I did not authorize this sale in which I"m charged

I dont know what happened,or how this company got my information,but I want it all to stop.I"m not wanting anything in which their selling.Cancel what ever order you have. All of a sudden I am getting charged items off of my credit card I have never authorized.Is this how people have to sell their product?Oh how

confusing this is,because I dont even know what this is.

I can not afford this to be happening.This is going to stop right now,God willing.Please help me in this matter,thank you very much.




You have given us ZERO information, how do you expect to find any help? You at LEAST need to supply the company's name, plus some info on exactly what they did, otherwise you are simply wasting everyone's time. You haven't helped yourself OR anyone else who might like a 'heads up' on (another) smarmy business.


sounds like muhammed has been drinking some forbidden nectar. typical.


This is how this Jewish ran

Business operates . Let's hope Gary Glazer was in japan this morning !!!!!!

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Other Company in Spartanburg, South Carolina - Did not work from the start!!

Got a go cart from these losers for Christmas for my kids. It did not work from the start> I had already paid $300 to get it shipped to me and they want me to pay to ship it back!!!

They will not help me out otherwise!!! Please do not use this company I am out $900+ and have a POS to try and fix myself at my expense. The people that work there barely speak English and the Techs are Chinese!!!

Where is immigration when you need them? I guess taking a coffee break like the rest of our overpaid government employees!

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Other Company in New York, New York - Kept rental space too cold despite complaints. kept halls, elevator walls, ceiling filthyi

A slumlord, we are freezing. Building, elevator not cleaned, are filthy.

This happens despite numerous complaints. Often there are rats in front of the building. This is an attempt to force tenants out to gain control of spaces to renovate and raise rents. It is harassment.

This has been going on for years. There are two remaining residential tenants, the others are businesses. He has provided the businesses with independent gas heaters so they are comfortable.

The remaining residential tenants are 73 and 80 years old and have lived in the building for 30 and 36 years, respectively.

Repeated complaints to the City of New York Buildings Dept. have not worked.

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Other Company in Mount Laurel, New Jersey - Terrible installation and repair experience

Bought a washer and dryer and had a positive sales experience. However, delivery men made a mess of our laundry room and hallway. Water leaked out of our old washer and became dirty as they walked all over it and tracked it down the hall and out the door. They didn't attempt to clean up their mess or even acknowledge it.

We then discovered that the hot/warm/cold controls weren't working properly and called geek squad since we had purchased the service plan. We selected a 4 hour window that was offered. Next thing we knew, repair service called on the wrong phone number and left a message on our land line that they were coming during a different time than was agreed. We called back and they told us they had too many commitments during our time slot and they moved us to a different time slot that didn't work for us.

In the mean time, we had a plumber in the house for a different reason. He looked at the installation, told us that the hot and cold water lines had been crossed by the installers, and easily fixed the problem

Bottom line: Original delivery/installers installed the washer incorrectly and made a mess of our house to boot. Then they blew off our service appointment and we had a plumber fix the problem since we couldn't rely on them to come when they said they would. And....we paid for both the delivery and a 5 year service plan!

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Other Company in North Bergen, New Jersey - Pse&g ?????

Your Company is a Big Scam,and you Guys should go to Jail immediatelly!No questions asked.I reported this to the BB Bireau and all over Internet!!!!

I received a Letter from your Scam Company saying that i owe Money to you,

because you are Debt collector but i just found out on the Internet that your Company is actually a Big Scammer from lot's of other People.

So,i call the Police in Minnesota and they said that they never saw this Company before nor they found where are you at,as far as Location.SHAME


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Other Company in Paso Robles, California - Great Bed!

People only post on these sites when they think they've been duped. The key word being "think"....please know that once you accept a mattress you own it.

OMF has a great product, with honest salespeople and delivery people. Nothing but positives...fantastic bed, great price, great salespeople, great delivery people. I have no qualms about buying from this company again. A most awesome bed, everything I wanted....so comfy and everything that was promised.

I love my mattress---an orthopedic ultra firm.

Do your homework first....every mattress manufacturer has the same litany of complaints. And most *** on the "advertised" price.

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Other Company in Boston, Massachusetts - How to fight back.

Everyday my 13 years old son cell phone gets calls from 888-680-2954, the "DO NOT CALL" register list does not work, so I just program my computer to call there number from my unlimited land line every 5 minute for hours let see how they like it, you can use a fax machine to call, set the retry for 10 times.two can play the same game, I also file a complain with the FCC http://esupport.fcc.gov/complaints.htm on all of those calls maybe they do something about it. this is too much.Try it!!!!

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Other Company in Duluth, Georgia - Buffet delivered broken, 2+ months to fix

This company outsources! After the delivery of our buffet, we noticed the glass door hinge was broken. I called to complain the next day & they scheduled a technician TO FIX the buffet, but it would take 2 weeks for them to come out. They gave us a 2 - 4pm time frame. They showed up at 5pm.

The tech took 3 pictures of our buffet, then left. After 3 days of no response, I called again. The report was not in the system - it took 7 business days to "get" the report they said.

Then, instead of a new buffet they told us a new hinge and door would be ordered - this was now 4 weeks after the delivery date, and it could take up to 2 - 3 weeks for delivery, but a RUSH would be put on the order.

Today is exactly 3 weeks, and no call. When i called (I've been dealing with the same VERY nice lady), she was surprised I wasn't contacted yet.

Now, it's been a total of 8.5 weeks since the delivery of our piece of junk buffet that we have tape holding up the glass door.

I will never buy again from this company. We purchased a couch at the same time, and there's a metal piece that is about to burst through the leather on the back of the couch.


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Other Company in Lebanon, Missouri - Stopped Auto Debet causing payments to be late

Since march of 2010 my truck payment have been on auto debit from my bank. In February 2011 I get a call from a debt collection regarding none payment on my truck.

I informed the person that my payment were automatically withdrawn from my bank account. I was then informed that the payments stopped and no one knows why and now my payment is late. No one could explain why my auto debit payments just stopped. I was never notified that some other company would be handling my account.

When asked why id did not receive any notification concerning this matter it was stated that notification was sent out but it was returned due to incorrect address. Then why did some one not call me to notify me of the changes.

There was certinly no problem calling to notify me that my payment so under collection for seven days passed due.

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Other Company in Houston, Texas - Driver

how many driver made 51000 or even made 40000 .before the salary how many people were making over 25000 when you have low income areas thats on longstar once mouth let me see you make 51000 an are surronded by walmart , kroger,fista,come to south an run some routes an see if you can make that kind of money you are talking about i bet you wont stay long at all so dont talk for everybody just talk for you self. just think for min. thats why they cutting the salary because its not working the driver or not bring in 5850 a week

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