Other Company in Vestaburg, Michigan - Is your state insurance commissioner doing his/her job?

Who is your state commissioner of insurance? Most people don't know or care what the job is.

Part of that job is to be a consumer advocate and part to regulate insurance companies. Considering the cost of our health insurance premiums and deductibles, which side do you think your state commissioner is on? It's not the highest paid job in state government, but most taxpayers and the unemployed wouldn't mind sitting on their duff collecting $45-$50,000 salary a year to rubber-stamp whatever the insurance and medical industries asked for. But who's the first to get laid off?

Teachers, road workers, nurses, and the state workers who process government-funded programs for the poor, elderly, low-income, disabled, homeless. Seems to me lay-offs should start from the top on down.

I'm pissed.

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Other Company in Laguna Niguel, California - DO NOT BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE, THEY ARE CROOKED!

Ordered three pieces of appliances in Mid August and only one item was shipped in Mid Oct despite the fact that I have canceled the entire order three times because they promised to ship the items but never did and they would not let me cancel the order. They just want to take my money.

With the help of American Express, I got the full refund yesterday after six months.

Homeeverything is dishonest and unethical. Customer service is lousy, lie to you, had no answer for you but to transfer you to voice message.DON"T LET THE LOW PRICE FOOL YOU!!!

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Other Company in Elmhurst, Illinois - Self tanner

I used sublime bronze properfect salon airbrush self-tanning mist.

The bar code is: 0 71249 17431 9.

The color is "medium natural tan".

It left my legs very blotchy and streaked and uneven.

The color is also too dark, even though I have used medium self-tanners before.

I have used mostly moisturing cream self-tanners that worked quite well and would wear off in a few days if not re-applied.

I have scrubbed and exfoliated for 3 days.

How can I get it off? I am desperate. I have to get the color off before I can do anything elso.

Is there a product that will *** the color?

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Other Company in Grand Junction, Colorado - Overcharge on check 2-25-11 store #1720

On 2-25-11 store #1720 transaction #1019333 clerk #9 processed my PREPAY check of $15.00 for $60.52, which I did not know @ that time. I stood outside at the pump, nothing happened.

I rang the attendant, he said to hold-on & did I want to PREPAY first? He finally set the pump, but for the Wrong amount?

I went back into the store to show him my check. He was arguing with a customer who got confused with my transaction. This clerk said that he Never looks at the amount of the check, so not his fault??

I was greatly inconvienced! I'm a long-time customer. YOU LOST ME!

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"Bernard Tyson"

This man claims to have went to harvard when in fact he has not. He only has a master's certificate. He has never stepped one foot in hardvard. He claims that his quote It is not we do, but who we are.

That is plagiarism. He stole that from Bill Rusell who was asked if he was a basketball player. He responded that is not who I am, but what I do. Bernard just changed it from singular to plural. Go pay your debts

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TYSON, BERNARD J TYSON, CARLA Y Associated Names RUBY HILL OWNERS ASSOCIATION Legal Records - Parcel # Parcel ID Document Detail Instrument Number: 2009259272 Sequence #: 0

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im so lost with your post, bad spelling and grammar and it really makes no sense.

Just to make a point all worlds are repeated I am sure the phrase is not copyrighted so whats the issue


Blackmailing online. That's classy.

You better make sure you have your facts, because he can sue you for what you are doing.

How do you KNOW that he did not go to Harvard? Would you even know what it takes to get a Masters degree?


Bernard loves those white girls


I swear, you have seen nothing yet, I will email the goods on this guy within a week unless he steps down.


Just curious... how can I find out more about this person? The CEO of Kaiser, right?


comeon now


I am in disagreement and to the contrary wish to rebut. He is not only a brutal dictator, he is a vengeful person with intent. He hates his enemies to a passion and rules with a iron fist.


Can't we all get along


Amazing Grace


This is unbelievable


Totally incredible


oh my God. Definately is not going anywhere but demotion.That is what brutal dictator's get


oh my God. Definately is not going anywhere but demotion.That is what brutal dictator's get



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Stealing from my bank account

i noticed my bank statement 25feb2011 and a charge for purity something i didn't or tried to backout the order i called number spoke with shannon and she refused to refund but cancelled my order, i never received or order and in fifteen days if product is not returned by 11march2011 will charge my account $132.00 for a $4.92 free trail.

i don't have product to return. was told by customer service melissa they have no control on their delivery.

i was given a tracking number but no refund. the makeup didnot come in my colorshade.


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the same thing happened to me, they got and extra 3 months of sales that I got charged for and did not want.

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Is he a friend

i have a friend who i thought we were good friends. i guess not.

when i call him to hang out he says he doesnt want to or hes going to stay home today. well the thing is i can here all his other friends (some of which are mine) in the back screaming and having fun. why?

ive always been there for him. i thought we had a lot in common.

the thing that *** me off the most is that he always talks trash about people and then he HANGS OUT WITH THEM INSTEAD OF ME THE PERSON WHO WAS ALWAYS THERE TO LISTEN TO HIM.

i guess mom was right. you wont find true friends to your late high school years and college....btw im a 15 year old freshman and my friend is an 8th grader..


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Tie a porkchop around your neck and the dogs will be your friend :cry :cry :cry
Palisades Park, New Jersey
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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - National floor direct Never buy carpet from them they!!!

I purchase carpet from them after a month ripped I spend $1100 sent in picture and they didnt even have the decency to come out and and look at it! I just wanted that spot repaired and they said it was wear and tear!!

After one month..Never buy carpet from them its not good quality and they wont even listen to you if you complain. I didnt want a new carpet i just wanted that spot repaired.

They were so rude to me on the phone and it was one of the managers i was talking to. Never buy carpet from this company.

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Other Company in San Jose, California - Lied to my face worst people ever!

the people working there are horrible at customer service the told me they had tires in stock which was a lie then they told me the tires were shipped another lie when confronted there is no body in higher office to resolve the problems justin ext 115 lies he is not a manager he is a sales rep and was no help with my problems do not ever use this tire place pay the extra 50 bucks and save yourself the problems spoke with a girl named cladia no help at all she never returned my call and good luck trying to talk to a general manager naiem only checks his store one time a month and he wont call you back canceled my order now just waiting 4 days or so for my money to get back in my bank

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Other Company in Trumbull, Connecticut - Re:ur review on insoles

This was the biggest crock I have ever read. Did you consult w/ a pedorthist?

Very disappointed!Gellin is fluffin. Feet need to be evaluated, one on one, not generically, by a professional!

Respectfully, Diane Hayes aka dashoelady@att.net The foot is a very complicated "structure" there are foot types to be considered i.e. high arch, low arch, no arch. you also have to factor in things like the diabetic foot, which can be critical.Foot issues to consider, am I'm just touching the "iceburg": pronation, supination, plantar fasciitis, leg length discepency,neuromas, etc, etc!

you can't just put an insole in a shoe and expect a miracle.

more often than not, w/out proper, experienced guidance it creates more problems. When you add something to a shoe w/out modification you create more problems!

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