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I am having trouble finding a valid phone number to call and make a gift subscription Add comment

My mother had to return something which nursing home ordered that she didn’t need. It was not even open but she had to pay to send it back. It was signed for January 7 and her credit card still has not been credited. She is paying interest on this. The rude lady who rushed me off the phone said they get hundreds of return daily. I don’t care!! That is your company and if it is daily than get your act together!!! Here is a woman who is... Read more

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I've actually been a customer for over 4 years my product comes on time and they are awesome even comes directly from my payroll no hassle great company I'll buy more.. Add comment

It's a given that it's a scam. they hustled all of us and we fell for it. they got me when I was *** faced and charged me way more then what I agreed to but in the end we all tossed in and u have to give it to them for there hustle. in the end all I want is for them to reply admitting that they hustled us and man up and I'll respect that. it's not like everyone who signed up wouldn't have spent that money unwisely else where. *** I would have.... Read more

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She robbed me took 150 dollars and my car keys tonight Add comment

Misleading ads ! This is a big rip off and I can't even see how to stop it from reoccurring Add comment

Out of town,I hardly use the membership. Don't know when I will be ready to return. Add comment

There were many Liberty offices in Santa Rosa a few years back. Now there is 1. How this one survived is beyond me. Being run by an old *** who is a good match for his elderly partner who is an even bigger ***. They are totally inefficient cannot speak the customers language properly and so should not be in business. Also hear they are *** to their unfortunate employees who probably would not be there if they could find anything better. They run... Read more

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Don't sign up for health, dental and vision they take 350.00 a WEEK out of your pay if your full time they refuse to stop the automatic from our pay Add comment

So notify the BBB better business bureau , they will help you with your complaint also just a little info for people who don't understand why people who live for Jesus are blessed first of all when a man or woman doesn't matter if you are perfect or not what matters is you asked Jesus Christ to forgive you of your sins and yes you will sin again but he loves you and he forgives us always !!!!!!!!!!!!! Now back to this or any business I deal with... Read more

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