Other Company in Overland Park, Kansas - Sold a truck to me that only lasted 4 months.

NPurchased a truck in 2009 from this company.I was aware of the 60 day warranty.Contacted the owner that the truck had broke down and asked him if he would be willing to meet me half way on the repairs or hold the truck note until I could have the necessary repairs made.He would not hear of it so,I"m out of 1,200.00 for the down payment that I put on the truck!!So,buyer beware and also beware of this company! Not saying that he is a bad man,just did not like the way that he handled this sisuation.

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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - Pop up ads in movies also sound blasting commercials

So I am watching a movie and Pop ups the size of a Pineapple occupy 20% of the screen along with ads for other *** and Logos I dont want to see. This is not service It is advertising That I dont want.Trouble is when you talk to someone at Direct they always pass the buck that its not in their control also they will note your complaint on the corporate toilet roll.You cant even make a short comment on this site as they want to even control how many words you can write ...As soon as My subscription is up I am going antenna...

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Other Company in Tigard, Oregon - 4 months of promises yet nothing was done.

November, 2010, contact made because of problems with replacement ear phones, customer account #1075926. Unable to use this type f ear phone, secondary to very small ear canals (these are ear buds) and a hearing problem, for which I use hearing aides.

I specifically asked for the microphone type, i.e., with a small grid across the device that fits into your ear. It will stay in and is compatible with hearing aids. I have called numerous times and was told, "they will be mailed shortly or now or a few days" No replacement has been received. What recourse do I have?

As of now, it appears that if enough time goes by, I will drop the problem. What say you?

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Other Company in Sacramento, California - More a question

Last week I was in the store on Northgate Blvd, sacramento, Ca, a couple had their two dogs with them each on a leash, my question is do you have insurance to cover a customer if they should trip over a leashed dog, if a dog should nip at a customer who is at fault? This is a growing problem with people bring their dogs into retail stores, the people who work in the store are trapped if they do not allow the customer who is bring their dogs in the dog owner get pissed, I am one of those customers who is pissed because there are dogs in the store, and I dont think I will be back.

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Other Company in Mount Laurel, New Jersey - Poor customer service and bad return policy

I wanted to make a return and got in line at the return counter. Unfortunately for me the customer being checked out had 30 to 40 items all of which had to be checked against their sales ad. I tried to get in another line but was told that only that one register could take returns. I waited for more than 20 minutes as three other lanes took customer after customer.

When my turn finally came I didn't even get an apology. But that wasn't the extent of their lack of customer service, Even though I complied with the return policy stated in their store and on my receipt. That is I had the original receipt and was returning within 60 days, they demanded my drivers license number and phone number! All this for a $6.00 return!

An email to their customer service was not acknowledged.

This store has lost a customer.

Petite femme
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Instant effects

This product, * instant effect * is a facial product said to eliminate wrinkles in 90 seconds flat.

Um the comercial look like a fake.

It seems impossible to be a 50 year old woman and drop 20 in 90 seconds. I haven't tried it cause I'm afraid that my face will melt off like in raiders of the lost arc.....

Please share ur feelings or knowlage on this facial product of u know....

Its website gave skimpy information on itself and I don't trust that......

I think that the " old wrinkly women" that were there were actors because it was a commercial for *We need people to try out this product*


1 comment

:) I got a little sample in the mail and I thought sure here is another product claiming to do miracles. Well to my surprise it did work and work fast.

On the deepest wrinkles around my mouth it took more of the cream, but on the second application it worked. I was very pleased with the results. It last for several hours I would say maybe up to 6.

Not sure how safe this product is to us, but I was amazed at the results and fast ones at that. I
andrea roose
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Other Company in Gig Harbor, Washington - Bad customer service

Alterations dept. was very rude.

After rescheduling appointment two times, they tried to reschedule a third time, that was not an option due to work schedule. So during final fitting the staff in alteration were sneering, rolling eyes, making smart remarks about having to finish the dress that day.I have purchased several dresses in this store, this is rediculous.

This was unprofessional , last time they will have my business.

Austin ,Tx.

is suppose to have the friendlist people, you won't find them in David's Bridal alterations dept., should have gone to a less expensive store. What a dissapointment

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Other Company in San Francisco, California - Jrp employees are the worst

John robert powers is the worst. There's this guy name luis that works there and he is so unproffesional.

I worked for him and he didn't even pay all the co workers their hours. He even had sex with all the co workers in the office. He's is so disgustin. He thinks he's better then everyone.

He's an ***. He would want people to go to our auditions but I felt bad lien to people about jrp. They are full of it.

And the people that work in the office are fake. Luis you are the worst.

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Other Company in Boston, Massachusetts - Wrong billing

I received a charge on my phone bill that i did not order. Please credit my phone. I have already contacted the authorities. I do not need any services like this. A investigator contacted me and said this company commits alot of fraud charges. If I dont get a credit immediately the autorities will be making felony criminal complaints. Contact me by phone or email to resolve this as quickly as possible. I dont understand, I call the 800 number and I get dissconneted every time. Please contact me.

chris sarno

12 butler street

medford, ma 02155


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Other Company in Austin, Texas - Took my money, never sent a thing

I ordered goods for Christmas in early Dec. 2010.

I have waited three months and have heard nothing but excuses (it is on backorder; please wait two more weeks; it was partially shipped, did you check the post office; we have given you a partial refund; we will refund your money in seven days; please find items in exchange..) The list goes on.

They do not know how to speak English ("we refound your money in seven days. Let us know when refound has cleared") and I believe the positive testimonials are either family and friends posting, or have been paid.

Stay Away from this scam of an outfit!

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