Other Company in Los Angeles, California - Sent order without my authorization. No automatic refills

without my authorization there are to be no refills. I do not allow automatic credit card charges by anyone.

you must receive an order from me bufore shipping.

It does not take 100 words to guve you these instructions and this requirement disturbs me very much. No more words, no more words,no more words, no more words, no more words, no more words, no more words, no more words, no more words, no more words, no more words, no more words, no more words, no more words, no more words, no more words, no more words, no more words.

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Other Company in Mumbai, Maharashtra - Replacement of my faulty LCD TV

I had bought a 32" LCD TV (Model No. TX32LE7C) two years ago (on 13/10/2008). The same was checked by panasonic engineers at my residence and later at Panasonic Service Centre, Lucknow against my complaint, refer complaint no. No. DI-ASC-1102-003523 dated 04/02/2011.

Now I am told by Panasonic Company that the Panel of my TV is defective and as the same type of Panel is not available with the company, hence complete LCD TV will have to be replaced on chargeable basis. It is very shocking for me to learn that the complete Panel of the LCD TV has developed a major defect after just 2 years of use. I have been using the products of Panasonic since past 16 years and have never faced any quality or service related problems with this company, but this time my confidence in the quality of Panasonic product has shaken.

Considering the type of defect, I strongly believe that this replacement of TV should be done free of cost and at the earliest.

Your prompt response and timely help will be highly appreciated


Goldie Singh

Phones: +919935097291, +915224002045

D-703, Halwasia Utsav Enclave, Opposite HAL, Faizabad Road, Indira Nagar, Lucknow – 226016, India

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Other Company in Los Angeles, California - Complete morons!

They are lying *** that always overcomplicate things to try and produce more money for themselves, they keep trying to get me into a procedure that is completely unnecessary and not covered by my insurance, but the one similar one tghat IS covered by insurance is the exact same thing, yet they refuse to listen and frankly i think its because they dont want insurance to pay, but me to pay out of my own pocket. Looking on the internet i see that many many many other individuals feel the same exact way and have also been treated unjustly by these people at smilecare, and look foward to participating in a class action lawsuit against these awful people.

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Other Company in Detroit, Michigan - This is Becuase I have a bill of 116 dollars which wan not even 30.00 a month and nobody to talk2

I would like to no how a 30.00 bill turned into a 116.47 i have been paying in 10.00 forms and it should be a twenty dollar bill i really would like to talk to someone i had only got one or two bill in the mail since it was purchesed and everyphonenumber is awful because i can not talk to any one i thought this disney club would help with my daughter that is a toddler but all it is doing is driving us in debt i wont a letter describing why all this money i have to choose more i didnot think that was in the agrement please let me now i had the 32.85 and it was getting ready to send it then i see this bill today i would like to know what to do beth

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Bait and switch of auria tv

My husband and I bought a tv marked as an 1080p 120hz lcd model that was marked 848.00. Well, we snatched up what we thought was a good deal and took it home and hooked it up.

The resolution recovery was bad so we checked and rechecked what the problem would be. We called customer service number that they gave us on the box and all we got was an over full mail box. We called back menards and told them of the problem which we discovered, the recovery resolution was actually 60 instead of the 120 marked. No problem right?

WRONG! Because we wrote a check, we are stuck with that tv until the check clears before they will refund me my money. Not only did we get suckered, but the company did nothing to resolve this issue except tell us we are stuck with it until the check clears.

They lie about a tv and we get the shaft. Guess who wont be shopping menards anymore?



I just bought a EQ 1666L at HEB our south Texas grocery store. A 16" color TV with a good picture for $99.00
Waht else do you want? :)

I also have a 32 inch AURIA TV and it is fuzzy for about three hours after which it warms up and then the picture tube is fine. I am just wondering if this is caused by not being grounded enough ? I would suggest to stay clear of this TV and shop for a better quality.


I had my TV (Auria) for 5 months and it broke down. they think it's a firmware problem.

They expect me to send it to California to have them check it, on my dime. Customer Service has a different excuse every time I call, that's if I get a hold of someone. What happened was, in order to view the cable channels it has to be set on the source labeled A3...somehow it switch to A2 and no cable can be had..I have tried everything..the remote never worked.

