Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - Unprofessional and down right Rude!

I had signed up for a program for your pets 1st year of life which included all the appropriate shots and check ups. Seemed like a good deal until after the second round of shots I realized the service (Logan Square area)was sub par (and that is being kind). I went in on the scheduled day for individuals with this program. I waited six hours to be seen (Yes six). When I finally said something about all of the people/pets they saw before me (which came in after me)I was tagged and ignored even more.

I tried to cancel my plan and the doctor got beligerant with me. The staff followed the vets lead and it was like a ban of bully's at school (Mean girls). Needless to say I had written a letter to the president of the company after this happened and it fell on deaf ears.

Since then, I tell everyone I can to avoid this place if they want good care for their pets. I am very involved in Chicagoland in the pet training community and I know my voice has been heard. Don't be fooled by a supposed good deal. There are great Vets in your area who don't charge outrageous prices.

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Do not understand Foreign Language

The last 2 weeks we have had 2 women and man..that do not speak english. Never say what they want.

Just want social security number...will not say why??? They keep calling and calling. What do they want from us?? How do I get them from stop calling.

I do have a do not call list on my phone. Please help!!!! We have asked them what this is regarding the information they have is not correct. I told them they have the wrong person.

Please quit calling this number.

Also told them that the conversation is being recorded and will be given to our lawyer. Still Calling


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the brat

do you have caller I.D. on your phone?

if you see their phone number--don't answer your phone.

Also, DO NOT EVER give any one your social security on the phone!!!!! also, when they START TALKING---just HANG UP ON THEM!!!!!!

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Other Company in Fort Pierce, Florida - Fraudelent charges added to bill

Today, March 17, 2011 I just purchased heel tastics through their web page which included offering free cosmetic package then just pay shipping. I clearly declined the free offer - I don't need another piece of junk around the house.

The company insisted on inserting their free offer on the final printout of my bill and added an additional shipping charge.

The company seems uncomfortable using a transparent set of steps to process customers purchase and there are no opportunities to order by phone nor followup with a phone call to customer service. I first found the product in a ROSS store and it does seem to work well for my husband.

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Other Company in Longmont, Colorado - Did not live up to the warranty

My son's couch that I bought for him, he took it back to be fixed. I did purchase the warranty.

The foot part of the recliner keeps jamming. The assistant manager told him that "This was the worst case of neglect that she has ever seen. The maximum capacity was 200 pounds." My son is a big boy, however he is not much bigger then 200 lbs. he is also over 6 foot tall. I have never seen him, his wife and little girl misuse this furniture.

I was told with this warranty that even if while moving the furnature they dropped it and it went to pieces, bring them back and they would replace it.

I am not complaining about the warranty, I am complaining about the service and do not appreciate the horrible treatment to my son and daughter-in-law. This place will never see my business again!!!!

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Other Company in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh - Robert | Fraud | (robert@mikasverige.se)

Trusting clients these days has been really tough. Many of them either vanish or say they do not want to continue the services when their project is almost completed.

Same is the case with us, we have been fallen under the trap of Robert(robert@mikasverige.se)who did not pay us after completion of the project. So never get in contact with clients of this(Robert) kind instead ask for a payment and then get the work started. So never have any business dealing with this kind of fraudulent i.e. Robert.

Be very careful he mesmerizes and trap people with his cruel ideas saving he is having big projects.

Be cautious with this person he may contact you with these email ID's "robert@mikasverige.se" and "cj@mikasverige.se". Ignore these type of fraudsters.

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Other Company in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh - I would like to inform you that i got a bad responce from the transport department for the cab delay

i would like to inform you that i got a bad responce from the transport department for the cab delay.

Yesterday i.e 16th march,2011 at 2:30 pm after my logout time i happen to wait for the cab for more than 1 1/2hr though got confirmation at 2:00 pm that i will be fecilated with the CAB at 2:30 pm but they made me wait me wait instead telling them that i am ill still they treated unproffessionally in rude manner.

please look in to this matter which is not good for an mnc reputation also it will effect to other Emplyees which will the to the poor management.



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Other Company in Jakarta, Jakarta - Winata

i have repair my mobile phone samsung omnia II, 10 March 2011, and 14 March 2011 samsung office call me and say my mobile phone have finish to repair. I come, I show, there is no change from previously. not good. customer service in samsung office denpasar bali jl. mahendradatta 99x phone (0361)484788, fax (0361)490222 say "samsung omnia II just like that". samsung is big promote, but can't to good repair. for what promote in the world if never can improve repair damage?

how my mobile phone omnia II 8Gb? my mobile phone samsung omnia II on LCD (screen), if I have receive number coming I don't see number in LCD (screen blurry in day time)but in the dark screen LCD is contrast (bold).

So that, what must to do with your product? you sell or promote again samsung omnia II? or my mobile phone samsung omnia II I have to throw away in garbage crate?

Thank you very much, I hope samsung more good service for customer

Nyoman Winata


Phone : 0811385766

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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - Rude customer service

Checkout I could not get it to login kept saying do not have this username in our records so I emailed customer service this person must been having a pissy day it read since when did we ask for a username you enter your customer number to log in well sorry there was no place to enter that number I was ordering my net ten card has to be here by sunday well guess lose my minutes because no one answered me for two days...still cannot log in been a good customer for thirty years. well no more I lost over a thousand minutes on my phone because no one wanted to help.

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Other Company in New York, New York - Am not able to receive help by phone

Wound like to contact the manufacturer of my reclining sofa (Commander manw 8080) to order plastic piece which elevates the legs and broke. It is on the left side looking at sofa. It was purchased January 31, 2008 and has been broken now for several months since I am not able to get help from anyone by phone. Would also consider having a repairman come to the house to repair it if the cost is reasonable.

Kindly respond since there is no one able to help me by phone. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Angela Lease


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Wont let me log in

i am pissed i been trying to log in and keep getting denied my password hasnt changed my money was accepted but im rejected look im tired of all this why cant i log in talking to this is making me madder its very simple why cant i log in im not going to sit here and count to 100 words just rund my money and ill go somewhere else this makes me feel like a fool this is so ridiculus i am 100 words pissed what do this prove i am so sick of problems with this iam pissed pissed pissed pissed pissed


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I have been trying to login but it says mu user name or password is wrong. Why is this keep happpening? Sincerely pissed Ronette

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