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I live in australia and have been trying to talk to someone for days its just not going to happen. Contact me i have an ordering issue please ASAP I am a consumer Pam Long Add comment

I have mailmailed off for thos free phone 3 times and every time i receive another application. I feel that the free phone thing is a HOAX and B.S. Add comment

*WARNING* i just went today,drove 3 hours to get there.and it is a scam period prepare to pay 600 then a monthly fee everyones money is accepted you got personality they said to me they want me back and i guarantee they say it to u as well want to save money send me half and youll still be up 300 and no monthly fee Add comment

Manager and driver cussing and being loud at counter when I come to pick up order....mang is Carl and driver is junior Add comment

Pissed i did the high school diploma it was not noticed by employers at i spent my time my money i want something done Add comment

Well pissed customer some people do still need to try an stay warm when living on the streets and if that's how they get their food to eat! Why would it b a problem for u. Are u willing to feed and house them? I thought not. Most people on the streets are no differen than u or I. Just fell through the cracks of our economy an didn't have a choice. It's not easy to climb back up once you fAll why... Read more

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This is the funniest thing I have seen. Pretty sad how all of these ex employees have grudges... Really?!?!?!? I don't believe these complaints are from ex enployees... These guys are trash and ***. There mothers must be proud to have raised thieves.... You guys need to go to ***!!!! Add comment

Have not got my direct deposit yet.telling me theres nothing pennding Add comment

Can't get hold of anyone to change address Add comment

So disappointed in where Lifepointe had headed! Never expected it to turn to lies!! Add comment

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