Other Company in Athens, Georgia - Not able to subscribe

I am trying to subscribe,And my e-mail address is not being accepted. It says the file has been deleted and ask for other e-mail address.

My e-mail is.... hesse_2@yahoo.com Please tell me what is wrong.I want to use this service and i want to use my present e-mail address. I hope someone contacts me very soon so i can begin this process. I dont understand the problem, and i have created a profile 3 times,with my e-mail address being denied.

I would appreciate the problem being solved immediately!! Thank you

Lowrey hesse

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Paradise getaways scam

This company has repeatedly called me and when I asked them not to call and asked if they were bound by the do not call registry they said I was talking myself out of a good deal. The caller was "kenee crawford" of paradise getaways aka Orlando Vacations and Getaways aka Sunshine Time Shares.

The Sunshine company has called several times as well asking me to sell my timeshare which I have come to learn is a scam as well. I have my number registered on the do not call registry since Aug 2008. These companies are in violation of the do not call regisrty and should be reported if they contact you unsolicited.

DON'T FALL FOR THESE SCAMS!!! Check out the florida attorney general website so you don't fall victim


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This is a scam stay away from these people.

They never answer their phone no matter what time you call them when they are suppose to be there. The same person has a recording for each department.

A reputable company would have hours for each day of week. They just say 9-5 no days listed. Also the same person would not have a recording for each department. This is a SCAM.

We are on the do not call list. They are not with the Better Business Bureau as reputable.

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Other Company in Deerfield Beach, Florida - The card concession has two individuals who were rude with a very bad attitude. Disgusted.

My friend bought cards to be personalized. We were told 45 minutes.

Came back in about 40.The man said "what are you doing back I told you an hour" I said No you said 45 minutes."so you are still early come back in 20 mins" I said his tone was insolent. His wife said "go back to Canada" (I am from England) I said to my friend "get your money back and leave" This didnt happen he produced the cards in 5 mins. I have been in the retail trade and have never experienced such rudeness in my life.

Will not of course be going back. I am a snowbird and have always enjoyed experience at the flea market until now...

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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Telephone orders subjected top unwanted ads

I will never order from you again. Today I tried to order a set of Ford Pickups for my grandson.

I was subjected to 30 minutes of advertisements before my order was complete. Are you guys for real??????? I will never order from again...........I am really pissed!!!!!!!!!!! In addition, your computerized order system is a complete chaos.

I will carefully check my credit card bills to make sure you haven't snuck some other charge in.

I could not be more disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After declining numerous offers...........I was again asked "do you really want to decline these offers??" Hello............YES I WANT TO DECLINE!!!!!!!

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Other Company in Worcester, Massachusetts - I'm being Evicted EARLY

I'm being evicted early regardless of the fact that I paid a 2000 deposit. I was told that if I had trouble paying my rent then it could come out of my deposit.

That was a verbal contract. I moved in and trusted the landlord and now they are evicting me because I wrote them a note stating that I could not pay the last two months rent becuase I was trying to buy a home. I said they can take my deposit in exchange, which would work out better in their favor of an extra hundred dollars. Fact- I was lied to.

Fact - Part of the reason I wanted to not pay the last two months rent is so that they could not screw me like they do to every other tennant. Reffer to the links below for multiple examples. It is true I don't have the cash since I'm purchasing a home. I spent my rent on a down payment on a home deposit.

I thought that it would be ok if I let the landlord keep my deposit, guess not. Regardless, there is a power issue here. There is no need to evict me early when they have over two months rent in hand. They could be understanding and helpfull but if you move here you will find it is a horrible experiace, look at the other sites.

Please try to distinguish between facts and opinions. You will notice that in other reviews the landlord smashes people with their opionions to take focus off of the complaints from tennants.

When adding posts Please list facts not feelling. Please look at http://www.yelp.com/biz/mill-at-still-river-winsted


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Other Company in Kingston, Ontario - Hope this is true i want my free phone please

u called me u where going 2 send me a free phone and the contract i never got it yet is this a scam,people r talking about it i,m still waiting,i no about the long distances and all that but i waiting 4 my phone, well i have the phone number where they called me ,and led me 2 ye so if i dont here fr u guys i,m takeing this 2 higher people thank uand u also have the driverlicens attemp 2 use it u will be prosacuted , 4 this i hope this is true

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Other Company in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Will not give refund

I received a statement stating I have 18.37 credit. Have called on 12/01/10 they said they would send it out in 14 to 21 working days.

