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I am so mad! Being newly relocated to LA, I needed a stylist for an upcoming event. Kristi Rogers was recommended to me. Her phone manners were awful, but I was in a time crunch for an upcoming wedding and two formal dinners, and to expedite my needs being met, I went on this referral instead of taking my time to find the right fit for me. I told her what my style specifications historically had been (because they work for me!), paid her a fee... Read more

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bought and received one LH-1103, R/C remoter control helicopter; 4.0 channel, light control and speed control. order #; 160813KQ35HU. I want to return it and have it replaced with a new one that works. Also the helicopter did not have a user manual in the box. I contact customer serves about 3 month ago (via. email) and they emailed me back saying they would email me instructions to return the defective helicopter. I am still waiting for... Read more

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Do not trust Marinoto to help your child or teen. They are more concerned with inspecting your home and will immediately report you to CYFS if you try to get help for your child or teen for depression, anxiety etc... they are not to be trusted unfortunately and are ***. They pretend they want to counsel your child or teen in an office but will cancel the appointment and say it has to be done at your home so they can do a spot check on your home... Read more

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I won't watch another NFL football game until you get rid of all those players that are traitors to America!!! I am BOYCOTTING YOUR GAMES AND NOT BUYING FROM YOUR SPONSORS!!! I F THIS WAS BASEBALL THEY WOULD BE FIRED!!!!

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Beware of restocking fees l'm first time customer I needed bulbs and replacement glass for my light fixture. There was a mistake I order Xenon 20W T3 G4 12V got 24V All I wanted is to Exchange them for the 12V. They will send me them but I have to pay them a restocking fee which is 25%. Crazy I have to give them $18 to take them back. I didn't exchange them I'm sending them back and will never buy from them again. Beware of restocking fees! Read more

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I had workrd for a lady named Jennifer Blakley on a job she was hired to do we were suppose to frame 2walls after we were done when it came time to get paid i still have not received my pay for rhe four days i had worked with her. Also the woman did not no what she was doing or anything she did not have the first clue how to even frame in a wall or where to even start. Jennifer had also took her shoes off and had litteraly stunk up the whole... Read more

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I would be weary on these type of companies. Negotiate a payment plan so you dont fork out a big chuck of money plus you can see if they are doing anything for you and if they arent you can stop payment until you see results. Ive gotten scammed but i made payments he wanted 10,000 dollars up from i said ill pay you 800 dollars a month after over 2months and no result i stopped paying. Your best bet is bankruptcy it will stop garnishments asap Read more

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Hi, I bought a eGrove tv and it is not working properly. I have been using it for a year. So, it's my kind advice is not to purchase this TV. I purchased this TV at the end of this year and I did much research and it had excellent performance reviews The TV started failing after about 4 months, sound no picture, Power off, then on would restore the picture. When the problem first started I thought it might be due to the Surround Sound system... Read more

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FRAUDULENT MT 103 On 8/25/2016 our company received a FRAUDULENT MT 103 Swift from account holder "Willis Stylish". After allowing several days to pass for the Swift to clear, we contacted both Mr Stylish, an attorney in the US Virgin Islands and Banco Popular We learned soon that the MT 103 was fraudulent and the Bank Officer listed, Reneice Abraham, had left Banco Popular back in April. Our company then contacted Mr John Diak who oversaw the... Read more

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Hi, I have bought egrove water heater and it is not working properly and it is overheated and the amount which I spent is totally waste. Then, it also causes shocks and I am not satisfied with the product which I bought. My kind advice is to better search for reviews before buying a product. And my advice is not to buy this kind of products and waste your expenses. It's better to buy a good and quality products even if it is little costlier.... Read more

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Other Company - Scammer, Ripoff
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I am writing this letter on behalf of my parents, who are the ones that got scammed by this individual. On 7/29/16, my parents signed a contract with Jose D. Urbina, D/B/A KDB REMODELING & HANDYMAN SERVICES to demolish current garage and build a new cinder block garage for the amount of $24890. The agreement was that the garage would be complete within 4-6 wks. My parents gave him a total of $10k. Jose had asked for another $4k. By this time my... Read more

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