Other Company in Bridgeport, Connecticut - They never odered our furniture they said it was put in as a quote.

Tonight we went to pay $1500 cash for the our children's furniture that is supposed to be delivered in 8 days.

They said it was never ordered our salesman mistakenly put it in as a quote and not as order, therefore our furniture would not be available until May (2months from now).

Also there was no appology at all. The manager said it never happens and did not offer any appology or solution. We have been waiting a month for this delivery.

Thats what you get when you deal with uneducated people. We walked out. We are buying our furniture elsewhere. The store was located in Nanuet, New York.

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Other Company in Arlington, Virginia - Complete lack of service.

This complaint relates to the West Hollywood (CA) store's complete lack of service. As a frequent customer of this particular store, I felt reasonably confident that I could submit a Community Relations Donation Request to possibly obtain a gift certificate to use as a raffle prize.

for over 6 weeks, I contacted both Edwin Rios and Kenny Molina on multiple occasions to make our appeal via U.S. Mail, E-mail, and facsimile. On two occasions, I even went to the store to speak with Mr. Molina.

To date, Mr. Molina has refused to even respond to any request!

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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - Increased rate more than double original contract price

After signing a two year contract for a low rate, the rate has more than doubled in less than a year. also, when trying to get assistance for a problem, they wanted me to pay $28 for the solution to my problem.

NOT hardly the way I want to be treated by a Service(?) oriented company!!

You can rest assured I will NOT be renewing when this two years is up!

I will fulfill the terms of MY contract but they will NEVER get another one from me. My neighbor and I will both be cancelling out with this company.

Review #200338 is a subjective opinion of poster.

They discriminate to there employes and the bosses get away with it

my husband has been working there for 8 years and gets treated like *** the bosses won't let him move up in company cause of how he talks fast they discriminate against him and the bosses such as scoot hillary and chris that work in fairfield leave early to go to bars and drink i have seen alot that goes on there and other employes do drugs on the job and gets away with everything and stuff needs to change now before they get sued the company lies about there work and friendly workers but in real life don't care about anyone


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Allgood, Alabama, United States #263251

Why isn't your husband writing the complaint? Is he illiterate?

That would be a better reason not to promote him.

You must wear the pants in the family. Why don't you get a job?

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5 threatening calls in a roll with threats of using a 38,to shoot us destroying and burning my home

Hello, It is march 21st I have received 5 constant calls in a roll from Gene Normans house phone, but it was Debbie Goble that kept calling. Phone number 606- 437-9598.

She has constantly called and treatened us, called us names which is slander because she does not know me or any of the other occupants in the house except for her sister Donna Goble, and called her a *** *** and started trouble with all the other occupants in the house, I consiter that a hate crime and slander., I have 4 witnesses that heard her phone calls, and the threats of her coming after us with a 38 gun. We asked her not to call back, but she did not listen, I did the *57 to trace the call but got a busy signal, I can not block the number because she will call from somewhere else. Her calls came at 12:01 am, 12:06 am, 12:13 am, 12:22 am 12:33 am , and again at 12:33 am after she hung up the first time she called at 12:33 am. She called us ***, ***, whores, threaten to shoot us with a 38, called us dicksuckers.

Also She threatened to destroy property and burn my home down. Something need to be done, with her. We are very scared for our lives because of this situation. And my home is the only thing that I have left from my parents.

Rebecca Tackett, Cheter Hoewell, Donna Goble, Donald Rubincan are the 4 occupants of the house. Please feel free to contact me at 606 639 0379.



Allgood, Alabama, United States #263268

Frankly, I think it's all bullsh1t. Who in their right mind would post something like this on a complaint website and expect viable results?

You're obviously a total ***.


Best thing you can do is record them and turn it into the police.


Please let me know how I should go about handling this situation. R Tackett

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Other Company in Daly City, California - Poor service at the food court

The poor service at the food court is very unacceptable. I was extremely aggravated due to a highly rude and inconsiderate worker. Customer service like that will not and should not be tolerated.

A happy service will result in happy customers therefore less complaints and more business. The result of today resulted in the loss of a customer's contentment due to the lack of good service.

Everybody understands that the line at the food court is always incredibly long everyday, therefor there should be a quick method to pay so customers do not have to wait. As a recommendation, I believe that there should be a credit card charger at/in the food court at all time because it is very inconvenient for the costumer.


Please take this complaint to mind.

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Other Company in Inglewood, California - They do not help a person when they are on hardship

I think they should help a person pay them instead of having rules to stop them from paying them I cannot pay them the money they are asking for right now because i am off work because of a injury, and i have to have surgery, so I will start submitting to them 25 dollars a month until the economy changes, and I am back at work. Now if they do not accept that I do not know what to tellthem because thats all i have to spared, this company is the only company that is not working with me.



What about hard-ship money, do you not understand. It's called, save up for when times are hard.

Then you would not have to worry about 25.00 a month.. You would just pay them off. Oh well.

There is a bright side. We take back America on 01 / 20 / 2013
Killingworth, Connecticut, United States #263396

So which is it? You say you aren't working because of an injury and then it's "...25 dollars a month until the economy changes...".

What does the economy have to do with your injury? You sound like a freeloader who wants something for nothing.

You aren't telling the whole story either. If you want sympathy go find a website that deals in that sh1t.

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No time to stop on yellow photo traffic light

few year ago i got photo ticket running red light. i prove turn right.police change charge to turn right without stopping.

i did not know thy could do that anyway thy had guns.i end up paying.

few days ago i got running red light photo ticket i was not able to stop so car behind me when i got in middle of intersection light change to red. i think thy change color control. all 3 picture normal colors one with me in is all pinkish red. when we try to set color on TV.

too much control change color to different collar. anyway i didn't have time to stop .


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Allgood, Alabama, United States #263402

What the *** does the color of the picture have to do with anything? Where the he11 are you from, dimwit?

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Other Company in Overland Park, Kansas - Got taking for money

i ordered my stuff about a month ago...it was in payments but i paid my bill so i though in full...but i was wrong an didn't pay $1.75 so i stilled had a bill for that amount...but i got the money order for that amount an was just about ta send i when i got a new bill that day...saying i had a 13.99 late fee an other fees an things...an my bill was now $20.00 i didn't understand that so i called then ta ask whats going on an got told i had late fee an other fees because they got my payment late... i have nothing ta do with the mail i cant help that...but i paid my first payment an way over...an this is how they do the people that make them money...still never got my free gift or my rings i ordered or anything an its been two month now...after i pay what i owe I'm done with them...it crazy ta pay all this money just ta have them say you owe more an more every-time you pay them...take me ta court i have my payments ...I'm done...Evey unhappy an pissed off...

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Did not cancel my accounts

On January 25,2011 I spoke with Andy, badge # 704126 to cancel both mine and my wife Karen's accounts.I just spotted another withdrawl from my bank account.Please cancel our accounts now and DO NOT withdraw any more funds from me for anything!!! I do not know what else to do.

I have called twice and this is still not done, as I was told it would be by your operators.This is theft as far as I'm concerned and you really should refund my money, if you want a good report from me!!! From Ron & Karen Giovanetti


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What bank?

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