Called again on 12/30/10 said the same thing called again on 1/26/11 still no check tried calling today asked for a supervisor suddenly their system is down, but accepted my information to get to a customer service rep.

This is not a way to treat an old customer that my want to work with them again. There will be no good comments about this business to anyone I know.

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Other Company in Howell, New Jersey - Said they replaced 4 tires/only did 2

my name is john healey,i have worked in dealerships and owned my own auto shop(foreign car specialists) for 16 years and sold it due to divorce.dominic runs the brick store like a blind man RAY CHARLES.his phone manners are terrible and he has charged my parents for undone repairs.i also asked him to explain the organization of the billed invoice and he could not even do that where i believe you have overcharged-double dipped-on repairs.I WOULD LOVE A CHANCE AT THIS POOR SOLES JOB.he is terrible.I AM MORE THAN QUALIFIED AND WOULD LIKE AN OPPORTUNITY TO RUN THIS LOCATION.I HAVE ATTENDED BROOKDALE COLLEGE AND LINCOLN TECH FOR AUTOMOTIVE.I HAVE WORKED FOR INTERNATIONAL RACE OF CHAMPIONS(IROC) AND I HAVE GREAT PEOPLE SKILLS.I WILL REPORT THIS TO ASBURY PARK PRESS.HE HAS TOLD MY PARENTS THEY GET THE 4TH TIRE FREE AND NEVER GAVE THEM THE THE MAIL IN REBATE FORM AND WHEN I CALLED HE WAS VERY UNPROFFESSIONAL.E-MAIL PLEASE I CAN START TOMORROW AND I WILL EXCEED ALL HIS PERFORMANCES WITHOUT A DOUBT.REFERENCES AVAILABLE AND MY TIME IS AVIABLE.WORKED FOR GM/WENT TO GM SCHOOLS/WORKED FOR JAGUAR,MERCEDES,FORD,DODGE AND ALWAYS LEFT BEING A TECHNICIAN.

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Other Company in Brick Township, New Jersey - Cannot repair 2011 jeep grand cherokee

I purchased a 2011 JEEP Grand Cherokee from warnock in east hanover new jersey, called jeep-chrysler in detroit, wrote numerous e mails, certified

letters....car was sold without disclosing they originally had key bob problems, sold jeep to me in December - end of year, 2010. Had 5800 miles

as a demo....jeep had everything I wanted, so I purchased...at 12,000 miles, check engine light went on (1/31/11)...got car back on 2/9/11.

On 2/13/11 car broke down again check engine light...advised first it was a coil pak problem, then it was a valve compression problem.

now it is a software probem...car still at warnock (a franchised company),today 2/22/11. Chrysler Jeep called me from Detroit, said it is not a lemon???

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Would not replace defective headboard.

I purchased a complete bedroom set from the Dezavla store in San Antonio Tx on March of 2010. About three weeks ago in the middle of the night my bed fell apart.

when i purchased the bedroom set i called the roomstore and notified them that the wood for the headboard and the foot rest had some splits on it . Well the roomstore send out a service tech, it was about three weeks before they had a chance to get to me . Meanwhile we were sleeping on the box spring and mattress. The service tech said it was just cosmetic.

Cosmetic what about now. Well the second time was on 2/19/2011 and the service tech did not say a thing, he just took two pictures and left. Today i called the Roomstore and asked them for an update, it turns out that they will not replace my headboard. Should i just stop paying for it?

Is the roomstore going to continue to sell defective merchandise? Help me out so i can continue to be your costumer.




thank you . you are right i will go to the store today and talk to the manager.


If they're treating you like this, why would you want to continue to be their customer. You should go to the store where you purchased it and ask for the manager and if he doesnt comply, then write them a letter,pics included of your headboard.

say that you will not pay them until you are satisfied. and add that your lawyer will proceed with charges of neglet to consumer if its not resolved within 2 weeks.

Jesus Tavarez
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