Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Stole my new 42 inch 7 day old vizio tv

worst bandit's on the east coast. stole a 42 inch vizio hd lcd 7 day old in the box tv. destroyed a washer and dryer 7 days old.

broke a 1000.00 dollar piece of art.

stole a box with a new drill and miss tools

broke a new bed, lost the bolts for the dresser mirror.

turns you over to there owned insurance company that never responds

bad, bad,bad driver told me he would be back with the tv. never came back.

the guy on the phone said if i called police he would come and kick my ***.

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Other Company in Savannah, Georgia - A rip off

Stratford is not the thing to do. I paid almost 1000.00 and I dont know how to sew yet. They give you the book and tell you to do it. This is just a rip off.

I was suppose to be making clothes at home, but now I am out of money and cant sew one seam. Please dont let these people take you money. Its not worththe hassesl.

This happened some years ago and they still are doing the same thing. At least go to a schoolthat will give you a sewing machine. Penn Foster will give you a machine.

Tamy Holt

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Other Company in Houston, Texas - Will not follow commitment

We have been a customer for 7 years. In the past three we have had repeted problems with the care this company gives to its customers.

They constantly have turn over in customer service and Billing. Management has not way to or dose a poor job of communicating the terms of the agreement to Billing. Billing is argumentative, They disconnect service regardless of management instructions, They drop off disconnection notices regardless of a perfect payment record because of poor management controls. They blame the problem on outside issues, yet it continues to occur.

When you try to correct it by calling upper managment the receptionist gives you the third degree.

This regardless of what sales tells you is not the best choice of a carrier. President of a 70 employee business.

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Other Company - Inspection Bay Shore

Took my car for inspection a year ago. The car passed emissions but they said I needed new wipers. Okay to get my car I agreed to the wipers, they charged $25 however while I was waiting they had wipers on display $9.99...whatever

Today went with other car. Before taken in my husband checked the wipers, they were okay...get there they tell me I need 2 rear tires, a cleaning and ajusting of brakes and wipers for $360 something. I said no, after she gave me the paper work she said I could bring it back within 30 days for $10, I asked if she wrote

down what I needed, she said it was printed out and I only needed 1 tire and wipers, everything eles was optional...what! When I got outside checked the wipers and the right one really streaked, checked it and was separated...my husband would never drive around like that!

I could have both done for about $75 the most throw in another tire $150....What a waste of 2 hours...Bay Shore

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Other Company in Albany, New York - Over charged me

i would like to know why i was charged money when the movies i ordered where free and i have not ordered anything since.it has been about 2 months and nothing has been taken why now.i am not understanding this transaction i would like an explanation and a refund.i do not want to be a member.i would like u to contact me as soon as possible.i would like to have this resolved without hassle.you can contact me at my email address picesgurl30@yahoo.com.i do not want to have to take this any further.

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Other Company in Bellevue, Washington - Harrassment!!!!!!!!!!

This company sucks!!!!!!! They do nothing but harrass people-before payments are even due.

NEVER EVER do business with these people! Their customer service reps leave messages that you cannot even understand and if you ask to speak to a supervisor-they disconnect you-seriously? Rude Rude Rude! Rafael-a csr is a little smartass!

Need I really go on?

I am filing complaint w/BBB today and have called where I bought the car no one wants to help Really? WTH one day late and let the harrassing phone calls begin!!!!!!!!!!Never ever ever do business with these people!

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Cannot reach their customer service - 4 hours listening to their recordings!

My wife and I could not, in two different days, reach their customer service representatives; any time we did get connected, we were told to call another number, and, once, when we did get a representative on the phone and gave him our booking #, we were mysteriously 'disconnected'.

We put the phone on speaker and let it 'run' while eating dinner, taking a shower, and feeding the dogs, and still no answer. Right now I have had the phone on for over 45 minutes and still no answer.

This might have been expected during high-demand, but we did it in the evening, morning, anytime, and the same thing.

You want to listen to a recording dial thier 866 number, put it on speaker, and come back in a few days.

"A professional agent will be with in just a moment." Had to laugh at their definition of a 'moment'.

They also ask you (on this site) to call their customer service before writing a complaint. Good luck with that!!!


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Gulfport, Mississippi, United States #909479

Try getting a rep and they

Ask for payment.?

? What is a service fee lol

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Other Company in Los Angeles, California - Sent order without my authorization. No automatic refills

without my authorization there are to be no refills. I do not allow automatic credit card charges by anyone.

you must receive an order from me bufore shipping.

It does not take 100 words to guve you these instructions and this requirement disturbs me very much. No more words, no more words,no more words, no more words, no more words, no more words, no more words, no more words, no more words, no more words, no more words, no more words, no more words, no more words, no more words, no more words, no more words, no more words.

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Other Company in Mumbai, Maharashtra - Replacement of my faulty LCD TV

I had bought a 32" LCD TV (Model No. TX32LE7C) two years ago (on 13/10/2008). The same was checked by panasonic engineers at my residence and later at Panasonic Service Centre, Lucknow against my complaint, refer complaint no. No. DI-ASC-1102-003523 dated 04/02/2011.

Now I am told by Panasonic Company that the Panel of my TV is defective and as the same type of Panel is not available with the company, hence complete LCD TV will have to be replaced on chargeable basis. It is very shocking for me to learn that the complete Panel of the LCD TV has developed a major defect after just 2 years of use. I have been using the products of Panasonic since past 16 years and have never faced any quality or service related problems with this company, but this time my confidence in the quality of Panasonic product has shaken.

Considering the type of defect, I strongly believe that this replacement of TV should be done free of cost and at the earliest.

Your prompt response and timely help will be highly appreciated


Goldie Singh

Phones: +919935097291, +915224002045

D-703, Halwasia Utsav Enclave, Opposite HAL, Faizabad Road, Indira Nagar, Lucknow – 226016, India

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Other Company in Los Angeles, California - Complete morons!

They are lying *** that always overcomplicate things to try and produce more money for themselves, they keep trying to get me into a procedure that is completely unnecessary and not covered by my insurance, but the one similar one tghat IS covered by insurance is the exact same thing, yet they refuse to listen and frankly i think its because they dont want insurance to pay, but me to pay out of my own pocket. Looking on the internet i see that many many many other individuals feel the same exact way and have also been treated unjustly by these people at smilecare, and look foward to participating in a class action lawsuit against these awful people.

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