Other Company in Coeur D Alene, Idaho - I can not get to the website

I type in quibids.com and it goes to mywebsearch I click the first one which says, live pennie auctions, I click it and a new page opens and it says the same thing. I click it again and it goes to another page which says the same thing.

I'm really frustrated. And when I click other links it lets me go to quibids, I log in and it takes me right back to mywebsearch. I don't know if it's quibids doing it or my antiviruse doesn't approve of it.

And I won the game dirty minds, but when I enter my credit card number it says Issuer declinded? Please help!

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Other Company in Las Vegas, Nevada - Phone Calls 24/7

This company has been calling me for months. They call me three and four times a day, seven days a week.

Every time the call is from an "unknown" number ...When I finally answered my cell phone tonite (a Sunday nite), the person who called me couldn't even tell me what debt they were calling me about. I was asked if I could hold on ... then the person hung up on me! Within the past week, I have spoken with two different people with an India accent.

These debt collection companies try to collect money from consumers that is so old. After four years, consumer card debts aren't collectible and should be written off by the credit card company.

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Other Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Lack of service

u to take care opon shopping at montgomeryville pa store I could not get a sales person to take care of me. So I was not alone i n my frustration because a couple other customers walked out as did I. Ball park $500 walked out your door. I personaly willl never shop your store again and will urge all my friends not to shop there either. I don't know weather it is policy or staffing issues, either you have lost a customer. Any reply can be sent to my email address listed in this message. Shame on you

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High Level Scam Sales-Stores On-Line for Internet Website

Incident = I actually attended a Sales seminar in 2006. I was duped into purchasing 6 \"Licenses\" for Storefront Websites with the promise that money would be easy to generate (not an enormous amount) but money would be generated from a very easy program the company would provide to set up a Website to sell the products that we were most interested in.

What they did not tell us was that to find the Wholesale Suppliers to provide the products we were interested in selling on our Storefront Website were very difficult to find. Most of them hail from China and provide \"knockoff\" products to be sold as genuine at a profit. I recently contacted the company to ask them for help to set up 1 Website (I was fortunate to find 1 \"Wholesale Drop Shipper\") and to even set up the site has proved to be a nightmare. It is far more involved than they presented at their sales seminar.

Has anyone thought of trying to file a \"Class Action Suit\" against Stores On-Line for refund of money t hey basically stole from intelligent yet ignorant people like me? I have recently lost my job and asked if they would purchase back the sites and they said NO. They said that since the \"Licenses\" do not cost the company any money, they would under NO circumstances purchase the Licenses back. I say we find a Lawyer who would interested in at least filing a \"Class Action Suit\" against the Company and let\'s go to work against this highly professional Scam Company?

Damage Resulting = I lost $6000 and requested a refund. I was told that there would never refund the money.

I am strapped for cash now and suggest to file a Class Action Suit against the company?


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Good luck.

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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - Pharmacy Bottles

Why does everybody have to get pills in the new large amber pill bottles. They are too tall to fit upright in my pill drawer.

The old clear bottles were plenty big enough for most prescriptions. One size fits all is not a good customer service. Our local pharmacy people are sensative to this but say there is nothing they can do about it. Management- think of the customer needs, not your convenience.

I said in 73 words what my message was.

Why do I have to write 100 words when 73 will do. Why must we all fit in one mold.

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Other Company in Phoenix, Arizona - Store

my name is shirley williams/662-745-6195,on March18,2011 i was getting the wrong parts .so that FRIDAY nite Dave sold me a part ,i had bought apart back he gave me credit for 10.99 add to the part im finish to buy so i use my credit card for 17.12 ,which was took out my account ,so on MARCH 20TH Mark sold me the another /i bought the other parts by back ,but i didnt have my credit card,,i pay for ,MARK TOLD ME BRING MY CREDIT CARD,,THE MANGER NAME SHAMIKA VERY MEAN