I blew that off bc the TV worked fine without it..but, this is a BIG MISTAKE to invest your money into this brand of TV!! STAY AWAY!


mine works great, I got a 55inch one from menards and the picture quaility is beautiful. I get alot of compliments and everybody says it looks like 3D because the images are so sharp, we also have HDMI cables and a HD cable box which may be why your tv is not showing its best quaility picture.


Mine broke after 5 months. Waiting two days now for a response back from their RMA/service group, pegatroncorp.com.

The 37" model I have requires me to send it in for service under warranty.

Yes, with my money. Don't buy their TVs unless you want problems.


You are not alone. My wife and I purchased the same TV at Menards, 55" LCD 120hz (so the box said).

First of all, do NOT shop for HD TV's at Menards. However, Menards is not the problem,,,, AURIA is! I have the exact same problem, they told me that the 120hz to 60hz interface board was NG. They said they had other occurances, and they promised me a replacement TV .......

That was 7 weeks ago. Every time I call customer support, the mail box is full, so I started emailing their rep, only to be lied to repeatedly.

My TV is now 8 weeks old, no customer service for the fix, and no replacement TV as promised. Don't buy AURIA!


First of all the TV is 120hz, Cable box's and dish's broadcast at 60hz creating a "ghosting" problem with the image. There is a firmware update that will fix that.

If it is an Auria TV, contact EQD (the manufacturer) for support not MENARDS! It sounds to me like you don't know what you are talking about and just like to ***!


That is hardly a bait and switch, it is more an incorrectly package product which menards is fully willing to refund, when they have the money to refund you.

Until your cheque clears, you have no paid for that TV, until you pay for that TV it is unreasonable to expect a refund.


You're mad that menards doesn't just give you almost 850 dollars, trusting that the check will clear and you won't just disappear with your profit? Sounds like a HORRIBLE business practice.


so you buy a no name bargain basement TV from a Hardware Store but are this concerned about picture quality????

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - March payment FYI

I did not receive my March statement. I called the company and the first rep said the statement was mailed last week.She also tried to get me to have them pay my HOA dues which I declined.

When I told her that I would send my check with a previous statement she advised me not to do that and wait for the statement. . A week passed and no statement so I called again.

The 2nd rep said they were not sent due to a fire in one of the bldg where the records are kept. Incorrect information was given.

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Other Company in Summerville, South Carolina - Balance due on contract

I purchased a extended warranty on my dodge pick up from a car dealer in summerville s c After I sold the car with 10 months left I got no reembursement on my remaining warranty I get the run a round from the dealer. no check yet from 1/10/2011.

Beware of a company you cannot call a sure rip off I am afraid I called the girl in accounting after the first fax to her and she had a memory loss about receiving ot then on the second caoll she said she received it. But I think youy are asking for trouble from these people

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Other Company in Lakewood, Ohio - Wont sent repair tech out in snow

cable went out in basement,called co.they do not send tech out in snow.problem was in house with the way they split the wire.so i called and asked why should i pay for a box if i have no service.so they deactivated my box and informed me if i did not return the box in seven days i would be charged 150.00.3 months later i get a tech to come out,and he has to run new wire in house.now i ask for my box back,they tell me i have to pay 49.95 or they will send it free if i sign up for another 24 months.problems from the beginning,never again

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Other Company in Las Vegas, Nevada - Complaint, here !

you suck. they hire incompetent people to do your taxes and do not want to be responsible for them...

they send my refund into an unknown account.

the district manager does not return calls instead have her secretary tell me she would contact on Monday when I did my refund on Tuesday and the money was suppose to be in my account on Wednesday.. so they're suppose to call me back six days later when I was suppose to have my refund in 24 hours...

and no one wants to apologize or give me their VP or president's number so I can call and resolve the problem.

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Other Company in Santa Monica, California - NICK BEVINS

NAME; Nick Bevins

address [ in 1990s] Trenton NJ

D.O.B.........about 1963


tattoed..about 6 feet tall

Insurance scam...Big TIME...[he bought houses with the money]

and small time *** man

Insurance fraud - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaInsurance fraud is any act committed with the intent to fraudulently obtain payment from an insurer. Insurance fraud has existed ever since the beginning of ...

Causes - Losses due to insurance fraud - Hard vs. soft fraud

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Insurance_fraud - Cached - Similar

Coalition Against Insurance FraudNon-profit organization dedicated to fighting insurance fraud.


nick bevin

nick bevins trenton NJ

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