Other Company in Chattanooga, Tennessee - Your getting greedy w ads and locking my comp.

in the back of my head-PCH is like the lottery-gotta play to win.

I figure i get the same odds-playing the postal mail version-So, my complaint is: My computers in home aren't completely junk-but, no matter which one i use -now days--when entering one of your emails contest, etcyour so greedy now with all your *** ads-your locking up all my computers!

I figure you could care less what i think as long as i look at your adswell

I'd rather loose the chance of winning one in a billion-chance of something than have my computers locked up.

I've got the same computers as i had for previous entries-now your locking me up-tony golladay

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Other Company in Gig Harbor, Washington - Investors HUB..FOR LOSERS

Do not give this company a penny of your money. Matt is a criminal and Shelly and Geek(Dave are the biggest LOSERS you will ever find.

A bunch of hypocrites. Please do not give them any money. They have already lost several lawsuits with more to come..You can take that to the bank. They pick what companys they support and deleted or certain messages, while other posters who post the same type messages stay active.

Geek is nothing but a low life loser and Shelly is no better.

They are RUDE and stole my money. Stay far away

Geek the loser
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Other Company in Taylorsville, Kentucky - No refund on a return

I ordered a replacement television lamp for a Mitsubishi big screen TV back in October 2010. The order number is 12923795.

I was sent a return authorization number, and that is CWEB12923795R24089. I filled out all the necessay paper work and returned the product to Herman Electronics on Novemeber 1st, 2010 in Miami, FL. To this day I have not received my refund. The part number on the product is 915P028010RLO.

The unit price was $146.95 plus tax. Can someone please help me with this.

The product was sent back via UPS tracking number 1Z2R9A770369329699. I have also called the website sales and help center.

Taylorsville, Kentucky
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Other Company in Albuquerque, New Mexico - Sells Sick fish and no service of help!!!

I bought 7 fish...they arrived sick and 6 died...bought 6 plants...they ALL arrived dead...ordered fish food and they sent the wrong one...bought a new UV Filter... it broke on the 4th day I had it...beware!!!!!!!

These are very very bad people who will send you fish that will ruin and sicken your entire tank and don't give out a phone number and the one on their Visa charge is disconnected...everything I have had to do with these thieves has been a disaster...PLEASE BEWARE OF THEM!!!


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Other Company in Lexington, Kentucky - *** Poor Contract Followup

It's simple,I called for service on my lawn n 3-24-11. I asked and was able to secure the $29 service. The girl looked up the address and said that the footage was 2300 sq ft.I told her that I thought it was bigger. She said that her measurements were corect.

She stated that the first payment was $29.95 and all else were $39.95.Well

the driver showed up and refused to spray. He said that there was no way they could do it for that price and left. I have yet to be contacted by anyone!! M.Dawson 3561 Todds Rd Lexington, ky 40509 (859)263-3074

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No touchy feely

I told corporate and the police seven months ago about ken gass trying to cut my hair off with the office scossors on two separate shifts and the only thing left was to file a sexual harassment complaint with commission on human relations.

I have told Debbie Breed, Denny Palko and Mr. Hanson that if they want any information on my situtation to have Kens lawyer call the commission but for some reason my home phone keeps ringing or someone from corporate is showing up at the Shadyside store to try to talk with me or help Ken out instead of setting him straight on how to treat female employee's.

My hours have been cut to 15 a week and my regester is coming up over ever since I told Ken to keep his hands off of me and it is not fair.

I asked Ken why he tried to cut my hair off and he told me it's his job to initiate the new girls, if he did it to me he probably did it to someone else. It's ok for shift managers to leave the cash office door cracked so they won't have to use the key, let their family and friends use the employee only bathroom or stay in the cash office with the door and safe wide open, or curse out their boyfriends on the cell phone within earshot of customers, use each others register, give out orphan cards, but if I tell the store manager to stop trying to cut my hair off my hours are cut.

just my opinion. store #00268 pittsburgh, pa


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Totally worthless complaint. You don't name the store you're complaining about.

You give a store number but there could be a dozen different stores in Pittsburgh with that number. What a waste of time.

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Other Company in Albany, New York - Scammed us and probably many people.

The glasses don't fit physically or visually. The girl that works there really didn't know what she was dong, very incompetent in our eyes.

And, what is supposed to be such a deal, cost us over $1,200. for two pair, one for my husband and one pair for myself. Never would we go back there nor would we recommend them to anybody!

Better off paying the money for real opticians and better fitting glasses.

We drove an hour one way to have our eyes examined and then another hour to go back and pick them up. We would NEVER recommend them.

Linda M. Hayes
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Other Company in Livingston, New Jersey - Refund

I started about a year ago with them. The last 2 months of plan the money was not available.( Nov 2010 ) Then when the last 2 were made it was in to Feb of the next year.

They offered a REFUND for the one month charge of $98.00. This all worked out fine until they put the money on the WRONG credit card account. Then when they fixed it 2 months later they decided to refund some bank fees for the screw up. Not a problem.

At that point I was good.

Then they screwed up again and posted the money to the SAME WRONG ACCOUNT. Now I have left it in there hands again to see what happens.

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Other Company in Brandenburg, Kentucky - I want a refund on the money machine

i want a refund on the money machine that did not work do not ship another one when i ordered the money machine you shipped two one of them did not work they said they were shipping another one i want a refund i have real good luck with pch until now.thanks rita nix 705 high street irvington,ky 40146 email ritafnix@bbtel.com i think publisher clearing house is a great co sso far i have had real good luck ordering from them this time was not so good rita nix thanks have a good day good by

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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - Tips For Your Kitchen Storage

A lot of women don't want to enter kitchen because of dirty.If it's essential to be organized carefully,kitchens become a living and entertaining space. You want to know about it right now.

Several essential tips may help kitchen storage.You can select an array of different drawer dividers, my favourites are the wicker storage baskets which add a bit of interest and don't choose plastic.Make sure you measure accurately before purchasing.Put the ceramic pot with your wooden spoons in a storage basket.It is always far easier to find things in logical places.

If you are putting in a new kitchen, then you have no excuse not to be really putting into practice these� storage basket.

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