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Other Company in Phoenix, Arizona - I have not got my refund back for my part

im writing complaint about i bought a part and i didnt have to use os i went back up to the store cleveland miss. to get my money back ..put back on my visa card the manger name shamika told me dat its was put back on my card but its wasnt .i been going up to cleveland store every since every sunday march 20th until now i even went to point went to bank and get a statement from my bank ..the manger very rudeddd ...on sunday march the 20th Mark was going give me my money back but i didnt have my credit card so ,,that day i bought apart on march 20th ,Mark told me come in on March 21,he was going put my money back on my card,but went i came there MARK.was on vacation,then shamika told me come back next day which i did ,so went i got in there i guess i was a joke because SAMMIE WAS VERY VERY VERY NASTEY WITH ME MADE ME FEEL REALLY BAD, ON FRIDAY March the 18 i was buying wrong part bring them back on march the 18th Dave sold me the wrong part again that night i went back Dave sold me a part again ..so the part i took he gave credit for 10.99+17.12 thats what owes to my credit card 17.12 .have not been put back on my card ,i have not got my 10.99 back ...MY NAME IS SHIRLEY WILLIAMS ,662-745-6195 ,I GAVE MY NAME AND PHONE NUMBER EVERY TIME I BOUGHT SOMETHING March/18/20,its also have vidieo seeing how many time i keeping comeing up there ,,,i have my bank statment /something Dave did..wrong im thing legal action if this matter is not clear up .. how i got my money back i steal got the part ,but Dave put in there i got my money back but i got nothing .i bought a part on dis same day 20th i boke a hundred dollars bill to pay for my part.

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Other Company in Saint Louis, Missouri - Charging for movies I did not receive.

I did not sign up for this service.

I returned the movies I did receive with the notification to cancel. I had to pay $7+ postage on this package. I was in TX at that time.

My account has been charged twice (approx. $60 - $70) in the month of March. I have been in TX and any packages have not been forwarded nor have they been kept here at the MO post office so I assume that they have been returned to you.

Please CANCEL any membership and refund my charges.

Catherine Mendell

12 Wendy Lane

St. Peters, MO 63376

Thank you

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Cutting down and avoiding helping

complaint is about giant employees at Columbia Pike giant store. i have always respected people working their and never gave them a hard time.

i have been shopping at giant food stores since '92 and i have been taking a lot of remarks from employees their that are embarrassing and insulting at times but i tried to ignore it.

i want to let you know that i am well known in this area because of all this bad gossip about me. i am not making this up. it has been years that i have been taking this.

they avoid helping me and when i say something to some of them they would not say a word to me. i just can't believe employees of a professional place would do this to me, especially, when i am nice to them.

the most recent problem is from a employee, whom is of African, was standing around with other employees, bragging how much she can't stand me, while i was bagging my groceries.

they are constantly talking and not helping. i was surprise the manager never corrects them. what i have been experiencing, has been breaking my heart.

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Be Seated Leather

I purchased a leather recliner couch in September of 2009 from Be Seated Leather in

Rochester Hills, MI. This suppossedly $3000.00 couch was on sale for half price. By the

way, delivery is not included in the purchase price.

After four months the seat padding was lumping up and had to be replaced. By December

2010 the leather on the armrest was comming apart. Not the stiching, the leather. When I

was purchasing the couch I was assured this was the top of the line leather of exceptional

quality. Mind you, this is in a home with no kids, just two retired people. I contacted Be

Seated Leather in January 2011 about the problem. I was advised the couch is out of its

one year warranty. For a fee of $100.00 they would repair it. So much for the "lifetime

warranty" stated in the newspaper advertisement.

The manufacturer of this top of the line couch is Klaussner. Google them and read other

comments. I'm sorry I didn't.

All in all, buyer BEWARE!


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There is no lifetime warranty on any leather from any manufacter. Most all offer one year warranty on leather as we do.We are never happy to hear a concern after warranty has lasped, that is why we (Klaussner)made a concession to the cost to restore.

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