Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - Rude customer service

Checkout I could not get it to login kept saying do not have this username in our records so I emailed customer service this person must been having a pissy day it read since when did we ask for a username you enter your customer number to log in well sorry there was no place to enter that number I was ordering my net ten card has to be here by sunday well guess lose my minutes because no one answered me for two days...still cannot log in been a good customer for thirty years. well no more I lost over a thousand minutes on my phone because no one wanted to help.

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Other Company in New York, New York - Am not able to receive help by phone

Wound like to contact the manufacturer of my reclining sofa (Commander manw 8080) to order plastic piece which elevates the legs and broke. It is on the left side looking at sofa. It was purchased January 31, 2008 and has been broken now for several months since I am not able to get help from anyone by phone. Would also consider having a repairman come to the house to repair it if the cost is reasonable.

Kindly respond since there is no one able to help me by phone. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Angela Lease


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Wont let me log in

i am pissed i been trying to log in and keep getting denied my password hasnt changed my money was accepted but im rejected look im tired of all this why cant i log in talking to this is making me madder its very simple why cant i log in im not going to sit here and count to 100 words just rund my money and ill go somewhere else this makes me feel like a fool this is so ridiculus i am 100 words pissed what do this prove i am so sick of problems with this iam pissed pissed pissed pissed pissed


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I have been trying to login but it says mu user name or password is wrong. Why is this keep happpening? Sincerely pissed Ronette

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Seller harressement

I put an offer in to purchase a DVD set from one of your seller notofficiallyreleased2 (45) and later found that they were not originals but copies and decided to not go ahead with the sale

This seller has every write to give me a NON PAYMENT icon but he is harassing me, sending me one email after another, now he is asking other seller to bad mouth me and give me bad rating

He has even got a seller who I have PAID to give me a non paying icon?????suring this is not an acceptaable policy - xinglong2011 (5)

PAYPAL Transaction ID: 82243119DA030622U

Please look into this and instruct him to leave me alone and not to speak about me to other sellers

many thanks



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you should of reported it to paypal and ebay since it is ILLEGAL to distrute copies of movies. Your problem will be solved and your negative feedback will be removed

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Other Company in Bolingbrook, Illinois - Horrible gel, no chip manicure.

Elegant Nails 749 E. Boughton Rd.


I decided to try the gel, no chip french manicure which is $40, and guaranteed to last 2-3 weeks the woman reassured me. Two days later three nails were chipped. I made it in exactly a week after to have her fix my nails, which at that point I now had 5 nails chipped and my thumb was peeling off. Not once did they apologize.

Instead, they applied more of the same gel polish right over the previous polish. When she was done, two of my nails were smudged which she blamed on me, and my whole left hand had a purple tone to it because it was so thick from all the gel!! The very next day, which puts me at 8 days, 7 of my nails were now chipped, and 3 of them were already peeling.

I should have went back and demanded for all my nails to be redone, but I didn't want to waste any more of my time. I will NEVER go back to this place again.

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Other Company in Miami, Florida - Did not receive order that was sent 2/16/11. i cannot talk to a human. tell me where to call? i a

I placed an order 1/24/11. it waS SHIPPED 2/16/11.


please let me know when i will receive the items i ordered. i have a winter and summer address. we are going north in two weeks.

please get real people to help real people like me. i have been a satisfied customer for years but not now. i ordered two pair of casual joe trousers.

will i hear from you? thank you for any help you can give me

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Other Company in Venice, Florida - Demanded last payment for lease car turned in

I leased a 300 from chrysler and chrysler finanical was whom I made payments to. I was never late nor missed a payment.

I turned the lease car in on March 5th 2011 and was waiting for the final bill for the turn in fee. I recieved the final bill on March 14th and then recieved a call from someone at chrysler financial demanding payment of the bill. I advised them I just got the bill and would pay it by the end of the month. They told me that collection of the unpaid bill would continue.

I have bought or leased chrysler cars for the last 8 years.

Now I will never do business with chyrsler again due to this. They wanted thier payment and now it will cost them thousands of dollars in lost customer.

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Other Company in Miami, Florida - Loan mod.

2 years and still no modification .

james cioffi has not done any thing now i am in foreclosure. they took my mweoney and still have the run around why cant they be honest americans.we

are senior citezens they need to realize this first they gave me a secretary that dealt with all my papers the they fireds her and we had to start all over again.

while this was happening the bank is adding more and more fees just called the lawyer today and they did not return the call/

this believe me now looks like a scam.if they dont return money to people they should be reported to the bar .

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Other Company in San Antonio, Texas - They keep calling for someone that does not live in my home please stop calling

Please stop calling I dont know the person yall are calling for so please stop waking us up very early we work and we are trying to rest so dont call 210-314-1392 any more.It is a recording that says This is NCO Fianacial we are looking for so in so every time it's a different person there looking for and they call almost every day at 7:00am or 8:00am even on weekends. this is so annoying all I ask that they check there records again and please stop bothering us and find the right number

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Other Company in Detroit, Michigan - I got and auto starter and it was wired wrong

my name is jame ramsey, my car wont start ,i bought a starter a alternater and a battery,and the car wont start.you can hear the remote engage without the key.it ran the battery down and burnt the rest up.i have called and i can never get who im supose too.i talked to jason one day and the roadside guy isnt there and today he's off until tomorrow.in the mean time my truck has been down for a month ,and i need my transportation.i would like to talk to someone that can help me.

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