Other Company in Meriden, Connecticut - Still waiting for refund check!!!!

Went to Bob's in Niantic CT and purchased sectional and recliner on Jan.9th. Set up delivery for Jan.

14th. Received call that the delivery was delayed. Cancelled the purchase on the 14th because we needed furniture for that weekend, since we had none at the time. I paid by electronic check, so they had to refund a corporate check, which I understand it takes 10 to 14 business days.

Today is the 26th business day and still have not received a refund check. Called and keep getting run around.

Reporting them to the BBB. This place is horrible!

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Beware Fraud Indian Mechanic in modesto

vinod prasad and his son sal prasad both are fraud indian mechanics that live in modesto.They dont fix cars,they break them even more.I suggest that no one ever gets there cars fixed by anyone that has a last name prasad especially in modesto.You will regret it! BAD MECHANICS!.They rip people off.They will steal the new parts of cars and replace them with old ones.They do not provide a receipt of there work.I hope no one will ever get there cars fixed by thease fraud unexperienced mechanics.Id rather suggest to take the car to its manufactured auto dealership.

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Other Company in Mountain View, California - No hot water &no showers Really /vegas

I was promised that every Gym had a at least one shower they don't and how about some hot water if they have a shower like the ones in Vegas mount rose highway in Henderson .Oh then they take money out of your account even though you have not authorized the withdrawl to the tune of 100 dollars just like that because they can.

No showers in ridge crest only one toilet per gender and again no hot water no showers really.Ever try to really work out when you know you have to go home from a work out because your going to sweat .

these places are a joke /no water no showers but hey they will promise you all of that when you sign up.

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Other Company in Richmond, Virginia - This is my 3rd complaint (I'm a new custome)

This is the 3rd time I've written for this season with a concern/complaint -- I had another delivery the other week of propane. I had hardly used the gas logs; I cannot imagine I needed 31.1 gallons of propane again!!!!

I have already spent more than ever (in 14 years) in propane this winter with this outrageously priced company!!! I am not a happy person that my former carrier merged with this company. Do they just "show up" and "fill up" unannounced??????

Also, I've never paid a haz/mat fee with each delivery and/or county sales tax..... Is this company out to rob us??????

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Other Company - Store # 3025 columbia sc

I shipped 2 packages on Feb. 15, 2011 they gave me a tracking number that is not good they sent my package by usps parcel post i have know way of knowing that the package was shipped out ask to speak to the owner of the store the guy there said he going to tell me the some thing that my packages was not there anymore that i had to go to the post office to see where my stuff was they dont have any thing on iti will not ship any thing else this way using these company thanks for nothing

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Other Company in Plano, Texas - It won't stop calling

I receive a call from this company a dozen times a day every day and I don't even know what it is and I have not done business whtm and don't want to. I don't accept there call and want it to stop calling and disturbing me and causing me upset.

I do not know this company and do not have any dealings with them. It just keeps calling every day a dozen times a day without regard for a persons right to peace and relaxing time at home without the phone ringing and knowing it is some useless call.

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Other Company in El Paso, Texas - Maligned my Burmese cat breeder because of her own neglect

This woman is the nightmare of every reputable cat breeder. She didn't take care for her cat -- I didn't see any reference to a checkup when she received the kitten. If she had regular dental work, surely she would have mentioned it. Instead, when the cat was too sick to be saved, she blamed Gail. Why should Gail pay her for neglecting the cat? Gail's heart is broken that this little guy had to die like this. Incidentally, I am sure that the vet would write any carefully-worded statement that he had to in order to avoid a lawsuit.

I am fortunate to have two of Gail's cats and they are healthy and loving little girls. They re older than four. They get regular checkups, even though they are never sick.

This woman heads up a group that sues everybody-- she has taken on Siamese, Selkirk Rex and Himalayans. Now she is messing with a fine breeder with with an outstanding 25 year reputation. If she wasn't excellent, why would we all take the time to be defending her? None of us believe Fineran. we think she is a nut job who needs to find a hobby. Another hobby. A different hobby. Leave Gail alone.

Gail always has a waiting list for her kittens and the wait for those little guys is really worth it.

I never want toher from this loon again until sh eissues a sincere apology to Gail Lyon for lying about her cat.

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Other Company - Angry customer in great falls, mt.lied to us.

we purchased a sofa,and paid cash, YES we got the warranty $80.00 for 5 years. we waited 6 weeks fore the delivery, then were told we had to wait another week because it was damaged in the shipping.sooo after waiting 7 weeks my husband took off work and went to the store and was treated sooo rude by a delivery driver who said he had to come back it wasnt ready it was ripped and needed repaired,however the sofa is comfortable,it does need repaired,but are store is going out of businessso we have to send it away to get repaired,so the warranty was soooo nooot worth it. save your money and buy LOCALE they stand behind there policy.done with big chain companys very un happy,good luk ashley

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Other Company in Eastlake, Ohio - Backup tank not pickedup

have called the 14th and 17th to have this picked up calls not returned idon`t want it don`t need it don`t use it am not dependent on oxygen it has been in my living room for over 6 mos. haveno room forit.will not pay my next bill until it`s removed please!!!!!keeping the covcentrator but don`t use it.had abronchial infection that was`nt addressed for over 4 mos. by drs which started end of july and went without antibiotics until mid nov.that`s the reason it was delivered mid aug.do use the nebulizer on occasion.

Eastlake, Ohio
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Other Company in Amarillo, Texas - Rude and inebriated employee was very uncooperative

I went in the Siloam springs store on 2/19/2011 and there were two employes workin. The mans name was Roger Baker and when i ask him for help he was very rude and smelled so strongly of alcohol is was overwhelming.

I decided to leave the store and take my businesses else where. I will never b back in that store and I will tell everyone what kind of employees they have working for them. Something really needs to b done something about this matter... I am very discusseded that an employer would let there employee work while being intoxicated.

My family and I have shopped n this store for all of our parts. After tonight u will no longer have our business....

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