Other Company in Stockton, California - Requires all money with no gaurantees

They refuse to develop the concept and present to a manufacture prior to full payment. I quit sending money as I have never signed a contract with did not deliver until full amount was paid

I submitted a safety device idea for the safety of children and was promised a prototype would be developed by their design dept.

to be submitted to a company which would design and market the final product.

Prior to that, they were supposed to apply for a provisional patent and obtain it on my behalf. They refused this step prior top full development from which I concluded they had all the money and I still had no gaurantee of any further action on their part.

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Other Company in Columbus, Ohio - Lousy reception and customer service-none

Terrible reception-when talking-all kinds of beeps and tones that sounds like somebody is dialing while I am talking.I have to dial a number 2-3 times before a call goes through.Lousy service-cannot talk to anyone about it-probably bcause they are busy taking care of all the complaints.Will not sign up for it again.Had to up speed of computer and buy something stronger to work 1/2 way decent.Doug Montgomery 740-531-1736.other party keeps asking what that beeping is while we are talking,So so dissatisfied with this-and no one will help you figure it out.

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I had mailed a personal check over two months ago. I have not received and notification or my order, but the check was cashed.

It was cashed and back at my bank within a week and a half. What are they waiting on, another payment. I would like my money back and an explination from a real person, not a form letter that some fat person pulled up on line just to make me happy.

It won't just and fyi! Going to try and call and wait for a real person to answer the phone.I Hope they answer.


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Keningau, Sabah, Malaysia #265480

How does your complaint help anyone? There is no mention of WHAT company cashed your check and sent you nothing in return.

You have nothing better to do than waste other peoples time with your bogus complaining? You need to order yourself some common sense.

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Other Company in Bellevue, Washington - *** poor service

I have waited for 3 hours to get the Dr's drugs for 4 days in a row .Each time I checked I was told it'll be a little longer. I am not in the only one that had been waiting .

One man told me he h ad call in for his 2 hours before , he was told it would be ready in 45min. While waiting he received a call that they took his Mother by EMS the hospital. He told the drugist,they told him it was being filled after over 3 hrs. they found his drugs SETTING ON THE DESK.

I have not got not only just part/ or wrong drugs at this Store. @ Rockport ,Tx., Store #440

Review #201017 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer201017.

I have breast cancer and customer service unacceptable after spending 390.00.

upon shopping in store in Gig Harbor Washington, as I went to check out with item's asked the only male clerk working if he could assist me out to car with items he said sure but wasn't sure he could leave the register

he put on his light before leaving to speak to floor manager I informed him of the totes were on end cap for clearance and on isle with clearance but no price marked. cashier went to manager and returned

I paid for merchandise after paying fl manager came to check out and started going through the cart then turned and said that the totes on the end cap were moved there by accident?

no offer of any assistance or regards that I had already paid for stuff cashier I feel felt intimidated by manager and continued to work I informed her to forget it walked out loaded my car, returned in store to file written complaint.




awww poor you! ***


And, since there is no store name mentioned, can we assume there is only ONE store in Gig Harbor? And the other comments are correct...what does your illness have to do with your complaint?


i agree, the fact you have breast cancer has nothing to do with your complaint. sorry i don't want to attend your pity party


your illness doesnt give u special treatment, dont use it as a crutch or excuse

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Review #200997 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer200997.

Comcast-Discovery Health Channel vs OWN

I am so angry that Comcast let OWN take over Discovery Health. Smart TV for Pop TV.

My kids loved Discovery Health and it was educational and important on a individual and societal level. To add insult to injury the shows were switched to Discovery Health and Fitness and Comcast charges $50 more a month for the package that carries Discovery Health & Fitness. I am sure that this was no accident either. Oprah should have started her "OWN" channel not taken our favorite.

I feel ripped off!

I am seriously going to look into satelite TV. I feel that Comcasts monopoly of cable TV in Chicago should be legally dismantled just as they did with Ma bell and ATT phone services.


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I agree, Discovery Health was a great channel and I resent not having it available without paying more money to comcast!!

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Other Company in Warren, Michigan - Shipping of dress

order number 13095011 waiting 2 months need dress for wedding, called spoke with 2 different customer service people, clueless and no help, seemed not to care about customer satisfaction told me to shop for an outfit since I probably won't get this dress. I have been very patient and got absolutely no help from the phone calls placed to customer service.

not happy about this as I was looking forward to this particular dress. Poor ethics of workmanship, distant and not concern famous words from Curt "I just dont know cant tell you" What kind of attitude is that?

Review #200888 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer200888.

Other Company in Lodi, California - My information includes misinformation. how did this happen?

out of curiosity, i looked myself up on people search and found that my personal information included a name and address that have nothing to do with me (as in a different middle name which i've never used, and a city in which i've never lived). where do these people get their info?

do they let out enough to facilitate identity theft?

i also noticed that apparently one has to jump through hoops to contact people search to try to correct any problems. i really don't like the idea of someone else mingling in with my personal life as such and hope whomever reads this will avoid the site completely in the future.

Review #200887 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Never got refund for computer order.changed my mind

I applied for a computer to payoff every week and was to receive it when paid off.I changed my mind and contacted them and told them I wanted a refund. They told me I could not get my cash back. I would have to use it as a store credit.But I never wanted anything from them.So I told them that if I don't receive my cash back I would get an Attorney & sue them.Still they told me that I could only use my refund of $99.00 as a store credit.Never used my credit.Want some action taken against them and I want my money back.


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I am Very Very mad because Blue Hippo Capitol never tried to contact me regarding me getting my refund of $99.00 due me because I never wanted anything from them. They have no reason as to why they couldn't get a hold of me.

They have all of the information needed to contact me ( phone#, e-mail, or address). Once again I am very PISSED OFF :( :( :( .

I would like something done so I can get my refund due me. :( :( :(
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Sorry Computer Work!!

I took my computer to this person's house to have it worked on. I stated to the person do not mess with my pics and download let alone all my programs. Which this person did the work for me..But when I brought my computer home to see what was done..I lost over 1000 pics, 4 vids, and all my programs after he was told not to touch those files. Those pics, and vids are and were irreplaceable.

The person is Justin Hammons out of the Lexington Metro area in Lexington, KY living in the Parkers Mill area that also does skydiving for hired as well.


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Reinstall the pics from your backup.

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