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  • 17 hours ago
  • Auto
  • Auto Loan
  • 6

I got a car loan with santandar for a 2012 corolla through thrifty in auburn, ma in September 2013. They have 2 different loan amounts on 2 different papers and they listed that by the time I pay it off I will have paid $38k for a $15k car. Not to mention the $10.95 I have to pay to make a payment. Also, I received payoff and it is still the original amount minus $100 after a year. Thus can't be... Read more

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What happened to One by One Lash Mascara....in the 50 yrs I've been using ur product..this was THE BEST MASCARA & BRUSH for Applying...Un believable...The Blast Mascera CLUMPS...the BRUSH APPLIES HORRIBLY. PLEASE PLEASE BRING BACK THE ONE BY ONE LASH MASCERA Add comment


  • 19 hours ago
  • Animals
  • Florida, United States
  • Bad Service
  • 8

I don't understand what kind of maggots and psychopaths they hire to work for the unemployment hotlines. It's usually Angry older people or incompetent older women esp black women who are nasty *** rude. I called unemployment and first got a rude nasty older black female who rudely kept talking over me. She was horrible and when I asked to speak to someone else she rudely said I have to call... Read more

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Fake ads that entice you to send a message. Mobile app doesn't work. I wrote 8 lines of text and only 2 lines gets sent. Add comment

Eveng that Flagstar has been charged with happen to us. After months of the runaround we were denied a loan modification Add comment


  • 1 day ago
  • Ex Employees
  • Tampa, Florida
  • Food Delivery
  • 1
  • 1
  • 6

I ordered a big dinner box and it was suppose to arrive at 11:30 and mever did the manager said that the driver knocked on the door but that never happen..i believe that this happen becausr tina hicks is mad or upset with me cause i quit and her and my gf feel out this has happened several times and ahe refuses to do anything about it once she ask for my name amd i told her she hung up on me and... Read more

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Same thing here. I accepted a call less thay 10 minutes and charged over $50! Is that legal? Did anyone find any resolution to this problem? Add comment

Vinmac71@gmail.com I was terminated for blocking a sicko I want to be put back on were I was and my pictures are still on there you can look at my conversations nothing wrong Add comment

I was playing the game where it says revel all its like a scratch off well it said you win instantly well it said I won 1000.00 dollars and I never gotten it ... email r call cheritay89@gmail.com Add comment

Some one keep say hello and how are you so I blocked her last night and today I can't sing in Add comment

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