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I have dis and it sucks if it rains or the wind blows you have no service. They are just as high as Direct so why do they lie when they run an add on TV Add comment

They are lying cheating scammers. Their employees are ignorant. We have had 6 closing dates. I'm going to contact each local TV station in the Memphis area to see if I can spark an interest to have them investigated. They are all out scammers who absolutely ruin your life. Add comment

  • Jun 17, 2014
  • Other
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Parking
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Whoever your driver is in truck 11978 has NO business out here alone...I watched him for 30 minutes TRY to back in an easy spot...he was all in the trees and finally went around the block TWICE to try a different slot...then he was literrally plowing the frontend in deep sand....till he just about got buried...he was hitting the throttle so hard the back axle was jumping off the ground....have... Read more

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For father's day weekend I treated my father 88 years old and me . My father is AARP member plus I am AARP member. I presented my card and manger Seth Galley told me they do not accept senior discount Add comment

This is to the *** who says he was injecting strait oil with no test in it. You say u were injecting 250mgs of test. Thats a replacement dosage. Ofcoures your readings came back in the 900 rang. You shut your own test down and replaced it with the 250 mgs. The eq wount rais your test levels... get a clue before u open your mouth Add comment

Broken item in shipping the mailbox place and ship durance Draging there feet looking for every reason not to pay claim Add comment

We began with one guy in town and he transferred us to another guy in town and now we have been transferred to another one further awAy. Is it because we are not milllionares? Add comment

Ten days and still no item delivered considering according to your site it is on stock and available. And your support has not given me any feed back, Candie is the suppervisor that opt to email me Add comment

  • Jun 09, 2014
  • Other
  • Lake Lotawana, Missouri
  • Company Ethics
  • 24

Horrible. I think before you can judge a product you must first gage the company's ethics. This company is lacking. Lacking in A quality product, quality sales people, & most importantly LACKING in results. I ran into the young lady that sold me my supports. she informed me that she, her boss & co-worker were all fired. FIRED because apparently they haven't taken enough $ from... Read more

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CEO + screwing HR manager = not a good working environment. Stay away from this place at all cost. Think sweatshop meets scamming the elderly and there you have it. Add comment

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