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There were many Liberty offices in Santa Rosa a few years back. Now there is 1. How this one survived is beyond me. Being run by an old *** who is a good match for his elderly partner who is an even bigger ***. They are totally inefficient cannot speak the customers language properly and so should not be in business. Also hear they are *** to their unfortunate employees who probably would not be there if they could find anything better. They run classes that are a total joke and ripoff. I would not use this office again if it was the only one... Read more

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Don't sign up for health, dental and vision they take 350.00 a WEEK out of your pay if your full time they refuse to stop the automatic from our pay Add comment

So notify the BBB better business bureau , they will help you with your complaint also just a little info for people who don't understand why people who live for Jesus are blessed first of all when a man or woman doesn't matter if you are perfect or not what matters is you asked Jesus Christ to forgive you of your sins and yes you will sin again but he loves you and he forgives us always !!!!!!!!!!!!! Now back to this or any business I deal with I always pray and ask god to guide me and help me to make the right decision, and every time I end... Read more

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Suggestion: train people to be aware of how loud music is. It is supposed to be BACKGROUND music. NOT supposed. to dominate the conversation between patrons. During big games...can't distinguish between piped in music or TV. Turn one OFF!!! Add comment

I would really like to cancel my membership my e mail member 60853912please verify cacellation thank you Add comment

Hi, My mom and I were victims of a scammer. Possibly several more scammer(s) too. In November, we were in the Chicago O'hare airport in Chicago IL waiting for our flight. We were in a Mcdonald's restaurant when we noticed there was a guy (a White Caucasion guy - who appeared to be in the college to out of college age range) sitting next to us talking to a chinese woman. They were not using english to communicate, just chinese. He was very fluent so naturally my mom was interested because she and I do many mission trips in Taiwan. She asked him... Read more

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Omar Smith lied about waiving our maintenance fees for 2015 if we purchased a second unit at Hilton Head. He stopped accepting my calls. Every number I called to get this issue resolved, I was on hold 20 minutes, got voice mails that were full, or left messages and no one returned my calls. How unprofessional! This is the behavior of a fraud and liar. Omar lied to get a commission to pad his pockets. The best way to deal with a fraud & liar is to expose them. PLEASE DO NOT believe Omar. Works in sales Hilton Head, SC. Read more

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I cancelled my reservation because when i submit my information its always incorrect,but i was charged for this Add comment

ive been getting calls from these punjabees for the past 2 years out of nowhere. i now answer the phone mimicking apu at his quickie mart. they get so mad its hilarious. Add comment

In 39 years of being on the planet I've never got played like this company played me!!!!!!!!! I've been hung up on, given the run around, and simply lied to!!! Feel free to see for yourself if you dare to be dumb!!!!! Add comment

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