Other Company in New Orleans, Louisiana - The disagreement of march the 13th

On march 11th my cousin told me about this website to help my computer. I was told this website is suppose to fix errors.

Repeating the website jus added anthor problem to my computer programs, and plus the expensive expense. When i didn't want to agree with the website for fixing my errors it didn't allow me to accept. I am a pissed customer and i would like for help by taking it off my computer. I totally disagree with this process of this website.

I donot want to pay for anything that will not help me. The representation of the commercial was fraud.

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Other Company in Hamilton, Ontario - Management has no compassion

I stayed at this all-inclusive resort alone because my boyfriend could not come due to his fathers health and his mothers state. His father was admitted to intensive care and diagnosed terminal days before our trip.

His trip was fully paid for and not reimbursed. I asked management for a few guest passes so I could invite some friends I had in town to eat some meals with me and I would not have to eat 3 meals a day for a week (21 meals in a row) alone. I was sad, lonely worried then angery. This service was paid for.

They denied this request stating that guest passes are available for $45US. I then asked for some free Internet time so I could stay in touch with my boyfriend and see how his family were doing. This too they denied stating that it was not their fault that my boyfriend could not come and if they gave me free perks then they would have to give them to all the guests in the hotel. Why?

I would think a hotel would have some compassion for a guest in my position and agree to minor requests such as these particularly if it did not cost the hotel anything. I enjoyed the resort and the staff was wonderful but the management left a very bitter taste in my mouth and I will choose one of the many other lovely properties on Cozumel to stay at and recommend to my dive friends here at home.

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Other Company in Manassas, Virginia - Delivered sofa and movers damaged it

I contacted Desi about my NEW sofa that was delivered and they promissed me that they would replace it. They lied and had me waiting for months thinking my sofa was on order. It never came and when I called they denied saying they would replace it.

The furniture is nice, good quality, but the management is very decieving especially the management that operates the Rockville Maryland location and Pentagon row in Arlington.

The manager really needs to think about customer service and caring for it's clients who spend thousands of dollars in thier store. They need to be taken to court and made to pay people back for decieving them.

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Other Company in Newark, New Jersey - Delivery snafu

This was a King bad. Originally this was meant to be delivered on a Wednesday after a Saturday purchase.

This got delayed due to weather. So it was scheduled for the following Tuesday. They delivered the frame. After some more wrangling, the following Monday was scheduled.

This time they only had the mattress and not the box spring. They offered a delivery charge refund and scheduled for Wednesday. This got pushed off for the following Tuesday.

So if you're following along, it was almost 3 weeks after the original delivery date and I'm still waiting 2 months later for the refund on the delivery charges. Good thing I had a backup air mattress as I'd have been sleeping on the floor.

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Other Company in Plattsburgh, New York - Scam

I ordered P90X last summer and like the product itself...its the company that I am upset with. A few weeks after receiving the P90X we started receiving vitamins, now I am going back to see that I am being charged nearly 70 dollars a month for vitamins, and programs I never signed up for--only to now be told that I signed up for all these programs...as far as I am concerend this company is a scam...too bad, the P90X program is terrific but any company that does business like this is not one worth doing business with.

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Other Company in Toronto, Ontario - Drove 20 miles to find advertised specials not in stock

I find the Food basics store in Hanover Ont. is consistently out of stock particularly the day after the flyer is out.

With gas prices at over $ 1.20/litre and having to drive 20 miles to this store I will be taking all my grocery business to No Frills. It is a little bit further but at least they maintain a reasonable stock level. When confronting one of the assistant managers he agreed that this is an ongoing problem. Today they had no Octoberfest sausage, no cucumbers, no mini sizzler sausages.

I was only 1 of 4 customers complaining.

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Other Company in Davenport, Iowa - busy phone

. i work away from home alot and its hard to make payments on time.i might be a week or two late .

my complaint is that your reps. call every 35 minutes . they also call my work every 35 minutes . STOP THE HARASSING PHONE CALLS!!!!

When i had a loan with chase they did not do this. they worked with me . and please have someone call that can speak english,remember that this is america not some forign country .

also,please get rid of the 30 doller fee you charge to make a payment over the phone, its outragious . pissed off in iowa

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Other Company in Greensboro, North Carolina - Safe and coins

I ordered a free safe from your company. I received an emai sating it had been shipped. Later I received a letter asking for verification of my credit card information. I provided the information requested. I still have not received the safe.

This is the second time I've ordered a safe from your company and have not received it. I can't imagine what the problem could be. The only reason I keep trying is because I really want the safe and coins that come along with it. Please advice me of what's happening

Jimmie Dobbs

411 Whitt Ave

Burlington NC 27215

Phone 366 538 2428

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Repaired the lift chair arms

Invoice number #80699, dated 11/05/2011. The person that came to repair the arms of my lift chair didn't do the best job. 3/12/2011

He put extra form in the arms and in front of the seat but when leaning on the arm or pust down on the arm there is a noise. Still isn't right matter of fact, it is worst. Seat is very uncomfortable.

I am not comfortable with it and therefore you need to replace the chair or refund my money. I will contact the company or the Better businees bureau on Monday. (Paul C. Green, customer)


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What I don't understand is people leaving comments here as if this is the service area for a specific company. There is no way that these businesses will read your complaints if you leave them here.

This site is to warn other people of businesses that are 'rip offs' or with which you are otherwise dissatisfied. If you want to address a problem you need to go to that company's website or call their customer service number.

Ashford, Connecticut
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Compliment...not a Complaint!!!

This is a huge compliment for Bed, Bath and Beyond! A friend and I shopped at the Bellevue/Crossroads store for bed and bath linens for our priest's house (bed spread, pillows and pillow protectors, blanket and electric blanket, bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths, waste basket, night lights, mattress pad and bar soap and liquid hand soaps for the bathroom.

Also area rugs for the bathroom. Dona Smith was most helpful. She worked with us to the end. We spent over $400 and Dona was super great!

Very nice and helped with everything we needed.

Kudos to Dona!

Thank you. Cathi Schafer/Bellevue, WA.




@Santini; Why do the 'effin' trolls have to find EVERY site? Can't you leave us even ONE place we don't have to put up with your c**p?


nobody gives a sh1t, muffdiver. THIS IS A COMPLAINT WEBSITE.

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