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  • Mar 07
  • Beauty Centers and Spas
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Massage
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We had used the phone to set up an appointment and everything seemed well. The images in his ad did not live up to the person that were posted online. Instead of him, a much older person showed up. I insisted that I leave as he was not the person that I had originally intend to show up for at the door. However, he demanded that I pay for his time since I had already "booked" it. I agreed to... Read more

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I was scammed it said it was a trial I used my 18 yr old daughters bank account now every month they try to take over £140 & the product didn't work how do I stop the payments they're trying to take? Add comment

I called the company after getting an alert on my phone about a new account being opened. I got someone on the phone that was polite with some sarcasm on the side. All the information that she asked for I gave and she would answer that's what on the form. I tried to explain that two of our companies that we deal with where hacked. Anthem and the Federal government. I never received the items. Add comment

SCAM! Reserved a room in the Black Hills, was given different dates, and was charged 525.00! The cabin was supposed to be 147.00 a night. Bad bad bad.....stay away!! Add comment

Am from Brooklyn ny went to one of ur store on ralph Ave the Yong lady who was taken the oder curse me out Add comment

Bought a pair of shoes 2 months ago and they are coming apart on the sides went into the store and they won't anything about it. I will not be buying nothing other then the hand tools which have a lifetime warranty on them. Add comment

I am supposed to be a life member and haven't had a magazine sent to me for a long time. Now I am receiving statements to order them. I am not dead yet so send me my magizines. Add comment

Dear consumer . as a customer we buy car this gazzy auto sale fresno ca .owner tou xiong ask young girls and women phone , he text ask for date every girl or women he got number from.can you invisgate this issue. Add comment

They won't let me get a second loan when I really need the *** money!!! Add comment

Paid on a vehicle for 2 years and not one payment was reported to credit. Found this out after trying to refinance. After returning the car and going somewhere else they put it on my credit as a repo Add comment

My money was deducted twice from my salary 1st R350 then R395 and they told me is a once of fee of R395 Add comment

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