinese junk,I here this time after time,,,,I think it got way worse when Les died thank Rod Anderson

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Other Company in Palmyra, Pennsylvania - Rediculous Complaints Against Veterinary Hospitals

Sick and tired of the ridiculous complaints against Veterinary Hospitals that make up a majority of the blogs posted. I would guess that 95% of them are related to people that are not able to afford appropriate care for their pets.

There is a standard of care in veterinary medicine that should not be deviated from unless the owner knowingly chooses to do so. In most posts the doctors have only recommended the best proper care for pets yet the owner are mad because it didn't follow "THEIR" treatment guidelines.

From the post i've read, most owners are just pissed cause they actually had to pay for their pets care. If you want to get cheap vet care, then you probably should shop around and look for the cheapest vet in the area. Don't complain because they expect you to pay for services rendered.

Start being honest with yourself and realize that maybe you can't afford to have the pets that you have. Don't blame it on the doctor that they got sick...

you should blame yourself for not being able to actually take care of them. No fault but your own.

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Other Company in Plainfield, New Jersey - Horrible sanitary conditions

Horrible sanitary conditions. I have told the front desk numerous times that the carido equipment needs a good cleaning.

Even thought I wipe mine down before and after it still feels slimy. When I went to the so called manager today to complain, he said that his sales, and front desk staff are the cleaning people and they do not have a company that comes in anymore. Every week the management changes, and every week I get more and more pissed off. This place is a mess, there is NO parking, and the customer service is horrible.

This place is cesspit,dump,pigsty,filth,shabby, squalid, dirty, scruffy, unclean. I am in the process of looking for another place.

No soup or the soup is watered down mold growing in the shower area. Over all this place sucks.

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Other Company in Madison, Wisconsin - Charged double for shipping, contacted customer service-experience was horrible

ordered the chef basket, useing the website, my wife and i ordered the deal as seen on tv and on the website for free shipping, but the website was horrible and seemed as though our order did not work-we then ordered the same deal again on the website-for free shipping,

when we got our statement they had charged us 13.98 each, so we ended up with 2 orders and an extra charge of $27.96 total for shipping-almost double the order amount we signed up for.

then called to get a refund for the shipping amount figureing it was an easy mistake to fix, but ended up talking to people that told me I was the one that screwed up-(Note: both people I talked too had language barrier issues, and did not speak english well or understand well either).

so now I have to wait and talk to somebody from "corporate". now alls I would really like to do is have them take the products back and full refund, this is not a company that I will do business with again-they have no clue what customer service means

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Other Company in Arkansas City, Kansas - I did not recieve my auction winning item

i won an auction for a coffe maker but did not recieve my item. i also recieved an e-mail saying i won an i-pod and i was asked to make a payment?

i did not even bid on one?

i want to them to send me my auction item which i sent payment for.wavee must be a scam site and needs to be shut down so more people do not lose thier money on false statments and promises that are false.I was taken to this site from a link from Ellen Degeneres's site? What gives with that?

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*** pore business conduct...you expect me to pay for shipping & handling of a return back to you .

not sure of you guy's wanting me to do....I feel I'm being srewed around, i sent your sound system back to you today Friday 02-18-11 & it costed me dearly, of money that could have went other places... Almost $30.00 in fact; I feel I should get fully refunded on this part..

not only that i purchased A extened warr. *** i've only had the thing since 4th.of Jan.2011 Well here's what i 'm wanting to do no.1 full refund, no.2 *** my bill...

no.3 don't even think of billing me; no.4 kiss my *** gone............................................ Rick Heffington


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Allenton, Michigan, United States #250589
Are you haveing a bad day ***????? :grin :grin :grin :grin :( :( :(
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Other Company in Branson, Missouri - I'm not getting Messages and Long distance calls!

I'm not getting my messages and long distance isn't working. My family all lives away from us and we need this to work can you all help us please!!!!!

I'v tried every thing even looked for a number to call. We are needing help with the sit. cause alot going on with family in hospital and they can't call us. I need some one to call us asap.

I don't know what else to do and family getting pissed off at us cause they cant gett a hold of us. I need something done and a number to call.

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Other Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - I got food poisoning at your 286 plum location bad sausage thanks

i ate breakfast there and 5 hrs later sick... the sausage wasnt right.

they burnt it a little to cover it up . my daughter is a nurse and said thats about how long food poisoning starts to react on your body.i missed the next days work. i think they should check the sausage before cooking it.i dont know if i will go back to eat at a bob evans restrnt again. i dinned many of times at the location and never had a complaint.

service was good people friendly.

i hope this will help in any health issues at your establishment. thanks for your time

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Other Company in Dundee, New York - The Worker Compensation Insurance Scam

I have read several complaints about different Insurance companies, but they all have one thing in common--Workers compensation. I believe all insurance companies to be crooked, but unfortunately a necessary evil in some cases.

Workers compensation, however is fast becoming the most dishonest,lucrative and despotic atrocity forced upon us these days--without going into great detail, I can only say to look for the book: (There's a Stick in my ***) by I. M. Cranky.

It is a horror story about one man's struggle with this asinine A-hole riddled crime syndicate, and a must read for any who have been hurt while making money for others.

Dundee, New York
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Other Company in Yorba Linda, California - It does work, just depends on how much you want to Hit it...

I am a user of this product and the *** does work , if you dont *** alot or u just dont get it all the time then dont get it You will be wasting your money............

right know I can keep an erection for 2 hrs and I enjoy every minute of it Ive had no complaints about it the females love it knowing I can have a erection and hit it again and again with out it loosing its firmness, especially wen there is two to play with so Gents It depends on how much you ***.......

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